National Summit of school principals on childhood depression

A national summit of school principals on childhood depression was organized by ICTRC on December 20, 2018 at Indian International Centre.

The speakers of the summit, Mr. R.k. Saraswat (pro. NC.E.R.T), MR. Keshav Singh (cin. Psychologist), Dr. V.S.Ravindran (pro. ICTRC) spoke on the undiagnosed depression, its identification, prevention and intervention.

The objective of the summit was to equip the schools principals with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are simple to adopt on everyday practice and that are easily transferable to teachers, students and parents.

Interaction with Dr. Haleema Sadia

It was a proud moment for primary students to interact with Dr. Haleema Sadia, an educationist, motivational speaker and social worker on Friday, 28th December 2018 in school premises.

She guided and motivated the students by narrating a short story on ‘Happiness’. Students asked different questions and queries regarding education, time management and social issues.

The answers given by her were very convincing and motivational and a matter of great knowledge.

The interaction was quite effective and had a deep impact on the mind of students.

At the end, a token of love in the form of potted plant and a memento presented to her by our respected Principal ma’am.

24th Annual National Sahodaya Conference 2018

An endeavor to excel in imparting quality education in various activities inside and outside the school leading to Transform Education through Technology and skill Development with special focus on Gandhian Philosophy , the 24th Annual National Sahodaya Conference was held from 22nd, 23rd & 24th November 2018 at The Lucknow Public Collegiate  Ruchi Khand 1, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow.

Our revered Director Sir Sh. S.R. Pathak and respectable Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak attended the three days conference and brought in much of the new concepts and dimensions for enhanced technology that would align Skill Education with School Curriculum. The Conference had many brainstorming sessions on E-learning –Vision and Challenges, Sustainable Technology Based Quality Education, Paradigm Shift in Education and carrying forward Gandhian Legacy, Health and wellness – Vital for holistic growth.

The conference was inaugurated by Lighting of Lamp by Chairperson CBSE Mrs. Anita Karwal, Jt. Secretary CBSE Mr. Pushkar Vohra followed by Welcome Address by Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan. The conference was conglomerate of Correspondents, Principals, CEOs and Directors from across the country and abroad.

Many renowned personalities from academic field and technology professionals from various universities presented their views on Transforming Education through Technology and Skill Development with special focus on Gandhian Philosophy.

The conference was a great success by CBSE which initiated all academicians, management and many other related professionals to enhance the school education by aligning technology to cater quality education. It was a wonderful experience and the school looks forward to be a part of such motivating events.

Workshop on Study and Exam Skills

Students of M.M. Public school participated in Fortis Pro – Social Peer Moderator Programme at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh on 30th November 2018. It was an initiative on Study and Exam Skill as a part of Fortis School Mental Health Programme. Students were trained for effective study and encountering their exams fearlessly. It aimed at optimizing students potential prior to and during the exam season. 

Expressions by Lieutenant Dr. Prabhat Kumar (Alumni)

An expression on "Career in Medicine" was organized for the students of class XI on Thursday 15 November 2018 in school premises. The spokesperson Lieutenant Dr. Prabhat Kumar shared his experience of his journey in becoming a successful doctor in Armed Forces. He also emphasized that the need of the hour is to focus on hard work and determination. He gave tips on how to prepare and crack the competitive examination. A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries regarding campus life in AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College) and criterion for selection in medical entrance. Dr. Prabhat Kumar was presented with the memento by the students at the end of session.

All in all it was an enriching and interactive session.

Workshop for class U.K.G and L.K.G

An interactive workshop for students of class U.K.G and L.K.G was conducted on 19.11.2018, Monday by the school counsellor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan to sensitize tiny tots on Bullying. Kids zestfully participated and enjoyed the story narration. Young MMPians learnt to be kind and use their hands for helping and not hurting.


Workshop on Bullying in Class-I

An interactive workshop on bullying for student of Class I was organized in the school on 25th Oct 2018. Young MMPians got an opportunity to learn and understood meaning prevention and how to assertively respond to bullying. It was an enriching experience, Kids enjoyed Learning through multimedia and story narration.

Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)

A seminar was organized on 13th Oct 2018 at Radisson "Blu, Paschim Vihar on ?Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)" and it was attended by Ms. Jyoti Kaur (TGT Science), Ms. Sukhman (PRT Comp.). The primary purpose of this seminar is to demonstrate how it empowers teachers and engages students at home for completing assignments using any gadgets including mobile cells.

Primary speaker in this seminar were the undersigned Professor Manmohan Sharma and their team and few Principals, Teachers from school shared their experience.

Overall seminar proved to be fruitful.

Teacher's Workshop on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom

A workshop for teachers was organized by the school counselor Ms. Sheetal Dewan on 24th September 2018 on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom.

She highlighted on various factors affecting student's behavior and focused on the classroom management strategies. Importance of giving instructions efficiently and positively was also explained to the educators.

National Convention of School Counselors on Addiction in School Children

Ms. Sheetal Dewan, the Counsellor of our school got an opportunity to attend "National Convention of School Counsellors on Addiction in School Children - New Age Challenge". Organized by Institute of Counselors Training Research and Consultancy on 26th of September 2018 held at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The programme covered various aspects related to addiction among school children.

The resource persons, Dr. V.S.Ravindran and Prof. Keshav Singh made the session interactive.

The objective of this convention was to equip schools to deal with the complex problem of addiction. It was an enthralling experience and made her felt empowered.


To inculcate sense of road safety among the students of Class IX and to groom them into responsible road using citizens, Road Safety Club, invited Mr. Abdul Khan, ASI and Mr. Rambir Sangwan, ASI from Delhi Traffic Police on 10 September 2018. The Delhi Traffic Police Personnel?s enlightened the students with proper knowledge regarding the correct and safe use of roads and road discipline by telling them about real life incidents and necessity to be aware on roads. They also explained various road signs and traffic rules effectively. The session was very inspiring and informative for the students.

Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

During the month of August a workshop on bullying was organized by the school counselor in the school for classes II, VI and XI.

The workshop aimed to educate young people on bullying prevention and how to be assertive against bullying behavior. Through role plays, story narration and case study pupil learnt to identify and stop bullying in their school and community.

Capacity Building Programme of Political Science

For competence building in Political Science for class XI and XII a two day Capacity Building Programme was organized for Political Science teachers by CBSE inVenkateshwar International School, Dwarka on 13th and 14th of August, 2018. Ms. Santosh Vyas&Ms. Neera Kohli the resource person from CBSE not only stressed on the application of Political Science in daily life but also on theadoption of different teaching methods and strategies in teaching, discussion on types of questions, drafting of good quality questions. The workshop was attended by PGT Political Science Ms. Megha Training to be a reflective teacher was given to teachers. It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.   

Workshop on Museum Learning

On August 7, 2018, Flow conducted its fourth edition of the Museum Learning Master Class at National Museum, Delhi with 32 social sciences teachers. Over two hours, teachers were taken through a unique learning experience developed around select artefacts in the museum. 

It was really experienced when Ms. Bobby Narula attended a worthy workshop and  instilled the skills how remains of past displayed in museum should be inferred. How every object should trigger the child's curiosity to learn more n more about the age, texture material used, utility of various items. The resource  person Ms. Arundhatti from FLOW INDIA was a great source of knowledge for the  teachers  present.

Career Counseling for Medical Students

To upgrade the career quotient of the students a career counseling session was held in the school for medical students of classes XI and XII by Dr. Chander Shekher Aggarwal on 10th August, 2018

The session focused on new and upcoming career options for medical students. The students were also highlighted about the importance of attaining knowledge in attaining success.

The session was very informative and enlightening.

