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Fun Day – Last Day of the school before vacations

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” ----

It was indeed a rejuvenating fun filled and colourful day before the vacation for the little pearls of L.K.G.

Kids watched Ice- Age movie and had great fun on swings. Love your kids and let them have lots of fun.

Poster Making Activity on Liberty Day by Art & Craft Club

On the occasion of LIBERTY DAY, a poster making activity was organized for the students of Art & Craft club on 16th May 2019. The young artist presented their ideas in the form of creative & colourful poster. These Young Artists made posters with great enthusiasm. During this activity student has learnt a lot about Liberty Day. The activity was successfully organized by Art and Craft club and was motivated and appreciated by Principal Mam

Certificate Distribution to Tiny Tots

“Success begins with hard work”

Striving for excellence in every possible field the achievers of academic session 2018 – 2019 of classes LKG to I were duly awarded with certification by our principal ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak. She congratulated the Learners for achieving success in various domains and also counselled each child to be perfectionist in each stream, keeping up with high spirits in order to have forte in every sphere. Heartiest Congratulations to all the young achievers.

Pillar Activity

The lesson gets retained in the mind only when it is taught in the most fun and interactive manner. Grade 1 recapitulated nouns through a beautiful pillar activity. Yet another reason why children love to come to school.

Poster Making Activity by Art & Craft Club

Art and Craft Club organized a Poster making activity on the topic- SAVE WATER on 15th May 2019. All the club students participated and filled the whole atmosphere with the vibrant colors. These Young Artists made posters with great enthusiasm. During this activity student has learnt a lot about to save water and their understanding was clearly shown in the posters. The activity was successfully organized by Art and Craft club and was motivated and appreciated by Principal Mam.

English Calligraphy Activity

Good handwriting also signs as the indicator of our personality. Presentation of writing skills also transpires academic excellence. Keeping proximity with creativity of writing, the students of U.K.G performed with excellence in English Calligraphy on 14th May 2019. Students participated with optimum zeal. The beautiful result proved the density of enthusiasm of Little Learners.

Thanking Mom

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”    –  Rudyard Kipling

A mother is a strongest pillar of any family. She is the one who shares the strongest emotional bond with her child. A mother is one who instils trust and security in a child’s heart and mind. To show love and veneration towards all mothers, tiny tots celebrated mother’s day in their own way on 10th May 2019. Teachers dramatized a role play on the topic “Know my Mom” wherein they tried to make each child understand that mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Students made beautiful tiaras, broaches and cards for their mothers. Each activity was special in its own way. What more could have made “Mother’s Day” more special than this?

Mothers Day Celebration

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”.  -Robert Browning

Mother’s Day is a special day, for all children and mothers as; it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting.

The junior MMPians, celebrated this special occasion on 9th of May in their respective classes and invited Principal ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak to their celebration. The children of class 2 made flowers and class 3 ones made graphic art. On the other hand, class 4 &5 had shown their creativity through jewellery making and bookmarks with mom pictures respectively.

The day ended with great enthusiasm and the kids enjoyed themselves and took back a lot of memories.

Hatching of Duck and Goose Egg

School chick-hatching projects are designed to teach students about life cycles. These projects help students to learn biological concepts and develop a deeper understanding of the life sciences.

The toddlers of LKG class started learning about the Hatching of Duck and Goose eggs on 29th April’19. As it was a 6 days project, children learnt new things about Duck and Goose egg each day. Children were curious to know what will happen the next day. Kids witnessed the hatching of Duck and Goose’s eggs and saw the Ducklings growing.

The whole project was very sightful and a new learning experience for young learners.

My Performance activity on My mother by Mont students

My performance activity on the topic “My Mother” was conducted for the students of U.K.G on 9th May 2019. Children are multi-talented and school play a major role in their overall development. Students spoke about their mothers with great zeal, confidence and enthusiasm. The props and dresses of students depicted all about the topic.

It was an interesting and thrilling experience for the kids.