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Training of Fire Safety Drill -A Life Saving Exercise

“Safety is not something which you postpone, for the ideal and comfortable future, it’s the first condition necessary for the messy and unpredictable present”

To create awareness among the students about safety measures of fire and disaster management, training was conducted on Thursday, 24th November 2022 in school premises alerting everyone about the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergencies.

The Fire drill was conducted out in the school to prepare students and teachers for any such eventuality under the fire risk reduction programme.  The purpose to organize the mock drill was to check the readiness of the school to face any such fire emergency and also to make the students and staff aware about the Fire Fighting Rescue Operation.

A group of teachers and student’s volunteers armed with necessary paraphernalia required for firefighting and rescue operations positioned themselves at vantage points to guide and assist the students in the mock fire and evacuation drill.  The students were escorted by their class teachers to the school ground after the hooter sound.  Once all had assembled on the ground, they were advised not to panic in case of any disaster.  They were instructed to be with teachers at the time of disaster and follow the instructions given to them by their teachers. The “evacuation” operation began immediately after the fire alarm alerted the students.  The students were immediately evacuated from their classrooms and asked to gather at the assembly area.  Some students were even called on stage to operate the fire-extinguishers independently.

Mock drill was monitored by revered Principal Ma’am Mrs Rooma Pathak. She addressed the assembly and had interaction with students regarding their perception of this drill.  She also addressed certain precautions to be taken care of at the time of emergency.

Thus, the session proved to be informative and an imperative lesson on life-saving skills.


Recognition for Excellence in Global Sustainability.

"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."

It was a matter of honor and pride when our revered Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak was bestowed as "SDG HERO" under Global Sustainability Awards 2022 for her estimable contribution towards a sustainable future on Monday, 21 November 2022 at India International Centre, Lodhi Gardens amidst the presence of prominent dignitaries. The award was presented by ARC (a pioneer in Education for Sustainable Development), CITTA Education Foundation, TERI and Earth Day network.

Her strenuous efforts have fostered the culture of sustainability among the students of MMPS and motivated them to portray the best practices and innovations around the globe.

Intergenerational bonding

‘Older persons are the world's fastest growing and least used asset.’

Socializing can be a powerful way to inject more fun into your life. That's particularly true if you get to reminisce about old times or talk about the other things that interest you. In fact, a good conversation may elevate your mood and outlook more than anything else on this list, especially if you keep things jovial.

The aim is not only to introduce the young generation to their elders but also to benefit from their experiences, in addition, to make the elders feel that society values ​​them so that they do not feel deprived in old age. Around a dozen senior citizens who were at notable and prestigious posts in their youth and are still active at various social platforms were invited to the school and welcomed heartily by our Revered Principal Ms. Rooma Pathak .This initiative taken by the school was appreciated by the senior members of the society who had a nostalgic moment while in school throughout. They shared their valuable life experiences with the students and teachers. It was a great learning experience for all the three generations who thoroughly enjoyed the company of each other.

Hawan: Divine Fervour

"The fire of knowledge burns all ignorance to ashes"

To pray to the almighty and also seek his blessings for the betterment of students, Hawan Ceremony was organized for students of Class VIII on 17 November2022.

The ceremony was performed religiously with divine fervor and spirituality. The whole atmosphere echoed with pure and melodious “Om Dhwanis”. The students sat before the Kund reciting the mantras and created a serene ambience. After hawan, students relished Prasad given to them.

Thus, this spiritual fervor helped in neutralizing nervousness and instilled confidence in the students.

Malnutrition Awareness Activity

To oblige the current changed example under the project of Sustainability Development Goal 2 : Zero Hunger, an activity was embraced by the students of Grade VIII on 15th November, 2022 related to Malnutrition in India.

The students were approached for data analysis on the alarming subject of Malnutrition in India. Commendable work was portrayed by the students who used different websites to gather the information and portrayed it on paper. They scholarly presented the factors responsible for malnutrition by making Pie charts. Comparison of India with other countries and also comparison among various states was depicted by students on graph papers by making bar graphs and histograms.

The activity helped students to understand the condition of India in terms of poverty and hunger and it also sensitized them towards the betterment of the country.

Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2022-23

“Education is not the learning of facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think.”- Albert Einstein

Moments of proud and pride ushered when the Revered Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak was conferred with Brainfeed Excellence Awards 2022-23, for her committed efforts towards fructifying her vision and innovative approach to groom the young learners with skills for life. Principal Ma’am received the award amongst the dignitaries present during the 10th Brainfeed National Conference in ET TECH X at India Expo Centre - Greater Noida, Delhi –NCR on 10th November 2022 in the categories of Excellence in Sports Education, Excellence in Digital Technology Initiative, Excellence in Life Skill Education and  Excellence in Safety and Security for  enriching the standards in imparting excellence in education to the GenNext learners transforming education and young minds through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts. 

ATL Tinkering Day

“Lets celebrate Tinkering in schools across India”

MMPians participated enthusiastically from the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) of the school in a unique Mega Tinkering Activity on 14th November 2022 on the occasion of Children's Day when all ATLs across India built a DIY Innovation Project together.

Ms. Deepali Upadhayay, Program Director, AIM started the event by congratulating all students on the occasion of Children’s Day and establishment of 10000 ATLs across schools of India.  As part of the event students were explained the scientific concept behind the activity and demonstrated the steps for building the hand-held fan using equipment from the ATL. This activity was aimed at developing the attitude and aptitude to experiment and tinker amongst young students. Famous Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi also congratulated the students via a video message saying that “This scale of a tinkering activity hasn’t been done before and paves the way for acceleration of the tinkering movement in India”. Dr. Chintan Vaishnav Mission Director AIM in his message shared his remembrances from the first time he did such a tinkering activity as a child and said that “Children in today’s age have the tools and resources which were not available earlier. This event truly exhibited the ‘spirit of making’ in taking India to greater heights”.

Revered Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak appreciated the efforts put in by the members of ATL Club in organising the event and she herself also participated in tinkering activity. She reminded the students that the Atal Tinkering Lab is ‘a play area for those who want to play with science’ and encouraged the students to make best use of school’s ATL lab to give expression to their innovative and creative talents and abilities. She also thanked the mentors of ATL for being the force behind the functioning of the Atal Tinkering Lab in the school.

Students got real life experience of electronics. They gained understanding of basic components and its working. They participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the event. Cheerful faces left the ATL LAB.

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Children’s Day Celebration by MMPians

“There is something, we can’t buy. One of the thing is childhood days and that you will realize only when you are grow old.”

To commemorate the birth anniversary of India's first Prime Minister PanditJawaharLal Nehru who was fondly known as “Chacha Nehru” among children and to show how precious the childhood is, Children’s Day was celebrated with great fervor on Monday, 14th November’22.

A special assembly began with Gayatri Manta followed by melodious group song by choir group of teachers. The speech laid importance and relevance of the day and explained   the legacy of Chacha Nehru’s works. It was quite a blissful sight to witness the group song. The assembly ended with the National Anthem. To add more colours and spirit to the day different activities were organized for Primary and Middle classes. Tambola game based on mathematics concept was played by 7th and 8th graders whereas Class-2 students enjoyed the gaming session of Hopscotch. In Class-5 children enjoyed expressing right emotions according to the selected emojis.

Thus, the students felt delighted during the session and enjoyed each and every moment of the day with great interest.

Children’s Day Celebration by pre-primary

Every year India marks November 14’, as Children’s Day a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Children’s Day was celebrated in M.M Public School on Nov 14, 22’ by the pals of Pre-Primary students with great enthusiasm.

The school campus was fully charged up with cheer and smile everywhere. The day started with morning assembly thereafter a special power point presentation was shown to the children showcasing the life of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Children sang songs and danced on mesmerizing sound tracks. Children enjoyed eating their favourite snacks, juices, chips, cakes etc. They also coloured the images of Chacha Nehru and made special Caps, i.e. Nehru cap.

The celebration came to an end with the distribution of chocolate candies in the classes as a small token of love and affection by the School.

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Let's say a proverb.

Under Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being the young MMPians of Grade 1 were taught various proverbs to improvise their style of speaking on regular basis

To impart knowledge, offer advice, teach or reinforce morals, etc. proverbs are generally spoken by the speaker. The learning of proverbs can be a key element in the language acquisition process. Using proverbs add colours to one's speech and make you sound more convincing and natural. Little pals set the stage on fire on October 31, 2022’ as they had ‘Show and Tell Competition’ on the Topic, LET'S SAY A PROVERB.

The Dynamic Scholars used various proverbs in sentences and won the hearts of Spectators. Proverbs like Many hands make light work, Strike while the iron is hot, Honesty is the best policy, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence etc. were used by the students. Proverbs are simple and insightful, often metaphorical and reflect knowledge and wisdom.

It was indeed a learning Experience Day.