Mosquito Training Programme

To create awareness regarding prevention from mosquito diseases, Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi had organized a Mosquito Training Programme for Eco Club teachers on August 8, 2018 at DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura. This session was attended by Ms. Tanpreet Kaur and was a knowledgeable and informative session.

Teacher's workshop on mindfulness

Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind

A workshop on Mindfulness was held on 31st August 2018 for teachers during the school hours. The specific aim of the workshop was to teach the techniques of mindfulness so that teachers could impart students to use in their everyday life to cultivate their ability to be calm, handle strong emotions such as anxiety and stress. It is not only beneficial to students but also teachers.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign 2018-19

Road Safety Awareness Campaign was organized by Delhi Traffic police on, a one- day orientation programme for teachers on 26th July 2018 at the auditorium, traffic training park, Punjabi Bagh was attended by Ms. Megha Khandelwal.

DINESH KUMAR GUPTA DY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE. TRAFFIC- NDR & ROAD SAFETY CELL, DELHI graced the occasion. ASI Rakesh Kumar addressed the present teachers from various schools and imparted the need to spread Road Safety among their students. In this programme the teachers were guided to sensitize the students about road safety through Road discipline, various signs and safety measures. Great emphasis on the role of schools and teachers to inculcate sense of road safety among students and groom them into responsible road using citizens. 

Professional Enrichment Programme on Recent Changes In Accountancy

In order to update the knowledge of commerce teachers a professional enrichment programme was organized by Commerce Teachers Foundation on July 7, 2018. Resource person Dr. G. S. Grewal and Mr. R. K. Khosla discussed the changes in syllabus for 2018-19 like treatment of GST in accounting and treatment of proposed dividend and loans & advances in cash flow statement. Teachers asked their queries. No doubt, it was a knowledge enrichment programme for the teachers.

Workshop on Understanding Classroom Management

To sensitize the hindrance to effective teaching learning process in the class, a CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME on Classroom Management was organized by CBSE- Centre of Excellence, Delhi on 20th & 21st July 2018, facilitated by Resource person Ms. Sudha Acharya. It aimed at enhancing students social and moral growth. The workshop attended by TGT Science Ms. Jyoti Kaur found it quite educative as it was able to impart the skills needed to create an effective teaching and learning environment in the classroom.

Career counseling session for students

To widen the mental horizon of Class XI science students, a career counseling workshop was organized on 20th July 2018. Resource person Mr. Aashish Goyal alumni of IIT Delhi enlightened students about time management for self study and also gave tips for preparation of IIT entrance examinations.


Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse was conducted for the students of classes III, VII and X in the month of July by Ms. Sheetal Dewan, School Counsellor 

The students were made aware of various types of Bullying, Long Term and Short Term effects of Bullying, Ways to combat Bullying through Power Point Presentation, Videos and Role plays.


"Discover your career fit"

A Career Counseling session was conducted for the students of Classes XI and XII by Smart prep to dispel the doubts and qualms, students had regarding career options after XII on 11th July 2018.  Ms. Nidhi and Ms .Ruchi  briefed  on various career options according to their interest and streams like BBA, BCA, BBA-LLB, JOURNALISM, BBE, BMS, B.COM, B.EL.ED, HOTEL MANAGEMENT etc.

They also made students aware about the new courses especially the vocational courses, their admission criteria and various universities other than D.U, I.P. Students actively participated and asked queries. All the students were satisfied after attending the workshop. It proved to be a very resourceful and an interactive session.

A rendezvous with the attorney General of India, Mr. K.K. Venugopal

To widen the mental horizon of the students regarding the judiciary system of India, the students Rahul Bhutani (XII), Simran (XII), Anmol (XII) and Harshita (XI) along with Mrs. Anju Khurana H.O.D. of English had a golden opportunity to have an interaction with the oldest ever ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL on 20th May 2018 at his residence cum office in Neeti Bagh.

The great icon - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL was presented with a memento and a potted plant as a token of love. The students asked a series of questions about his childhood memories, the challenges he faced during his entire journey of being a lawyer and about his message on how to achieve success in future. His intellectual answers not only enlightened the students but also expanded the knowledge of the students.  He also motivated them to have an optimistic outlook towards their goals. Thus, it was a stimulating and memorable interview which will remain fresh in minds forever.

Workshop on Reading and Writing

Workshop was organized by Children book forum about the Garden of five senses reading and writing with all our senses by Ms. Seema Chari at Indian Habitat Centre.  She explained that how to encourage the students for Reading and Writing Skills and how to increase the vocabulary. Students of Class V, VII, and VIII enjoyed the Workshop.

Workshop on What After X

A career counseling workshop was held in the school for students of class X. It proved to be fruitful. The students were guided about various career options irrespective of any stream. This would help them to choose subjects of their interest and ability in future.

Capacity Building Programme for Class IX (English) by CBSE

To sensitize the teachers about whole language perspective using various strategies to language teaching, Capacity Building Programme for class IX was organized by CBSE on 23rd and 24th April 2018, facilitated by Miss Ruchi Sengar. The workshop aimed at providing an outlook to teachers to focus their attention in building language skills in their students during regular classroom teaching, thus making the learning of language more interesting. The workshop attended by our TGT English Ms. Oas Jain found it very informative as it was able to impart the various skills on how to brush up the knowledge of the students regarding linguistic skills.

Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

To sensitize students of class V, IX and XII on Bullying, Gender sensitivity and Child Abuse a workshop was organized in the school. It was an interactive session where in students shared their views and experience on the issues, created posters and also took Anti - Bullying pledge.

Workshop on Teaching Techniques and Value Education

A workshop on teaching strategies in classrooms was organized for teachers in the school premises on 21st of April 2018 by the school counselor, Ms Sheetal Dewan. The workshop opened the conversation about learning disabilities in children, offering common symptoms and strategies. In addition to this, strategies on how to inculcate moral values in children were also taken up during the session.

Career Counseling Session

To enhance the knowledge of students of classes X, XI and XII, a career counseling workshop was organized on 11th April 2018. The speaker Ms. Samantha Wiebe from university of Canada (Coordinator for the Arts Department at the University of Waterloo) was resource person who enlightened about various emerging career options without Mathematics abroad.

The workshop was highly educative and enriching as it was able to widen the mental horizon of the young aspirants.

Workshop on STEM Education

To enlighten the Science and Maths teachers about the new modified effective technique of Learning by exploring, a workshop on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) was conducted by Mr. Shobhit and Ms. Mehak from MY STEM LAB on 17 March 2018.

They demonstrated curriculum based science activities and experiments from grade 1 to grade 10 which can help students to develop motor skills, scientific temperament, creativity and paves the way to innovation. It involves students in Do It Yourself (DIY) activities to make them understand and to relate and apply the concept in real world. They offer Robotics Lab and Robotics Club in the school as well as they support school in project based competition.

Faculty Orientation Session on 7 Days Challenge

A faculty Orientation session was organized by TERI School of Advanced Studies, in association with Embassy of Sweden and Eco club of Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi on 10th Jan 2018 with the aim to orient the faculty to capacitate them about the modalities of the 7 Days Challenge.

The purpose of this challenge was to encourage awareness about lifestyle choices and their effect on the sustainability path. All the faculties were encouraged to take more sustainable and smart actions around choices they make as they EAT, MOVE and LIVE their daily life.

Ms. Tanpreet Kaur T.G.T. (Science) and Eco-Club Incharge attended the session at World Book Fair in Pragati Maidan and was motivated to be focal point of the 7 Days Challenge to be conducted in the School and will be orienting students and encouraging their participation into the Challenge. 

Interaction with Super Specialist in Breast Cancer

To increase the knowledge about Breast cancer and its surgery Jhanvi, Riya, Lakshmi and Himanshi of class XII had a wonderful interaction with Dr. Anurag Srivastav, the super specialist of breast cancer and HOD of General Surgery of AIIMS on 1st January 2018.

