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MMPians celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the Honourable President of India

MMPians celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the Honourable President of India

This year Rakhsha Bandhan was made special and memorable as our revered Principal ma'am, Mrs. Rooma Pathak and students of MMPS had the honour to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan on Wednesday, 30 August 2023 to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Smt. Droupadi Murmu, the Hon'ble President of India.

The Hon’ble President graciously accepted the rakhis from students. She encouraged the students to study hard, respect their elders, and contribute to the nation's development.

The meeting with the Hon'ble President made the students proud and inspired. They also thanked her for her time and hospitality, and wished her good health and happiness.


Participation of Students in NEP program organised by Ministry of Education Govt of India

Participation of Students in NEP program organised by Ministry of Education Govt of India

To gain knowledge about New Education Policy on the occasion of its three years completion, students and teachers with great swing participated in an exhibition and a number of events organised by the Ministry of Education at ITPO Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Saturday 29th July 2023.

Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during this grand celebration inaugurated the two-day Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam (ABSS) and during public address emphasized that youngsters should be judged on their talent rather than their language. The revered Prime Minister also stressed upon the fact that schools play a great role in educating and creating awareness about the subjects such as climate change, disaster management, and clean energy sectors for the proper execution of the New Education Policy 2020. Students enthusiastically participated in educational Interactive workshops, panel talks, cultural events and quizzes on NEP.

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Visit to Church By Tiny Tots

"Peace with GOD, peace with others and peace in your own heart"

To inculcate spiritual beliefs and to make students understand the beauty of “Unity in Diversity", students from Pre-primary to Class V were taken on a visit to Church on different days from 1st December 2022 to 15th December 2022.

Little visitors were excited to see the grandeur and serene atmosphere of church. They were greeted by a priest who told them about the life of Jesus Christ. They were also told about the importance and significance of elements of church like Altar, Holy Bible and praying service. Tiny tots joined hands and were blessed by the priest followed by a short prayer.

The students were filled with a renewed energy and took away home a message to respect all religions equally.

Educational trip to Gandhi Darshan

To promote academic exchange and competences for new domains of knowledge, students of class X were taken for an educational trip to Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat on Tuesday 20th December 2022. Students explored artifacts related to Gandhi ji belongings. They saw a movie based on construction of toilets in rural areas all over India. They understood that hygiene is must for every individual, an initiative taken by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi to make it happen. The trip provided the students a great learning experience.

Excursion to Traffic Training Park

"The essence of road safety is to drive safely”

To familiarise the children with road safety and traffic rules and to learn the signs and signals on the road; an excursion to 'TRAFFIC TRAINING PARK' was conducted for students of class 11 on 13th December and class 9th on 20th December, 2022.

Students were warmly welcomed at the venue by a representative, who guided us through. She introduced the children to commonly used road signs /symbols and also spent time explaining the necessity of traffic signals. She used a live demonstration aided by flash cards. The visit was not only educational but was also fun-filled. It amply and yet very simply introduced students to basic road safety rules.

They were also shown small clippings of the accidents and their causes so that students can always look for a safe ride and help victims of the road accidents. At the end of the tour, the students participated in a quiz to test their knowledge of traffic rules. The majority of students scored well.

The children were excited to see the fabricated pedestrian pathways, signboards and traffic lights, a foot over bridge etc., which were all created in miniatures. While students were already broadly familiar with traffic rules and traffic safety from their lessons in the classroom, their visit to the traffic park greatly reinforced what they had read with its live demonstration.

The young listeners were asked to carry home the message of road safety and the importance of safety rules. It was an enlightening experience to reinforce the safety of oneself and of others too.

Educational Trip to Sheesh Mahal

“The best education you’ll get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.”

To shower the love to our heritage, M M Public School organised fruitful visits to its very own adopted monument “Sheesh Mahal – Shalimar Bagh” on different days (1 December-14 December 2022) for students of class VI to XI.

Cleanliness was the prime activity which the kids took after a heritage walk in the premises of the monument. Students were divided into various groups and conducted a cleanliness drive in and around the monument which imbibed in them the core values & respect for our heritage sites. They participated with full enthusiasm and showered their love on the monument by posing such eco-friendly gestures. On the later part of the visit, a detailed survey was conducted to study the present conditions of the monument and how can we as students work for its preservation. Students also wrote their experiences and suggestions for the futuristic development of the monument.

The students very beautifully disseminated the message to conserve and protect our heritage to all, through their enthusiastic efforts.

The visit was overall a successful adventure.

