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ISA Award Ceremony on 29.11.2016

M. M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, PitamPura, received the prestigious British Council, International School Award (ISA) for the second time in a sparkling award ceremony held at New Delhi on Tuesday 29 November 2016. The award was conferred to revered Mrs. Rooma Pathak (Principal) and venerable Mr. Somesh Rishi Pathak (Director) in recognition of exemplary practices of Internationalism, use of ICT, creative and innovative teaching methodology, collaborations and productive learning with the schools worldwide. School started the journey of ISA in 2012 and was accredited with the ISA  Award  2013-16.

The second journey of ISA award 2016-19 was an exciting as the first one. The school with its embedded international ethos has been a great source of global exposure to the students and teachers. The school would like to thank its international partners from U.K., Srilanka and Pakistan, who collaborated constantly to complete the projects.

Teacher Visit from Seabrook College, London under Exchange Program

For Widening of the  mental horizon  of educational pattern for the teachers as well as the students of school at a global level , under the ongoing  Connecting Classroom Program in collaboration with British Council  the Teacher exchange Visit was marked by the visit of Mr. Andesh Panday , Lead Teacher  from Sea Brook College , London who visited the school from 7th Dec 2015  to 11th Dec 2015. The Lead Teacher was given a very warm welcome by the Director, Mr. Somesh Rishi Pathak and Principal, Mrs. Rooma Pathak, Academic Incharge Mrs. RenukaSharma and Educator Mrs.Bobby Narula.

 This visit under the Exchange Program helped in learning, appreciating and best practices of was a great boost in the exchanging of teaching pedagogy,academic curriculum and cultural activities among both the schools. The Educator teacher from London actively participated in the Classroom Teaching in Junior, Middle and Senior Classes during the visit. Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak,Academic Incharge Mrs. Renuka Sharma, Educator Mrs.Bobby Narula and other staff members shared the common teaching methodologies to bring both the schools at a common platform for their future Exchange Programs. 

Exchange Program with Seabrook College, London.

To widen the mental horizon regarding the education system of the educational institutions outside India, it was a matter of great pride and glory when under the Exchange Program in collaboration with British Council the Director, Mr. Somesh Pathak and Principal, Mrs. Rooma Pathak, alongwith Educator, Mrs. Bobby Narula from M.M. Public School visited Seabrook College, Londonfrom 15th June 2015 to 19th June 2015 where they were given a warm welcome by the Ms. Alice Hexter (Head Teacher), Ms. Linda (Asst. Head Teacher) and Andesh Pandey (Educator).

This exchange program not only helped in exchanging ideas of academic and cultural activities but also proved to be great insight to the education system of London where the teachers whole heartily participated in the activities conducted in the school during the visit. Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak alongwith Educator Mrs. Bobby Narula shared the common practices of teaching methodology and pedagogy with the hosting school Head Teacher and other staff members.

Interaction with Mrs. Angela Ffrench, Director of Operations South and South East Asia.

It was a matter of great honour for the students of class XII and XI to have an interaction with the Director of operations South and South East Asia, Angela Ffrench on April 21 2015.She was greeted with bouquet of flowers and Memento. The interaction began with a round of questions like how we can improve communicational skills. Who was her inspiration? How can one enhance his communication skills? She answered smilingly that her inspiration was her mother who believed in the power of education and how it can bring revolution. Her answers inspired the students to excel in future. All in all it was a motivational and inspiring interaction.

Question:  Good Afternoon Ma'am, Thanks for visiting our school.  May I ask   what according to you should be the qualities of a good communicator?

Answer: Well that's a very beautiful question asked. I would like the answer from you all but for me a good communicator is first of all a good listener. He should be confident enough to answer all the questions sensibly not dynamically, just for the sake of speaking. He should be patient and influential. Fluency in the language also plays a vital role in a communication. The person should be able to understand what the other person wants to covey. Well! I think that would be all I want to say.

Question: Thomas Elva Edison once quoted,? Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration ?All of us need an inspiration to achieve our goals.  Ma?am we would like to know who is your inspiration?

Answer I have a totally different inspiration. I lost my father when I was very young and it was quite difficult for my mother to bring me up. She believed in the power of education and felt that one can revolutionize the world with belief in education. My mother worked very hard and brought me up with good qualitative education. Today, whatever I have pursued in life is all because of her continuous support.

Question: How can we improve our communicative skills for interviews?

Answer: First of all we should be confident and sure about our answers. We should never give wrong answers in hurry.

Question: How can we improve our oratory skills?

Answer:  A lot of practice is required so that you can stand in front of audience and speak confidently. Clear your doubts when you are stopped in between the topic and make your communication skills stronger so that you may talk fluently with others.

Question: How are communication skills important and effective for information?

Answer: Communication skills are important as it brings clarity in the information the person wants to convey. A person should speak without any pause and confusion Even if he has to convey a bad news he is able to inform without any emotions.

Question: Ma'am how can we communicate with courtesy in a difficult or tense situation?

Answer: Communication is one of the best sources of reducing our stress or to face our difficulties. One can communicate with courtesy only if he is confident about what he is speaking or what he is going to speak. One cannot face his audience if he is not sure about his words. Most of the people have a habit to throw the questions on others, if they don't know the answer to the question asked from them. This kind of behavior does not help us in any way. So, if you want to communicate with courtesy you need to be sure and confident about the words, only then one can achieve his goal.          

Question: How communication skills enhance one's personality?

Answer: Communication skills are very important for enhancing one's personality. The way one speaks and listens matters a lot. A good listener should not interrupt the speaker and while speaking one?s voice should be clear, confident and hold the attention of the speaker.

Question: When you came to India for the first time did you face any challenge while communicating with Indians?

Answer: No, I didn't face any problem as I have my partner with me who is there to help me at all places. But once I went to an Indian restaurant and I ate a thin chapatti which was very delicious but I didn't remember its name. The only problem I face with India is that the names of the dishes in India are very confusing.

Question: In country like India, how can we bring uniformity in communication skills where different types of people are settled?

Answer: English is a mixture of so many languages so it is not necessary to bring uniformity in the language.  People can speak as they want but the way they speak it, should have clarity and they need to improve their pronunciation so that the foreigners can understand it easily. In fact many words of Indian language are there in Oxford Dictionary like bungalow etc. So there is no need to bring uniformity if all are able to understand.   

Bilateral Exchange Program

A Wonderful Interaction with Mrs. Roberta from California

Interactions bridge the gap between the two distinct worlds. It was a matter of great privilege when the renowned EVS teacher from Discovery Charter School of California spent some of her precious moments on 8th May 2013 with the tiny tots of class I, II and III. She shared her views and thoughts on the present environmental issues affecting the nations of the world. Her enthusiastic interaction with the students impressed them, she also answered their queries about the shape of the earth, global warming, air pollution, noise pollution. The young students wholeheartedly participated in this wonderful interactive session. They were deeply motivated and encouraged by the fruitful message of keep earth "clean and green". All in all it was a successful endeavor to widen mental horizon of the students.