He was greeted with a memento and a token of love. Students asked questions regarding Breast cancer and its preventions. Dr. Srivastav also enlightened the students with his vast knowledge and also suggested various ways of its prevention. He stressed on the theory Prevention is better than cure. He showed slides to explain the various stages of breast cancer. It was indeed an enriching and knowledgeable experience for the students who went under the guidance of Mrs. Shipra Mehra (PGT English). Not only his enormous knowledge but also his humbleness inspired all the students that one should be down to earth and not proud of one's achievements. 

National Summit of School Principals on Sexual Behavior Organised By ICTRC

National Summit of School Principals on Sexual Behavior of School Children in Changing Socio- Cultural Environment was organized on 15 December 2017 by ICTRC (Institute of Counsellor Training, Research and Consultancy) at Multi-Purpose Hall, India International Centre, New Delhi. Mrs. Bobby Narula a teacher attended the Summit. Dr. R. S. Ravindran, a renowned Psychiatrist was the resource person. His sessions highlighted the need and methods to impart sex education at school levels, need of the hour.Thus, it turned out to be quite an enriching and informative session.


To instill the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean a workshop associated with INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (IMA) on SWACHHTA was organized on 15th December 2017 at 11:00 a.m. for the students by the resource person Mr. Yogesh Panth. Importance of cleanliness was shown through a movie on SWACHHTA to encourage the students to spread awareness among the neighborhood not only about the harmful effects of dumping the garbage around but also the severe diseases it can spread. Thus the workshop proved to be inspirational and motivational. 


To develop and strengthen the essential assistance skills during emergency a workshop associated with INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (IMA) was organized on 15th December 2017 at 10: am on FIRST-AID AND CARDIAC FIRST-AID for the students as well as for the teachers by the resource person Dr. Yogesh Panth and his team. It focused on imparting detailed information of CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). A very important lifesaving technique of CPR was also demonstrated to all. The students were also given opportunity to try this cardiac technique. Thus the workshop was quite knowledgeable as the school believes that these small efforts will help to safeguard the precious health. 

Workshop on Career in Defence Services

An enlightening workshop was conducted on CAREER IN DEFENCE SERVICES for the students of science stream of class XI on 28th November 2017 in school premises. The resource person was Mr. Jitender Dabas, a renowned mechanical engineer in Indian Navy. He highlighted the valuable points and suggested the students to make career in defence services.  All in all it was a fruitful workshop for all the students as they felt privilege being a part of this workshop.

The 2018 Pramerica Meet

A meeting was organized by Pramerica on Community Services on 15th November 2017. Mrs. Santosh Batra, SWAS Club incharge went there to represent our school. Mr. Anurag Pandey was the resource person who inspired the spectators to actively participate in community services. He also added that if we do good to others, then it gets reciprocated in some or the other way back to us.

Workshop on First Aid by IMA

A workshop was organized by Health Care Foundation at IMA (Indian Medical Association) on First Aid and Cardiac First Aid on 9 November 2017. Mrs. Neeru Vij, Mrs. Priti Anand and Ms. Sonam Chandra went there to represent our school. The workshop provided with information of basic first aid and some measure that can be taken to save minor cardiac attacks.

Workshop on Career Counseling

A workshop was organized for mentoring the students of classes XI & XII of commerce stream in order to make their mindset clear about the mental pressure and exertion they would have to face at the time of board exams .The workshop was organized on 8th November 2017 and the resource persons were Mr. Satendra Singh and Mr. Vikas Jain. They provided the students some interesting tips that can help students to score well in exams.

Workshop on Classroom management

To make classroom more interactive and energetic a workshop was organized for the teachers on 28th October 2017 by Mr. Neeraj Malhotra, the Director of Aakash Institute an astute professional with a rich experience of more than 25 years in teaching & administration. He has also worked in the capacity of Directors in the reputed Schools of Delhi for more than 12 years. The workshop not only focused on the key concern regarding classroom management but also provided the essential elements to extract the best from students by giving them friendly and disciplined environment .The teachers shared their experience which they have in their regular classes and got various eye opening strategies to manage behavioral patterns of the students. Thus the workshop was quiet fruitful and worthy.


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Gender Sensitivity & Bullying, a workshop was conducted on 27th October 2017 for the students of classes IX. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them from time to time. Students were guided how to overcome these problems in day to day life. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding this sensitive issue. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.

Workshop on Safe Schools

In keeping with previous resolutions of the Action Committee regarding addressing the needs of Schools as well as educationists a workshop was being organised on making our Schools safe on 23rd September 2017 at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura and was attended by Mrs. Neeru Vij (PGT Economics).

Discussion about how in the ever changing scenario the School can contribute for the safety and security of students, staff as well as its infrastructure and what measures can teachers and other members can take to make our Schools safer.

Brigadier (Dr.) B.K. Khanna, DIG BSF and Former Senior Consultant National Disaster Management Authority, Govt of India was the resource person of this workshop.

All in all it was a learning experience and teacher was motivated to implement many innovative ideas for enforcing safety and security in the school.

Capacity Building Program on Remodeled Assessment Structure for class X

To make teachers understand the remodeled assessment structure of Class X as per the new system introduced by the CBSE Board for 2018 examinations a Capacity Building Program on Remodeled Assessment Structure for class X was held on 07th September 2017 at SLS DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar and was attended by Mrs. Neeru Vij (PGT Economics)

Various experts from CBSE were the resource persons who explained the remodeled structure and all our queries were satisfactorily answered.

The program was enlightening and informative.

Workshop on Memory Retention

An enlightening workshop was conducted on Memory Retention for the students of class VII and VIII on 25th August 2017 in school premises. The resource person was Ms. Sangeeta from renowned institute. She enriched the students by giving valuable points to sharpen their minds and how to recapitulate the important points.  All in all it was a fruitful workshop for all the students as they gain a lot from this workshop.

An Interaction with Mr. Shrikant Kishore (D.I.G., Indira Gandhi International Airport)

To widen the mental horizon of the students about the security system at Indira Gandhi International airport,a rendezvous with the Mr. Shrikant Kishore, D.I.G of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) of Indira Gandhi InternationalAirport, was held on 6th September, 2017 at hisoffice. The students Khushi,Neha of class XI and Rhythm of class X had a great opportunity to not only interact with this eminent and powerful personality but also were able to quest their knowledge about how the security is maintained at the airport.

He shared the information about how round the clock working of D.I.G personnel save the lives of masses. He also told the students that the security measures are taken much before the airport as at 500 meters mechanisms areset to track the unobjectionable items. He also told that many attempts of smuggling have been failed due to the strictness andvigilance of the security staff. He appreciated his staff and told that their commendable work has led tono terrorist attacks for last 17 years and it is a matter of great pride. He also shared the relevance of security flag which has got the same significance as National flag of India.

Thus, this interaction under the guidance of HOD English Mrs. Anju Khurana proved to be knowledgeable and informative to the students. 

Interaction with Principal of Sri Ram College Of Commerce.

Dr. R.P. Rustagi is not only a renowned professor of finance and accounting but is also the author of many books.

It was a proud moment for students who under the guidance of H.O.D English Ms. Anju Khurana got an opportunity to interact with respected Principal of Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) on Tuesday, 29th August 2017 at 3 p.m. at his office. A token of love in the form of a Potted Plant and a Memento was presented to the Principal by Simar and Ayushi of class XII and Simran, Shruti and Naveen of class XI.

The Principal Sir guided the students and motivated them. The students asked different questions and queries regarding Finance, Accounting and Economics. The answers given by revered Principal Sir were very convincing and a matter of great knowledge.