Educational Trip to Traffic Training Park

“Our field trips are an opportunity for us for enter into the world of mystical power”

In order to learn the real life experience of traffic, an educational trip to Traffic Training Park for the students was organised for class II & III on Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

The students were greeted by a traffic police personnel at the gate and a squeal of excitement shot through the group. Students were thrilled to see exhibits of helicopter, ambulance, fighter plane etc. They learnt about traffic rules and also had a practical experience of the same through various activities like walking on zebra crossing, following traffic signals, balancing on beam and many more.  Last but not the least, the students were asked few questions for recapitulation of the learning that took place during the trip, to which they promptly replied with alacrity. They were handed over brochures and safety rule booklets to be revised and discussed at home with the parents.

Thus, it was a fruitful excursion that taught the essential lessons of life and students enjoyed the trip happily.

Picnic to VishalGarh Farm, Gurgaon

MMPS is renowned for imparting all round quality education to its pupils.  Among other activities, regular excursions to nature parks are being organized, recently one such picnic to Vishalgarh farm, Gurgaon was organized for students of Class X to XII on 5 November 2022 which filled the students with energy, provided a moment to unwind their thoughts and express themselves after two years of Covid-19 constraints.

The camel ride, bullock cart ride, tractor ride, and other recreational activities represented the Rajasthani culture of India. An exhilarating and daring adventure was on the zip line. The kathputli dance and the ethnic dances were both wonderful experiences. As the students trekked around, they got a glimpse of the beautiful flora and fauna of Rajasthan, including quite a few exotic birds, their nesting places and water points. The teachers commented on the various aspects of nature to enlighten the insatiable young minds.  It was a trekking experience par excellence. The joy de vivre of the students had to be seen to be believed.  It was time for students to let go of stress, take a deep breath, and reflect upon themselves.  Even the teachers felt rejuvenated.

 All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place again. Indeed, it was a great day for all the students and teachers, as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers.

Prarthana Sabha on the occasion of the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Smriti

Students of M.M. Public School joined Padmashri Hari Haran Ji 2nd October 2022 to perform in the Prarthana Sabha which was graced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Hon’ble Vice-Chairperson Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti Shri Vijay Goel, Hon’ble UN Resident Coordinator in India Shri Shombi Sharp, Hon’ble MoS Culture Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi and Granddaughter of Gandhi Ji Smt. Tara Gandhi.

It was a wonderful experience for the students to witness the presence of the Prime Minister along with other dignitaries.

Excursion to Pearl Academy, Delhi

To provide first-hand experience to the students by engaging them with real situations which serve as a break from the normal routine, a day-long excursion to Pearl Academy was organized for Grades XI & XII on 23rd August 2022
Students got the opportunity to attend workshops on Photography and Fashion Designing which were well planned by the members of the team academy. The leading institute introduced numerous courses they offer to the students along with detailed selection criteria.

This educational excursion proved knowledgeable and insightful for the students as it helped them choose their career options for the future.

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A Visit to Blind School by SWAS Club

In order to create awareness about the noble cause of helpfulness, a visit to Akhil Bhartiya Netraheen Sangh was conducted by SWAS CLUB on 29th April 2022. The Students of IX A and XII A gave biscuits, fruits, uncooked rice and pulses packets to the specially-abled children. Students were impressed by the aptitude of these children when they saw how they were playing the music and studying with the help of brail script. Thus the visit proved to be inspirational for the MMPIANS.

Excursion to Aeroplanet

The pals of Pre- Primary i.e. from L.K.G to Grade 1 were taken to an excursion to Aeroplanet on 10th Feb 2020. They witnessed a big Airbus A300 and also sat in it. They also learnt how to board and depart from the Airbus and learnt how to use safety belt, life jacket, oxygen mask etc. The students enjoyed doing various Rocksport activities. They also enjoyed food and danced to the tunes of peppy songs.

The little MMPians not only had fun but also learnt various aspects of getting socially developed.

Visit to Church by primary students

MMPS believes in the holistic development of the students and educational excursions are an integral part of the curriculum. Keeping that in mind, primary classes students were taken for an excursion to church for worship. Students learned about religion and culture of Christians and returned with first-hand experience of Christianity as followed by the people of India.  The concept of faith, prayers and belief was introduced to the little ones who basked in the glory of divinity and peace.