Thus, the interaction was very effective and had a deep impact on the students. All in all it was a very fruitful interaction with the Principal along with Mehak, Deepti, Himani, Simar and Ayushi of Class XII and Shruti, Simran and Naveen of Class XI. 

Workshop on Time Management for Teachers.

Managing Your Time When You Don't Have The Time.

A brain storming session on TIME MANAGEMENT was organized for the Teachers on 19th August, 2017.

In this interactive session the resource person Mr. Soumyjit guided the teachers how to empower the basic Principles of Time Management and share the tools to control the time instead of letting it control you. Teachers were guided to use all the time management tools so as to best utilize the time, for usage of scheduling softwares and cellphone applications that can save them time and keep them organized to make a balance of work each day. The refreshing session brought a smile on the faces of the teachers as it provided a simulation where participants experienced the challenges of balancing work and time.

Vocabulary Enrichment Workshop

To improvise the skills in English language a workshop on Vocabulary Enrichment was conducted among students of classes 9th and 10th on 18 July 2017.
Mrs. Anju Khurana, HOD of English Department gave guidelines to students on how to learn new words with the help of reading newspaper. Students were asked to use suffix and prefix to learn new words. They were encouraged to learn five new words in a week which will enhance their word building and in turn help them to enrich their usage of reading, speaking and writing abilities.

All in the entire workshop was enriching and knowledgeable for students.


To recognize, report and resolve the social issues like bullying a workshop related to the same was organized for the students of the class-VIII on 17th July 2017 and 18th July 2017 in the school campus. The educator Mrs. Sunita Dhingra not only discussed the various problems faced by the students but also motivated them to speak confidently about the issue. The workshop also encouraged the students to support their peers and have empathy and compassion for others. Thus the workshop was quite interactive and suggested many ways to tackle these problems.


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Gender Sensitivity a workshop was conducted on 17th and 18th July 2017 for the students of classes IX and X. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them from time to time. Students were guided how to overcome these problems in day to day life. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding this sensitive issue. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.

Workshop on Child Abuse

To bring awareness about Child Abuse, a workshop was conducted on July 10 2017 for class II. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them. They were also made aware of the common problems like child abuse and teasing among them.The students were also encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders.The workshop was really inspirational for the students. They gained knowledge and it was fruitful and motivational for them.


National Summit of School Principals organized by ICTRC

National summit of school Principals on "Dealing with failure, Developing Resilience in school children" was held on 28th July 2017 at Multipurpose Hall, New Conference Block, India International Centre, New Delhi. They explained that failure will become a first milestone for the child to get their success. We should encourage for his/her success at the same time. They must understand that they are not perfect in all the fields. 

Brain storming session for Youth Development

A BRAIN Storming and motivating session on youth development was conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports at Vigyan Bhawan on July 22, 2017. About 500 teachers of different schools attended the session. Mr. Vijay Goel (Sports Minister) addressed the session. He enlightened the teachers with his informative and motivational speech. He also urged the schools to promote sports for slum adoption and for heritage conservation.

In order to promote football he also declared free entry to FIFA U17 WC matches for the students of schools of Delhi on first come first served basis. All physical education teachers from our school attended the inspiring session. The session ended with an optimistic note. The teachers retewed with an oath to promote sports and to work for the betterment of the country.

Conference on Smart Move Towards Smart Education by EduConnect

A conference on Smart Move towards Smart Education was attended by Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur (HOD Computer Science) on 18th July 2017 organized by EduConnect with a mission to support India in attaining its education goals in terms of quality, technology, skill development and innovation, and revolutionize the way our country learns, works and grow supporting the ecosystem.

Speakers in the conference set the platform for using technology not only for teaching subjects but also allowing students to do it themselves tools. Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Executive Director, IT & ITES Sector Skill Council and NASSCOM told how technology can help implement active learning in the class and she also informed that NASSCOM has been talking to MHRD so that these things can be brought in CBSE Curriculum.

Mr. Aurbindo Saxena, Vice President, Technopark gave Overview of Education and Technology in Inida and also gave various ways in which it can be made better and then implemented successfully. Mr. Abhinandan Singh, Educational Technologist, Founder explained how Technology is a useful level for effective Student Engagement. Mr. Manish Gupta, CEO, VideoKen convinced everyone that Artificial Intelligence can be used to support Human Learning and shown demo of their tool. Dr. Deepak Garg, Bennet University, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences talked about Technology as the Strategy Accelerator and briefed how they used latest technologies like IoT, Moocs, etc to teach and give practical exposure to students. Conference was concluded by a wonderful enlightenment by Mr. Roshan Gupta, Head - Global Alliances & Public Sector Business on how Growing Demand of Experienced Faculty in Higher Education can be met by using technology.

On an all conference was fruitful and many has taken tips and were motivated for using technology in education.


To develop not only the enthusiasm in weaker students about the studies but also to create the ability to go beyond  the class room learning a workshop was organized about Teacher-Training Technique and Value Education on July 5 2017 i.e. Wednesday in a conference room for all the teachers by the educators Ms. Santosh Batra and Ms. Sunita Dhingra. They discussed the various techniques of teaching like group work, pair work, group discussion and Learning by doing to create the interest of weaker students in studies. In the end Ms. Tarvinder Kaur educated the teachers about the need of imparting Value Education among the students in this modern era. Thus the workshop was quite fruitful and informative for the teachers.


The school firmly believes that a healthy mind reflects a positive attitude so keeping the same objective in mind a workshop on Bullying and Gender Sensitivity was organized for the students of Class-VII A and D on May 17 2017 and Class-VII B and C on May 16 2017. The resource person Mrs. Sunita Dhingra made the students aware on how to deal with the grave problems of Bullying with great courage and also to possess positive attitude while handling it. They were also shown PPT about the same and solutions were provided to the students for it. The Students were awakened and acknowledged about the gender sensitivity as well and how to keep themselves safe and secure. An interactive session was also held where students discussed their problems and also asked questions regarding how to overcome their problems bravely. The students were then encouraged to share their problems with their parents so that an action can be taken at the earliest. All in all the workshop was quite enriching, motivating and inspirational for the students.

Workshop on Bullying

To create awareness among the students about the deplorable condition of the children a workshop on Bullying was organized April 27 and 28, 2017 by Ms. Sunita Dhingra. In the workshop the students were acknowledged on this social issue and the solution was also given to the students. The students were encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders so that actions can be taken as early as possible. In a nut shell the workshop was very motivating, enriching and enlightened the students to be safe and secure in this modern era. 


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Gender Sensitivity a workshop was conducted on 27th and 28th April 2017 for the students of class IX and X. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them from time to time. The students were shown the clipping of consequences by adopting such evil habits. Students were guided how to overcome these social evils in day to day life. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding these sensitive issues. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.


A workshop was held for the students of class I-A and I-B on 27th and 28th April 2017 wherein the students were made aware about what is Good Touch, Bad Touch; how they should react and tell everything to their parents.

The students were also taught about bullying and the bad/ill effects of it on any student. The teacher demonstrated what is good touch and which body parts are included in it and same for bad touch. The students keenly attended the workshop and understood that bullying is not good.


To enlighten the children about better career options of their life, a career counseling program was organized for the students of Class XII by the school on 28th April 2017. Mr. Ramneet Singh from TIME Education Pvt. Ltd presented an adorable session on entrance exams in the field of Commerce. Mr. Singh subdued the queries of the students and clearly stated the importance of professional guidance to the students. The whole session was highly informative and enriching. 

Interaction with Mr. John Kerr (the Chief Executive of Cambridge

It was an honorable moment for the students of the school when they got golden opportunity to interact with Mr. John Kerr when the school received International Award on 15th April, 2017 at Air Force Auditorium. The students Rahul of class XI, Mayank, Sohini and Nandidni of class V, Rishabh of class III greeted Mr. John Kerr. The interaction was as follows :

Q. Sir, it has been a great pleasure to meet such an influential person like you. May we ask few questions on English Language to enhance the subject learning?

A. It is my pleasure as well.

Q. How English is co-related with the other subjects which we read in school and college?

A. English is co-related with so many subjects which we read in school and college, as it is the basic language to understand the concepts of different subjects. There are so many terms, used in different subjects have different meanings which can be understood only with the help of English.

Q. How English is used in different aspects of our life?

A. It is used in various aspects of life, socially and practically both.It helps us to understand innumerable things around us.

Q. What initiative CLIL has taken in India to improve the level of English among the students in all over the world?

A. CLIL organizes many events, functions and orientation programs to enhance the level of English of the students every year. It has also designed innovative lesson plans and classroom tests for the teachers as well for the students for their further development in English.

Q. In what ways BICS and CALP are different from each other?

A. BICS and CALP are the two different parts of English .Both are different from each other as BICS includes reading and speaking which a person can improve very easily whereas CALP includes writing which is little bit tough as compared to BICS. Writing needs more time to be perfect in.

Q. In what ways the internet and electronic gadgets promoting English all over the world?

A. The internet and electronic gadgets like phones, laptops etc. playing a major role in promoting English all over the world. We are living in an era of technology. Now-a-days we have n number of apps and games which help students in improving their reading, speaking and writing skills in a very innovative manner. This way of learning generates interest in the mind of students. Not, only internet and electronic gadgets helping the students but promoting English very effectively all over the world.

The interaction with such a great personality like Mr. John Kerr was quite informative and knowledgeable. The students got valuable information which they brought with them and shared with other students. All in all it was really a fruitful and enriching interaction. 


A child's personality roots up from home and parents play the role of sunlight in their life. Therefore, the fraternity has taken initiative to join hands with the parents to make their blooming flowers the awakened citizens by organizing a Parent Session on 3rd December 2016 for class IX.

Ms. Sunita Dhingra and Ms. Santosh Batra, the resource persons, gave the real life example of Shri Jamshedji Tata, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and Sarojini Naidu to the parents which should be inculcated in their children. They also explained the positive attitude and universal possibilities to the parents. It was enriching and inspirational.

Parental Workshop on Awakened Citizen Programme

A Parental Workshop was organized in school on 5th November, 2016 for classes VII and VIII to awaken the parents about their children attitude and behavior and to help them to understand them better.  A morning session was headed by expert teachers who communicated with the parents and  gave the real life examples of Shri Jamshedji Tata, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and Sarojini Naidu to enhance their knowledge on child psychology. They also explained the positive attitude and universal possibilities to the parents. It was an enriching and inspirational session.


In today's world road and transport has become an integral part of every human being. Everybody is a road user in one shape or the other. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people. To minimize this loss a Road safety Workshop was conducted at M M Public School , Vasudha Enclave Pitampura on 27-08-2016 during the Parent's Teacher Meet to develop the behavior and attitude for safe road use relevant to the development of children and parents as passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and as novice drivers. Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak along with Mr. Manoj Kumar ( Delhi Traffic Police Cell ) addressed the parents and visitors urging them to avoid handing over vehicles to their kids below the age of 18 years and create awareness for road safety. Mobile Exhibition Vans with various traffic signals and road safety rules were explained effectively by the Delhi Traffic Police Personnel . The training programme created the curiosity among parents as they urged their students to observe them seriously. Bus drivers were also trained and made aware about the importance of carrying first aid kits in school buses on regular basis . Pamphlets guiding about road signals and traffic rules were handed over to all the visitors.
A session for using safety kits was conducted by a team from Delhi Traffic and addressed students on the importance of observing traffic rules. Their motto was, Besides imparting good education, the aim is to ensure that staff and students are safe when they venture out on the road.


Parents involvement is recognized as a key factor for educational success and children learning. So to awaken the parents about the importance of early years of school learning a Parental Workshop was organized for the parents of Class-IV and V on 24 September 2016 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The objective of the workshop was clearly presented to the parents by our expert teachers. Many stories of Swami Vivekanand were also told to the parents so that they may build the qualities of strong will power and perseverance among their children. All in all it was an initiative appreciated by the parents


ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS PROGRAMME SAFER ROAD , SAFER INDIA was organized in a Special Workshop by M.M. Public School was organized for the parents of Class-IV and V on 24 September 2016. The workshop focused on the issues related to the road safety as Drink and Drive, Negligence of road safety rules while driving. A special focus was on the small movie enacted by school students on Road Safety. Pamphlets were also distributed to parents about Road Signals. Posters prepared by the students of Class-IV and V were also displayed. A Pledge was signed by the parents to follow Road Safety Rules.

Expression by a Banker

Workshop on awareness in banking sector was organized by The Deputy Manager of ICICI Bank on 29th August 2016. The resource person Ms. Rekha Budhiraja guided the students in proper direction how they can pursue their career in banking sector. It was an interactive session.


To give the guidance for the bright future of the students a workshop was conducted for class XII on 23rd August 2016. The speaker was Mr. Pranav Aggarwal of Career Launcher Institute. He emphasized on the concept of LEARNING, EARNING and DEVELOPMENT. Mr. Pranav provided the wide and the valuable information about the various career options regarding law, management, science, fashion designing etc. He also provided the latest information regarding the courses and their cut-off, beat colleges and best institutes. 

Students actively participated and asked queries. All the students were satisfied after attending the workshop. It proved to be a very resourceful and an interactive session.


A highly enriching workshop was organized on 16th AUGUST, 2016 for class X to make them aware about "Which stream they should choose in class XI and How to prepare for NTSE exam". The resource person from some renowned institute guided them and gave them tips on how proper choosing of a stream will help them to be on a proper career path. He also satisfied the queries of the students preparing for NTSE very effectively. So the session was interactive and very much helpful for the students.


A child's personality roots up from home and parents play the role of sunlight in their life. Therefore, the fraternity has taken initiative to join hands with the parents to make their blooming flowers the awakened citizens by organizing a Parent Session on 6th August 2016 for class VI.

Ms. Sunita Dhingra and Ms. Santosh Batra, the resource persons, gave the real life example of Shri Jamshedji Tata, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and Sarojini Naidu to the parents which should be inculcated in their children. They also explained the positive attitude and universal possibilities to the parents. It was enriching and inspirational.


A workshop based on gender sensitivity was conducted for class III on 11th July 2016.The students were made aware  about the gender based  problems faced by them time to time .They were trained with the solutions to save themselves from child abuse and bullying etc. They were encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders to act upon the problem as early as possible, so it will not affect them in future.


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Child Abuse, Gender Sensitivity and Bullying a workshop was conducted on 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th of July for the students of class I to X. The students were shown the clipping of consequences by adopting such evil habits.

Ms. Sunita Dhingra, the resource person guided the students how to overcome these social evils in day to day life. She advised the students not to follow such habits. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding these sensitive issues. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.

Workshop on "Web Rangers" by Google

Two students (Sunny sharma and Vinayak Budhiraja of class XI) and One Teacher (Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur) attended a workshop titled "Web Rangers" focusing on Cyber Safety on 4th August, 2016 organized by Google and Learning Links Foundation at ASN Senior Secondary School. 

Web-Rangers is an initiative that brings together teenagers from across the country, train them about online child safety and then have them create their own campaigns, promoting safe use of the Internet. 

The students took part in interactive, informative and fun sessions on topics like managing their digital footprint, being safe on the web and identifying tricks and scams online. 

After the event, they had the opportunity to interact one to one with resource person Mrs. Uma Balan agreed to work on creative projects and collaborate with other Web Rangers from schools across the country.