Picnic to Lohagarh Farms


‘What is life but a great adventure’

To provide not only an enthralling adventurous day but also an opportunity to experience an old rustic village life away from the hustle-bustle of city, a picnic to Lohagarh farms was organized on 30th November 2019 i.e. Saturday for the students of class- VI to VIII. The students & teachers were warmly welcomed in a traditional way. The students were divided into groups and explored different activities under the supervision of trained instructors. The key attraction of the activities was shooting, Archery, Rope Climbing, Haunted house, Balancing, Rope ladder, Commando Net and they also danced on the beats of famous Bollywood as well as Punjabi songs. The students thoroughly enjoyed their day in the bounties of nature & relished the luscious authentic meal provided to them. Thus, the trip was memorable as it was a good stress reliever for the students after the exams.

Excursion to Kidzania

“The best way of learning about anything is by doing.”


M.M. Public School organized an excursion to Kidzania for the students of class 2 to 5 on 23rd November, 2019. Unlike any traditional theme park or entertainment zone, Kidzania provides an environment that empowers kids to explore the wide and amazing world. It is a Global Indoor Entertainment and Learning Center for students that emulates the working of a real city built to scale for kids. The students were ready to take up any challenge that came their way to earn Kidzos. It provided first-hand experience of different occupations and careers that they could explore. Kidzania had mini set ups for dominos, petrol pump, big bazaar, salons etc. The students indulged in various activities which stimulated their creative thinking and boosted their self-confidence. Through this experience, they also learnt real life values, social skills and team work.



A visit to Gurudwara was organized for primary children of MMPS. The purpose of this visit was to let children know about Sikhism and a remarkable day, i.e., 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which is approaching. In Gurudwara, students paid homage to the holy book of the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib by covering their heads. Students enthusiastically participated in the prayer and also enchanted the guru mantra which echoed in the atmosphere. At the end students were delighted to receive the Prasad. It was an enriching experience for the students as they were enlightened with the knowledge of ten Sikh gurus.

A Picnic to WOW

To rejuvenate the students from their dull and monotonous routine, a picnic to WOW (Worlds of Wonders, Amusement and Water Park) in Noida was organized by the school for the students of Class IX to XII on Saturday i.e. 19 October 2019.

The Amusement Park was a perfect venue for amalgamation of three i.e. fun, extreme happiness and entertainment as around 350 students along with 32 teachers enjoyed all the rides like Roller Coaster, 360° , Mega Disko, Free Fall and many more. Students showed immense excitement and had lots of fun & frolic. Students along with their teachers danced on the latest foot tapping numbers. The students also enjoyed in the Water Park different water rides like Lazy Lake, Wave Pool, Raft Ride, Boomerang etc. and had a gala time there.

 Thus, the picnic was helpful in promoting relaxation and recreation among the students. They carried back home the treasure of their unforgettable memories.


“A Journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”

To bring respite from dullness and dreariness, a trip to Kufri, Chail and Shimla was organized from 3rd October to 7th October’2019 for the students of class VI to XII.

The students and the teachers refreshed themselves in the lap of Nature. They also enjoyed the scenic beauty of the hills as well as rejuvenated themselves with numerous adventurous activities such as Rock Climbing, Trekking, Valley Crossing through Rope and Campfire. They also had a gala time in Amusement Park in Kufri. The touring students and teachers also enhanced their knowledge about the famous Kali Ka Tibba temple and Chail Palace.

The students had great shopping experience at Shimla Mall Road and thoroughly relished all the tempting meals served to them. The soothing climate of the place recharged them. Overall, it was an unforgettable and memorable experience for the students and teachers.

A Visit to Zoological Park

"We have more to learn from animals than animals have to learn from us"

To widen the mental horizon of the students about the flora and fauna, an educational trip to the National Zoological Park situated near the Old Fort in New Delhi was organized for class X on 5th October, 2019.

Students observed a large number of different species of animals, birds, reptiles and snakes and almost carefully looked after by the zookeeper. At the Zoological Park, students witnessed birds and amazed to see white tiger and other animals who live in an environment that in many ways resemble their natural habitat. The teacher guided them and shared with them various facts about the animals they saw in the zoo. Observing those animals helped them in learning the values of empathy and generosity and realizing the importance of these animals in maintaining ecological balance.

It was an enriching experience for them and the students enjoyed the proximity with the animal world.


Post office is an important place for receiving and sending our parcels, letters, money orders etc. To inculcate the value of this place in children a visit to post office was organised in primary wing. The children learnt the importance of the communication. They co related the time of hand written letters and money sending to today’s time, i.e., internet era. The children understood the significance of this place in theirs day to day life.