To widen the prospects of choosing career in a fruitful manner the alumni of the school Mr. Deepak Singh, Associate Director at foresight group International AG on July 18th,2016 counselled the students of class XII about different career options in Engineering.He advised them to do proper time management. Also, he enlightened the students about the option  for Actuarial science after class XII. This information was very helpful for the students. Thus the session was interactive and helpful in guiding the students towards the proper career path.


A workshop on "teaching techniques" was held on 27 May 2016 in the conference hall of the school. The resource person, Mr. Pranay, post graduated in MBA, dumb founded the teachers with his wonderful lecture. He inframed the teachers about the different methodologies of teaching. Time management and stress management are the other key topics discussed in the workshop. He also informed the teachers that different strategies in education must be adopted for the students of different level of understanding. Teachers whole heartedly participated in the enriching session. The enlightening session was highly inspiring.


An expression by Retired ACP Delhi Police was conducted on 13th May, 2016 . Resource Person Mr.Chaudhary Bhoop  Singh Shokeen guided the students how to enter into police services. The students of class XII got a golden opportunity to get valuable information about time management. He also shared his personal experiences and the hardships he had faced as a police officer. He emphasized  that luck favours those who work hard.The humble and friendly attitude of Mr. Chaudhary Bhoop  Singh Shokeen  helped the students to feel free to clear the queries coming in their curious minds. All in all it proved to be a wonderful interactive session.

Expression by Law Expert

On 10th May 2016 an expression on "Career in Law" was organized in our school. The guest of honour was Mrs. C.K. Dateer. Mrs. Dateer addressed the students of Class 12th (Commerce / Humanities) by sharing her life experience of becoming a successful Law expert.

She emphasized on the need of an hour is FOCUS ON TARGET and DETERMINATION. She asked students to have concentrated approach towards their goal.

A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries and views on various spheres. The students found the session very useful and learnt to be visionary in approach. The session ended with the lesson of life to be target oriented and become successful.


A highly motivated worshop was organized by the school on 28th April 2016 for class XI to inform the students about their various career options in science stream after class XII. Mr. Sudhanshu Bajaj, the IITians, the renowned academician, very effectively discussed various advantages of different career; students actively participated in the discussion. Mr. Sudhanshu also satisfied the queries of the students very effectively. It proved to be a very enlightening and wonderful session.


An orientation programme was organized by M.M Public school to guide the students on IIT and medical entrance examination for class XI on 10 May 2016,in the school premises. Mr. N.K Gupta,an IITian and a renowned academician presented an adorable session on IIT and Medical entrance exams. According to Mr. Gupta IIT exam is one of the most esteemed and tricky exam. According to him every year lakhs of aspirants appear for IIT and Medical Entrance but a few are able to achieve the desired result. He focused on the planned studies and reviewing the plan occasionally to find lapses. He also stressed on different approaches to solve difficult questions.  Mr. Cheeranjiv Sharma, an academician who presented admirable lecture for the medical students discussed various critical questions of entrance exams. The important topics were the part  of the session.  He motivated students to study the NCERT books thoroughly during entrance and XII Board Examination. Both the lecturers subdued the queries of the students and clearly stated the importance of professional guidance to the students. The whole session was highly informative and enriching.

Parents workshop on Awakened Citizens

M.M.PUBLIC SCHOOL organized a Parental Workshop for class II on 23 April 2016 to awaken the parents about their children and to help them to understand them better. Many inspiring examples of great personalities were given to enhance their knowledge on child psychology. They were guided not to pressurize their children for academics only but to search for their hidden talent and to groom it.

Workshop on clay molding

An activity on Art and craft was conducted in IV and V class in which students made mask of panda and duck. The students were guided with the video and then were divided into two teams. All the material was provided by the resource persons. Students participated whole heartedly in the activity and also showed their creative skills. Best art piece was selected and prizes were also distributed. All in all it was a learning experience for the students.

Interaction with Delhi ka sabse bada Vella- RJ Rocky 93.5 Red FM.

It was fascinating to capture golden moments with the famous RJ Rocky who is on Air from 11 am to 1 pm on 93.5 Red FM as Delhi Ka Sabse Bada Vella. The students were opportunate enough to have an interaction with him and do lot and lot of Vellapanti with him on 4th May 2016.The prestigious RJ of India Mr. Rocky shared his views about his life and achievements after being greeted with a momento and bouquet .He entertained students with his humorous gestures and silly jokes which he speaks on FM .He also remarked that RJ's ultimate aim is to bring smile on the faces of his listeners.The students also asked number of questions and were satisfied with the answers. Mehak XI , Milind X, Tejasv X, Jigyasa IX ,Sanket X , Saurabh Wadhwa X, and Falguni XI were motivated to lead a life with the message given by him that "Perfection Is Required in Every Profession"

Thus, the interaction filled excitement and enthusiasm in students to excel in the field of RJ. 

Ques: Life of a common man is getting very difficult, so according to your opinion how does listening to FM helps them relaxing their mind?

Ans:  Hmm. Nice question. Actually we, just try to make people happy by cracking jokes,  by entertaining them. This really helps people relaxing their minds. 

Ques: what else do you do other than being an RJ?

Ans:  Ummm. I drink, I eat, I sleep, and I do swimming too. Helene. Actually I love playing cricket. I playcricket, spend time with friends, travel, and takes vocal training because we have to take care of our voice too. Dats it. 

Ques:  who is your favorite RJ?

Ans:  Ohh!! It's me. But other than me it is RJ Swati, Ashish, and Raunak. All these are really good so, they are favorite ones. 

Ques: Was it your dream or destiny wanted you to be an RJ?

Ans:  Actually destiny wanted, because I always wanted to be an actor, and RJ?s auditionwas just a try and I became an RJ. 

Ques:  As you know its human nature, that one becomes happy or sad. So, when you are sad with whom you spend your time? Friends, family or your fans.Listening to you?

Ans: Nice question!! I actually, whenever I become sad I come to the studio listen to three or four songs at full volume refresh my mind. I cheer up myself that life is full of problems. One should always overcome those problems. So I start up my day being an RJ. 

Ques:  How important is your contribution in scripting your programme?

Ans: Every contribution is mine. Actually we don?t make particular scripts for our show. We just read newspapers get updated and speak on the spot whatsoever thought comes in our mind. 

Ques: what are your achievements in life?

Ans: Actually, whenever I go on the  stageand speak that "I am the biggest vella of Delhi" people used to clap for me and that is the biggest achievement and prize for me. 

Ques: What qualities a person must persist to be a good RJ?

Ans:  The must important thing is that "whether you have humor or not, you must have sense of humor". Just kidding. A good RJ always observes things going around him and he shall also prepare himself for the show. One of the most important thing is he shall be very confident of himself. 

Ques:  Who is your inspiration?

Ans:  Ahh!! My inspiration. On radio it is RJ Nitin one of my favorite and my inspiration. On theatre it is Shahrukh Khan, the he has started his life and on the position he is on today is unimaginable. 

Ques:  Since you have to speak continuously for quite a long time. So, how do you prepare yourself before starting up your show?

Ans:  I before starting my show always read newspapers. This keep me updated with what is going on throughout the city.  I sometimes ask my producers to check for two-three news on the television and choose one of those to prepare my show. 

Ques:  The last line of your Interview would be?

Ans:  Thank You So Much!!

What after Class XII

Workshop on What after Class XII

An enthusiastic workshop on what after class XII for students from classes IX, X, XI, XII was conducted on 5 May, 2016.Resource person Mr. Gagandeep and Ms. Akansha from Education Times had interesting sessions with the students. The resource persons guided them about the various career options that they can choose after schooling as per choice and performance. Conduction of such workshops from time to time are of great benefit for students who opt for the streams after class X and professional courses after class XII.

An Interaction with Odyssey dancer to know about the relevance of dance in contemporary times.

Students of class XI had a golden opportunity to meet the noted Padam Shri recipient Odissi dancer Ileana Citarista.

Not only the students saw her wonderful performance but also got a chance to ask few questions related to her life from her.

All in all, it was really a wonderful and inspirational interaction with the famous dancer. Her charming personality impressed the students and her wonderful answers quested the knowledge of student.

Q  Good morning Ma'am , From how long are you learning dance ?

I started learning Dance at the age of 8 but have to withdraw myself from it at the age of 10. Then after a gap of 5 years , I started learning dance and I'm dancing up till date.

Q   Who guided you in becoming a excellent odissi dance?

    My Guru, keluchanan nahaptra was the torcle bear and guiding torcle to illumiuate my life

Q   What were your view on winning the national film award for Best choreography in 1996?

   It was a wonderful experience but it would have been better if the pietenity of Bollywood would have again tried to be in touch with me.

Q   You have achieved success , what were the challenges that you faced during the eutire jounery of successes?

  In the beginning , my parents didn't Support me but gradually they started  encouraging me to learn odissi dance and make my career into it. 

An Interaction with Mr. John Kerr

Students of class 12th had a great opportunity to have an interaction with the Executive of Cambridge Mr.John Kerr on 23rd April 2016. He gave answers to the questions to the different questions asked by Anjali and Shelja of class 12th and Sohini of class 4th.

Q:- How can we impart the English language in a country India as we lacking far behind than the other countries?

Q:- How English language can helpful for gaining recognition?

Q:- How do you feel when you came to India?

An Interactive session with the principal of Gargi College.

To increase the knowledge about Botany and to brighten the prospects of the future in science students of class XI and XII had a wonderful interaction with the Principal of Gargi college on 18 April at 11 am .The students from class 12 Akash, Deepak, Kunal, Bhavya, Ria and Janvi from class XI asked valuable questions on Botany, Biology, Zoology and how they can choose their career by choosing Botany as a subject

The Principal Mrs Shashi Tyagi showed the presentation about the college through different slides.  The students thus  came to know how Gargi college as an institution helps not only the weaker section of society but also differently able students.They were shown different types of labs and also came to know different experiments of Physics and Biology.  It was indeed an enriching and knowledgeable experience who went under the guidance of Mrs ANJU KHURRANA (HOD OF ENGLISH). The student understood that one should be down to earth and not proud of one?s achievements.

What are the future prospects of botany?

The prospects of botany are same as that of commerce and humanities. Opportunities are equal in all three regions hard work is required equal in every field of education.

Why did you choose botany as a subject of specialization?

Till 12th my future studies were not decided. My father advised me to do degree in B.Sc. and post graduation for doctorate.

Then I choose botany as a main subject for my future studies.

Pursuing PhD nowadays is not easy especially for the weaker sections of society. How can we overcome these difficulties?

If someone is not able to do PHD then they can opt for something else such as engineering, NCC or either can go for banking.

Many of the students are now opting for non-med and commerce, med is now opted by very less students. What is the reason behind it?

Because initially the earning is low, and it takes a lot of time and hard work for medical.

It is a matter of great owner to be the principal of such a renowned college. How did you achieve such a great height?

My parents played a main role to lead me to a position where I am today. I started establishing laboratories in my college and soon established the Gargi College in 1967.

There was a leakage of AIPMT question paper. So what is the future of medical students?

Corruption is spreading like a virus in our society and we people are only responsible for corruption. Even the exam of IIT is brought in trunks by the professors, they have to do work like a clerk in the tests just to avoid the leakage of the paper, the question papers of XII board are kept in the bank lockers to avoid the leakage. But still there is a defect somewhere in our society so we are only responsible for it.

Parents workshop on Awakened Citizens

Today's generation is too fast and full of energy so to cope with and handle them well, so that their energy is directed in the right direction a workshop for parents was organized on Saturday, 16th April 2016 where parents were enlightened about the importance of being an Awakened Citizen.

It was an interactive workshop and parents participated well in discussion. They ensure that they will be implementing these not only for their kids but also for themselves too.

All in all it was a wonderful experience for parents and teachers both and both joined hands for holistic development of children.


New Session....means new classes, new students, new teachers, new books, new anxiety, and new queries

So to answer such queries, to make parents comfortable and well versed with Rules & Regulations of the school and "Orientation Programme" was organized for the parents of classes LKG and UKG on 9th April 2016.

Parents were happy to interact with teachers and appreciated the presentation showing all information about the school. They were proud to be part of the school and ensure active participation in parents-teachers effort for holistic development of students.

CineArt Steer To Safety Campaign

CineArt Steer To Safety  organized 3 days film making workshop in school campus on 4,5 and 6 April,2016.Ten students from ACC  school, Jhilmil Colony participated with our school students  in this workshop. During the workshop, students identified the issue on Road Safety. Prashant Sehgal , an independent filmmaker and a theatre director guided students in these three days. On the last day Anant Raina, a writer, photographer and filmmaker and Stephen Alexender  who is a young energetic media person joined this campaign and guided students about the  procedure and steps involved in film making.


A workshop on "Capacity Building  Program on Innovation and Leadership Skills" was held on 16th March 2016 at KIIT World School, Pitampura. Major topics covered in the workshop were about leadership qualities and importance  of team work. The main aim was to inculcate the leadership qualities along with managerial skills.

National Convention Of School Counsellors

A commendable step was taken by the Institute of Counsellors Training Research and consultancy on 24th Feb'2016 at Auditorium India International Centre 40, Max Muller Marg. The programme was conducted by a panel of experts headed by Dr.V.S Ravindran. The most important part of the programme was to flash light upon Inclusive Education provided to physically challenged students under one roof ensure to help a child in building life, building character, assimilation of ideas and making life happy and progressive. It was an appreciable initiative taken by ICTRC to ensure that counsellors is the heart of a school. Many questions were asked by the teachers Ms.Sunita Dhingra and Ms.Jyoti Kaur in the same regard and they were told that one should never underestimate any child rather they need to provide an equal platform to all by maintaining diversity .The whole event ended with a positive aura in everyone?s heart and soul to provide their best o the needful students.

Seminar on Anti Human Trafficking

An appreciable  initiative was taken by North West District Police ,by creating awareness through organizing  a "Seminar" on "Anti Human Trafficking" at Laxmibai College, Ashok Vihar on 18th February 2016 as a part of an on going celebration of "Delhi police week" from 16th February to 22nd February 2016. Joint Commission Shri Sanjay Singh (Northern Range) DCP North West Vijay Singh and Additional DCP Amrita Gugoloth graced the occasion.The program started with the lightening of the lamp, followed by an informative speech of Shri Sanjay Singh.The most memorable part of the event was the interactive session between

Additional DCP Amrita Gugoloth,the students and the teachers.Many heart touching questions were asked by the students and the teachers Mrs. Preeti Anand ,Ms.Kavita,Ms.Beema which brought  out the plight of thewomen who get entrapped in the vicious cycle of Human Trafficking .The situation became more sodden with sorrow when a shit on the plight of "The women of the darker world" was presented by thestudents of "Ravrang group" of LaxmibaiCollege.The whole event ended with the Memento Presentation to the honourableguests.The students and the teachers  returned  with the Motto "LET'S  JOIN HAND AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING". 

Expert Talks and Brain Storming session on Creating Awareness on Drug abuse, Alcoholism and HIV/AIDS

Students of XI class alongwith Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur (PGT - Computer Science) and Mrs. Beema Devi (PGT - Physical Education) attended a seminar on Creating Awareness on Drug abuse, Alcoholism and HIV/AIDS by Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute, Punjabi Bagh on 22nd January 2016.