The Teen Murti Bhavan (Teen Murti House) is the former residence in New Delhi, India of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. He stayed there for 16 years until his own death on 27 May 1964. To inculcate the values of our history and movements of struggle of independence a visit to this place and India Gate was organised for the children from class 2 to 5. This visit aims to let children know how they have preserved  and reconstructed the history of the Indian independence movement.

Visit to Fire Station

Fire fighters hold a powerful mystique for many children. A trip to a local fire station can therefore be both exciting and educational. Recently, the children of class 2 to 5 went for a scheduled tour on April 29,2019 and April 30, 2019 with their teachers. While touring a fire station, a child can learn about the different types of trucks fire fighters use, including ladder trucks. The students were very excited to have real life experience of the things they read about fire extinguishing and seen in fire drills at school. The children were being told about various categories of fire and how to react in emergency.


On February 13, 2019, the students of L.K.G and U.K.G and class I visited the MUGHAL GARDEN to enjoy the flora of the garden. The beautiful flower beds were a treat for the eyes.

The fragrance in the air and its freshness was captivating. Children visited the Herbal garden, Bonsai Garden, Spiritual Garden and Bio-diversity Park within the Estate. It was really beautiful garden with breathtaking surroundings. The Musical Fountain also added to the beauty of Garden.

This trip really refreshed the students and they had an experimental learning about nature.

Dominos Visit

Classes L.K.G to 1 visited the Dominos outlet recently and experienced the entire process of pizza making. Each child got a chance to make their own pizza by taking the dough, adding cheese and topping and finally they were taught how to cut, pack and label the ready pizza. They were also provided with a mini-meal for a complete

Dominos indulgence of tasty pizza and garlic bread. The MMPians were also felicitated with certificates, declaring them to be certified as JUNIOR PIZZA MAKERS. The visit to the Domino's Pizza outlet was enjoyed by all.

All work and no fun makes the life dull

Keeping this object in mind a long day excursion was organized for the students of class VI to IX on 13 Oct'2018 to Mojoland. The staff members of Mojoland warmly welcomed the teachers and the students. Students were amazed by the thrilling rides and rain dance. But the activity that attracted the students the most was the wave pool. Despite of the heat, the students had an awesome time and enjoyed greatly. The students also relished the delicious Indian food. Thus, the day was quite rejuvenating, exciting and unforgettable for the students.

A Visit to National Gandhi Museum

To not only inculcate the moral values but also to aware the students about the life of "Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi" a visit to National Gandhi Museum was organized on 4 Oct 2018 for the students of class VII and VIII. The national gallery included the information on personal belonging and the memorable journey of Mahatma Gandhi. The students were greatly thrilled when they witnessed personal lifestyle of great political leader. The students were also shown a short documentary film on the life of Mahatma Gandhi which highlighted his contribution in freedom struggle. Thus the visit was an enriching learning experience which instilled the sense of nationalism among the students.

An Educational trip to Jama Masjid and Red Fort

To enhance the knowledge of the students about the majestic ancient architecture of India, an educational trip to Jama Masjid and Red Fort was organized for the students of class VII on 8 Oct 2018. These two places are not only architecturally beautiful but also remembered as one of the important era of freedom struggle. The students learnt a lot through this visit and gained great knowledge about these historical epoch. Thus, the trip was highly informative and enriching.


To bring back the lost zest of life, a day-long excursion was organized to MOJOLAND (Murthal) on 6th October 2018 for the classes Xth to XIIth. Students and staff members were welcomed by the staff of Mojoland. Students enjoyed incredible range of recreational activities like variety of slides, rain dance and wave pool were the specialties that attracted the students. They not only enjoyed but also had delicious Indian food. It was an unforgettable, exciting and fun-filled day out for the students.

Visit to Iskon Temple

"Temples are a big part of our culture and tradition."

To receive blessings from the Almighty and to get a new perspective, students of classes I -V  visited the ISKCON TEMPLE, Punjabi Bagh. All the teachers and staff members accompanied little MMPians. They reached the temple by school buses and spent their entire day in the serene and quiet environment of the temple. They chanted the mantra of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. The priest asked the pupils about the life of Krishna. Students enthusiastically answered all the questions.  Teachers and students worshipped various deities. Everyone came back happily with a soulful and spiritual experience.

Visit to Jantar Mantar

From very ancient time, Science and History were closely associated with each other. To enlighten the students about the above concept, a visit was organized on Monday, 13 August 2018 to Jantar Mantar. The students were very eager to see the scientific monument.  When they saw Sundials and different Yantras, they were wonderstruck. The children were very curious to know the history of the monument and asked many interesting questions which were satisfied with by the History teachers. Thus the visit was highly beneficial for the students as they not only learnt about the importance of monuments, its preservation but also about the scientific temperament of the people hundreds of years ago.

A Visit to Humayun Tomb

A visit to Humayun Tomb was organized on 10 August for class VIII students. The students not only gathered useful information about this great architectural monument but it was also a golden opportunity for them to quench their thirst of knowledge about our rich heritage. All in all it was a memorable trip.

Picnic to Chokhi Dhani

A picnic was organized for the students of classes L.K.G to I to Chowkidhani, Sonepat on February 3rd, 2018. All students and teachers were welcomed in a traditional way. There were many skill games for students. Students enjoyed camel ride, horse ride and bullock cart ride. The environment was depicting life in Rajasthan village. The students and teachers were served delicious typical Rajasthani Thali with lassi and sweets after it. This picnic turned out to be refreshing as well as adventurous for students and they had a charming retreat as they discovered the vibrant culture of typical Indian village.


To celebrate the festival of joy and happiness a visit to church was organized for students of class L.K.G to V on 26 and 27 December 2017. The students were excited to see the church decorated with bells, caps and stars. They all sang classic Christmas carol and also took a round of the church. The father of the church also enlightened the student about the value of this festival and how it should be celebrated. Thus the visit was very exciting and informative.


A picnic was organized for the students of classes II-V to Chowkidhani, Sonepat on 16 December 2017. All students and teachers were welcomed in a traditional way. There were many skill games for students. Students enjoyed camel ride, horse ride and bullock cart ride. The environment was depicting life in Rajasthan village. The students and teachers were served delicious typical Rajasthani Thali with lassi and sweets after it. This picnic turned out to be refreshing as well as adventurous for students and they had a charming retreat as they discovered the vibrant culture of typical Indian village.

Picnic to Lohagarh Farms

To shed the pre-occupation and to seek pleasure, a picnic was organized to Lohagarh Farms, Gurugram on 16th December 2017 for class X. All were welcomed in a traditional way. Students enjoyed various activities like camel riding, tug of war, pottery making, bullock ride, trolley ride, mud bath, charkha, etc. Children danced on Bollywood numbers and a sumptuous breakfast and lunch was provided. Students had a charming retreat as they discovered the vibrant culture of typical Indian village.

Refreshing Teachers Trip to Jaipur

"Rejuvenation brings Relaxation."

Trips and excursions break the monotony and add zing and zeal to life. With this objective the teachers comprising in the group of forty five headed by Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak were taken for a trip to pink city Jaipur for two days. The teachers left from Delhi at 6 am in the morning on Saturday 9 Dec. 2017 and after reaching Jaipur checked in three star hotels. They went for a shopping spree to Bapu bazar and Johari bazar followed by dancing on DJ at night in the hotel premises. The next day on Sunday teachers were taken to Birla Mandir, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and later on to the most famous Amer Fort and finally reached Delhi duly refreshed and recharged.

Thus the trip was not only entertaining but also a rewarding experience under the able guidance and sharing of precious moments with the Principal Madam.

Picnic to Lohagarh Farms

To promote relaxation among the students, a picnic was organized to Lohagarh Farms, Gurugram on 18th November 2017 for the class VI-IX. All were welcomed in a traditional way. Students enjoyed various activities like camel riding, tug of war, pottery making, bullock ride, trolley ride, mud bath, charkha, etc. A sumptuous breakfast and lunch was provided to the students as well as staff. Students had a charming retreat as they discovered the vibrant culture of typical Indian village.

Visit to Gurudwara by Primary students

Students of classes L.K.G to V were taken for Gurudwara visit on October 30th, 2017. The head Granthi of the Gurudwara told them about Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his teachings of life. Students enthusiastically participated in the prayer and also enchanted the guru mantra which echoed in the atmosphere. Kadah prasad was also given to students.

Excursion to Water Park

M.M Public School organized a blithsome excursion to Appu Ghar Water Park, Gurugram on 28th October 2017 for the students of class XI and XII. Trip began as per schedule with great zeal. Students after reaching the spot dispersed into their groups and tried the fun and thrilling water rides. They also enjoyed the lip smacking food served to them in the Food Court. The evening wrapped up by proving to be fun, adventurous and thrilling for all the students. They came back refreshed and rejuvenated to school. This was a cool retreat to the students.


To overcome their monotonous routine, the students and teachers visited Pachmarhi , a hill station in Madhya Pradesh recently . It was a wonderful experience of journey  by train running through the lush green fields as well as busy cities. Students enjoyed in the lap of nature as Pachmarhi is situated in the Reserved Satpura Forest Range and has variety of natural vegetation and beautiful natural rock cut temples and caves. The touring students and teachers visited the famous Pandav Caves , Bison Lodge , Bade Mahadev, Silver Falls Apsara Falls , Dhoop Garh , Rajender Giri , Reechgarh  , Jata Shankar.


To give a religious feeling and to make the students experience the true meaning of the Janamashtami, a visit to Iskcon temple was organized for classes LKG to V in Second week August, 2017. During the visit the children took a tour of the temple and explored the beautiful carvings of Lord Krishna on the walls of the temple. They not only participated in the kirtan but also enchanted the famous mantra of Lord Krishna. Before leaving the students enjoyed the Prasad of khichdi. Thus the trip was devotional and memorable.


To overcome boredom and dreariness of routine life of the students, the school organized a picnic to Worlds of Wonder (WoW), Noida on Saturday, 5th November 2016 for classes X to XII. The students were excited to go along with their friends and teachers. Students had a gala time during their journey. They enjoyed all the rides in the adventure park and played many games and won prizes. Everyone enjoyed the meals together. Students danced and enjoyed on the beats of Bollywood numbers. Rain dance was the centre of attraction. Students were unwilling to leave the place. The trip was adventurous, enriching and memorable for all the students and teachers. All in all it was refreshing and relaxing trip.


To develop the feeling of spirituality among the students of class LKG to V a visit to Gurudwara was organized by the school on November 4, 2016. Students paid homage to the holy book of the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib by covering their heads. Students enthusiastically participated in the prayer and also enchanted the guru mantra which echoed in the atmosphere. It developed the religious fervor in the students. At the end students were delighted to receive the Prasad. All in all it was an enriching experience for the students as they were enlightened with the knowledge of ten Sikh gurus.

A Visit to Dominos

L.K.G. students had a gala time when they were taken to dominos on 17th October 2016. They enjoyed the flavour and taste of Italian pizzas with chilled cold drinks. Students saw how pizza is made and also enjoyed doing it themselves in the kitchen with chefs. It was full of energy and enthusiasm.


M.M.P.S. decided to organize a visit to DOMINO's for the students of class I A ON 18th OCT. 2016 and I B on 20th OCT. 2016. The visit turned out to be very interesting for the students as they helped the crew members for the preparation of pizza. They tried their hands in preparing the pizza from making the dough till finishing it with toppings. But, the most interesting part was the baking. All in the entire visit turned out to be fascinating and refreshing for the students. They were given certificates and at last they shared the pizza and enjoyed the flavours. Through this visit they gained confidence and value of sharing.


A visit to ISKON temple was organized for classes L.K.G. to V on 23rd August 2016. Since Janmashtami is round the corner so this visit turned out to be more exciting for the students. During the visit children took a tour of temple and saw the beautiful carvings of Lord Krishna. The story of Lord Krishna was also narrated to the students. Students enthusiastically participated in the kirtan and enchanted the mantra of Krishna. In the end students were served Prasad of Khichdi which all students relished to their heart?s content. All in all it has been devotional and memorable visit which students thoroughly enjoyed. 

Visit to Bank Class IV

Students of class IV visited Nainital Bank in their neighborhood. Students learnt about the working procedure of the Bank. They met staff members and observed the working at different counters properly. Students questioned the officials there about the working and understood much of the things. They also visited ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and learnt the quickest mode of receiving the money and formalities related to it. It was an interactive and a good learning experience for students.

Visit to Bank Class III

Students of class III visited Nainital BANK in their neighborhood. Students learnt about the working procedure of the Bank. They met staff members and observed the working at different counters properly. They visited ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and learnt the quickest mode of receiving the money and formalities related to it. It was an interactive and a good learning experience for students.

Visit to Bank Class I

Students of class I visited bank on 5th July 2016. They were very happy and excited. Teachers and bank staff explained the working of bank. They have also visited ATM and observed the working of ATM machine.



An educational trip to National Craft Museum was organized by our school for class- VI and VII on 4th May 2016 during the school hours.85 students accompanied with four teachers gained a lot of information on various crafts (Handicrafts and Handlooms). There was a huge exhibition of paintings, statues, decorative items and clothes from different states of India. The students watched a documentary film related to making of few handicraft items with the help of soft wood. It was a knowledgeable trip and students enjoyed a lot.

School picnic to Chowki Dhani

To add colours to the tedious and wearisome daily routine of life; the school organized a trip to Chowki Dhani on 6th January 2016 for classes VI-IX. The students were eager to be at the place. The staff whole heartedly welcomed the students and the teachers. The excitement of the students reached the climax when they saw the fervor of Rajasthan all around. The traditional dance and songs with Rajasthani costumes attracted one and all. The beat of the Dhol and melodious tune of Sarangi and Shahnai made everybody spellbound. The Students enjoyed the rides on the Camel, Horse and Bullock-Carts. The rides in the Toy Train and giant wheel also amused the students a lot. They also took delight in watching the famous puppet show of Rajasthan. Students and teachers danced on Bollywood numbers. Students enjoyed each and every moment in that wonderful place. This memorable trip was both entertaining and educational. It enlightened the students with many unrevealed information about the tradition and culture of Rajasthan.   



It was a matter of immense pleasure ,pride and honour for  M.M. Public School to be the part of the grand event organized to launch "Five Illustrated Books For Children" on the eve of Republic Day of India i.e. 25 January,2016 at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park.These books are written on the life of Param Veer Chakra Awardees under "Veer Gaatha Series".

Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development Ms. Smriti Irani and Army chief of India General Dalbir Singh were the chief guest of the function who released these books. Senior dignitaries from the forces ,NCERT and CBSE officers graced the occasion.

Fifty students of our school participated in that memorable function .The students were fortunate enough to get enlightened with the adorable elocution Mrs. Smriti Irani and General Dalbir Singh.Students also got the opportunity to click photos with the revered personalities.

The programme concluded with the adjuration to save India from all odds and strive to keep our Tricolour always fly high in the sky. The function rekindled the fire of patriotism  in the heart of the students and forced them to ponder about their own responsibility and duty towards their motherland



MMPS organized a picnic to WOW Noida for classes IX to XII and on 26th Dec ,2015 .

Students were given a warm welcome by the staff of WOW and were also entertained by them by engaging them in activities, accompanied by a clown and other activities where students won prizes also by posting their pictures on facebook .

Students enjoyed the rides in amusement park. They also danced a lot and then  had delicious lunch followed by icecream. It was a very enjoyable and memorable trip for all.

The students as well as teachers thoroughly enjoyed their day and came back refreshed to school.


Students of class I-V visited Gurudwara on the special occasion of "Guru Nanak Jayanti".They recited the Shabd and the Mool mantra".They learned about the life and teachings of Gurunanak ji and his contribution towards humanity.


It was a great opportunity for the Class VIII students to visit the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR MEDIUM RANGE WEATHER FORECASTING on 9th September 2015. The visit was to make the students learn about the Weather Elements, factors affecting the day to day weather and how this weather forecasting is helpful and important in our daily life. Students were shown the huge Super Computers which are connected to the Weather Satellites and how these Super Computers process the information received from the Satellites into weather forecast. The visit was very educative for the students as they learnt about the revolutionary change in weather forecasting.


Environmental issues are subject of a concern and to lay emphasis on the saving of environment exhibition of Poster ,Slogan and Painting on the  theme "Protection of Ozone Layer" was  organized on the occasion of 21st  International Day theme "Protection of Ozone Layer". The Students of class V-IX visited the India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road tosee this exhibition. Posters depicting the effects of depletion of ozone layer and causes behind it made the students learn about thesignificance of ozone layer and also the remedies to heal it.These posters created great awareness among the students. All in all it was indeed a very informative session for the future learners.


On the occasion of Golden Jubilee Commemoration of the Indo-Pak War 1965, an exhibition was organized to showcase the rich tradition of valour and sacrifice of Indian Armed Force and Central Police Organization on the Rajpat Lawns on September16, 2015.It was a matter of pride to visit the exhibition.The students of class (V-IX) along with H.O.D Mrs.PreetiAnand visited the exhibition .All in all,the visit was enlightening and inspirational. The students were indeed motivated.


Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official home of the President. It is indeed an honour to visit such a place of historical importance. The four students - Hridya Sharma (V), Lavi Hassija (VI), Simran Batra (IX) and Manik Sharma (XII) got a golden opportunity to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan along with Principal Mam Ms. Rooma Pathak on the occasion of Rakhsa Bandhan i.e. 20th August 2015. The students had a privilege to present the bond of affection to the President of India. They also got an opportunity to see the Rashtrapati Bhavan. They were enthralled to not only to see the mansion comprising of 340 rooms, built on an area of 20,00,000 sq. feet but also got an opportunity to see Ashok hall also known as Ball room decorated with 19 canvases Persian painting, library, dining room and Darbar hall. The energetic fountain rising up to the height of 12 feet creating murmur mesmerized the students. They also saw large variety of flowers herbal and vegetative plants in the Mughal garden which is opened once in a year for visitors. Thus it was a memorable visit.

Reliance fresh visit of class -II

Visit to Reliance Fresh

Students of class II visited to Reliance Fresh In the month of August. Students were excited and shown keen interest in shopping and about products available in these kinds of Departmental stores.

Visit to Iskcon Temple

The children of L.K.G, U.K.G & Primary classes visited the Iskcon Temple on 2nd September'15. The aarti and motivational words by the priestess offered a lot of insight into the life of Lord Krishna and pepped up the children. 
The children very fascinated by the architecture of the temple and the beautiful statues of Lord Krishna.


Students of class I have visited Reliance Fresh on 11th August 2015. They learnt about how to shop, different grocery products, billing etc. Teacher has told them about social etiquettes as they greeted all the staff members of Reliance Fresh. As they have brought money for shopping, they were feeling responsible and excited. They enjoyed very much.

Bank Visit by L.K.G & U.K.G Classes

All children are curious to explore the world around them we gave them an opportunity to visit to the bank on 13th July'15. After visiting the bank students get to know 'What is a Bank?' and 'What is its use?' 

Visit to London

To widen the mental horizon regarding the education system of the educational institutions outside India, it was a matter of great pride and glory when under the Exchange Program in collaboration with British Council the Director, Mr. Somesh Pathak and Principal, Mrs. Rooma Pathak, alongwith Educator, Mrs. Bobby Narula from M.M. Public School visited Seabrook College, London from 15th June 2015 to 19th June 2015 where they were given a warm welcome by the Ms. Alice Hexter (Head Teacher), Ms. Linda (Asst. Head Teacher) and Andesh Pandey (Educator).

This exchange program not only helped in exchanging ideas of academic and cultural activities but also proved to be great insight to the education system of London where the teachers whole heartily participated in the activities conducted in the school during the visit. Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak alongwith Educator Mrs. Bobby Narula shared the common practices of teaching methodology and pedagogy with the hosting school Head Teacher and other staff members.

Picnic To WOW on 13-12-2014

To bring respite from dullness and dreariness a picnic to Wonder of World was organized by school for class XII on Saturday, 13th December 2014.The students assembled in the school by 8:00 am. The students were excited to go along with their friends and teachers. Students sang songs and were eager to reach destination. On reaching the place everyone admired its scenic beauty and was refreshed in the lap of nature. They enjoyed all the rides and played many games.  In Breakfast and Lunch many delicacies of village were served and everyone enjoyed their meal together. Students and Teachers danced and enjoyed on the beats of DHOL and Bollywood Numbers. Students were unwilling to leave the spot. The trip was not only fruitful and enriching but adventurous. Students thus enjoyed the day completely.

TRIP TO FUN-N-FOOD VILLAGE ON 7-11-2014 AND 10-11-2014

MMPS organized a picnic to fun-n-food village on 7/11/2014 for classes VI to VIII and on 10/11/2014 for class X and XI.

Students were given a warm welcome by the staff of Fun N Food Village and were also entertained by them by engaging them in activities, accompanied by a clown  and other stage based activities where students won prizes also. A rain dance competition was also organized in which Tanya stood first, Sonali stood second and Ritu stood third.

Students enjoyed the rides in amusement park. Then water rides were enjoyed by the students. It was a very enjoyable trip for all.

The students as well as teachers thoroughly enjoyed their day and came back refreshed to school.


Visit to Fire Station

Visit to Aeroplanet on 04-03-2014

"Picnics and Excursions play an important role in all round Development of child."

The school organized a picnic on 4th march 2014 to 'Aeroplanet' situated in DWARKA. It was a time of fun, enjoyment and relaxation for the students of class LKG TO V. Interesting and enjoyable rides and swings were there.  Children enjoyed having food together .

The tiring day at 'Aeroplanet' ended with a calm and relaxing  dance.  The students and teachers danced to their fullest.

 The trip ended nearly at 2:30 pm.  At the time of dispersal a positive energy was filled in both teachers and students. This provided much needed break to students as well as teachers which will be utilized perfectly by both and there was a loud scream of hip HIP HIP HURRAH! by all of us.