After Lamp lightening by Chairpersons of Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute and Inner Wheel, we were introduced to a rehabilitation centre Asha Bhavan. Asha Bhavan is having 16 centers and nearly 1000 people are undergoing treatment in these centers. Mr. Ashwani from Asha Bhavan briefed his story that how he was trapped in drugs claws during his school days only and how his life started deteriorating after that. He declared that his biggest mistake was that he hides it from his parents and teachers. Then he reveal about his family trauma and then how he was back to life after joining Asha Bhavan. He boasted that now its being 8 years that he has not touched drugs. Then he requested children to promise themselves that they will never be attracted towards this evil, he got the life back but there are many who left their families crying after them.

After this heart touching story a Fun filled Nukad Natak was shown by the member of Targeted Intervention (TI) team, who work directly with the people who have been affected by HIV / AIDS. Students enjoy and learned how a simple mistake can lead to such a severe dreadful disease.

Then a presentation on HIV / AIDS by Ms. Vijayluxmi Bharadwaj from Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute was given, which showed the facts and figures about HIV / AIDS, how it is spread and what preventive measures we should take.

Then addressing parents/ teachers/ social activist Mrs Asha Walia, Chairperson Inner Wheel, explained how we as grownups can help children not to fall in traps of drugs.

Seminar was concluded by vote of thanks with a hope that it will help children to save theirs and other's future.

On all it was a wonderful experience and learning by students and teachers too.


First aid is the immediate help provided to an injured person. Therefore to realize the importance of first aid, school organised workshop on first aid for Class VIII students on 21st December, 2015. Sanya Sharma of class XI-F prepared apower point presentation for students and explained them importance of first aid and told them several ways to meet the requirement of first aid situation like bee sting, bleeding, fracture etc. Students participated enthusiastically and shared their first aid experience.


"Education That Pays For Itself"

Ms. Bobby Narula and Ms.Jaspreet Kaur of MMPS attended the 9th Annual Conference "Education That Pays for Itself" organised by Teach A Man To Fish, U.K based NGO from 19th Nov- 21st Nov at KIIT Groups of Colleges in Gurgaon. It was a brainstorming session.
The basic idea behind the conference was to inculcate the innovative entrepreneurial education among the students right from their school life. Delegates from 26 countries attended the conference shared their rich and encouraging experiences about introducing entrepreneurship among their students. The conference comprised of debates, presentations, workshops etc.

The conference proved to be full of enthusiasm as many eminent personalities across the globe attended these conference .The students also got the chance to present their skills at "Market place" Day i.e. on 20thNov.


It was an honourable moment for the students of school when they got an opportunity to interact with DIG of CISF on 22 September 2015 in his office at Shastri Park.The students Sakshi,Sanjana and Pooja greeted the IPS officer with flowers and memento . They asked series of questions about  the security ,measures taken in metro  to which the answers   given enhanced the knowledge of the students about the different steps taken by metro officials for the safety of the commuters.The students along with their HOD (ENGLISH) Mrs.Anju Khurana were shown the Dogs Quad which helps in nabbing the terrorist and criminals in and around metro station.The interaction was quite informative and knowledgeable .The students also brought back the valuable information which they share with other students.All in all it was an enriching and fruitful interaction.



An Enriching life Skills &Values - A Visual MediaParadigm  Workshopwas organized by Forum Of Public Schools , New Delhi in collaboration with Expressions India ,was attended by Ms. Bobby Narula on 14th September 2015. The initiative to organize this Workshop  was in direction to inculcate the Life Skills Values among  the students to enable them to translate knowledge , attitude and values regarding their concerns into well informed and healthy behaviors . To empower the youngsters to take decisions on logical process of  "What to do, why to do and when to do". Dr.JitenderNagpal  , Program Director, Expressions India along with Dr.Saina Khan and Ms.Gitanjali were the resource persons to impart this Training Program .The training stressed upon the inculcation and enhancement of Thinking skills , Social Skills and Emotional Skills among the students and sensitize an Empathetic attitude towards others.

Interaction with Mrs. Kiran Mishra (Sr. English Broadcaster in AIR)

It was a matter of great pride that a group of students along with Mrs. Anju Khurana (H.O.D  of English) had an exciting and informative interactive session  with Mrs. Kiran Mishra a senior English Broadcaster in All India Radio on 18 September 2015. She has been a voice of A.I.R. for the last twenty four years and a creditable figure behind A.I.R. F.M Radio success

.She was greeted with a bouquet and memento which was followed by theseries of questions.

Q- How we as students can enhance our speaking skills?

A- One should use Passive voice rather than Active voice.Be short and simple.Do not use long sentences.Using thesaurus, will improve speaking skills.

Q- How can we improve our vocabulary?

A- By using dictionary and thesaurus.Using synonyms of different words will surely help to use one word n different ways.

Q-Ma'am can we know more about your family background?

A- Yes,my father was a minister in Information and Broadcasting. My sister is working in many T.V. serials and documentaries in Mumbai. I live here with my mother.

Q Mam, you have achieved such great heights in your life. Who was your inspiration?

A - My English teachers and music teachers were my motivators and also my sister too encouraged me a lot to enhance my creativity, thinking and speaking skills.

Q- Ma'am you have been such a good speaker.What are the qualities of a good speaker?

A-Speaker needs to focus on pace, rhythm, stress and intonation to give gravity to his voice and speech as it will work wonders for his personality.Long sentences should be avoided. Watching English movies can also help to improve vocabulary.Use of Oxford Dictionary and thesaurus can be made as they make language more attractive and punctual.

Q-Ma'am I am interested in Journalism and Mass Communication .What steps should I take to reach that level?

A- Well it is not an easy task .You need to work hard to achieve success.Watch Bollywood movies and listen BBC News then try to speak the same .Record your voice and compare with the BBC news and that will be beneficial in the long run.

Q- How the interest in novels reading can be developed?

A-7 Watching movies on you-tube with English subtitles can help to understand the novel better as after watching movieif we read the text we can understand it easily in a better way.

Q-8 What were the challenges faced by you to achieve success?

A-8 There is no shortcut to success. One has to practice hard to achieve heights in life. When I started speaking in all India Radio, I used to write everything earlier ,see and then speak .but now as I have practiced so hard from many years. I do not need to write what I speak.

Q-9 Can you share your personal experience with us?

A-9 YES, Of course when I was young ,I used to watch English movies with my family once in a week, without any failure. After watching movies I tried to speakthe same as the actor spoke in English movies. I enjoyed doing so much.

Thanks Mam for sharing such valuable information and knowledge.

Interaction with Mr. Prakash Javedkar the Environment Minister

It was a matter of great honour that agroup  of students  from class V-IX along with Mrs.Preeti Anand (H.O.D Art & Craft) had an interactive session with Mr.Prakash Javedkar the Environment Minister. He was greeted with bouquet and memento which was followed by a series of question answers

Q-1 What is the  importance of Ozone layer ?

Ans:  As a mother protects her child from cold by covering him with quilt similarly ozone layer like a mother protects the Earth by covering  it with protective layer.

Q-2  What are the  remedies to protect  ozone layer?

A-2 The  Citizens of earth also have a duty to protect ozone layer by not degrading  the environment, by reducing the level of burning of fossil fuel and by also maintain ecological balance on the earth.

Q-3 Sir, can you share some of your personal experiences with us?

Ans-3 During my childhood, at my place there was no electricity, so the question of A.C never arose. Today the children are privileged  to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries but they do not value it. They should learn to respect it.

Q-4 So many A.Cs are being used nowadays which has led to the rise of CFC.How can the level of CFC be reduced?

Ans- If A.C?s are used at 26degree temperature then by this way we can  contribute to reduce the level of CFC.

Ques-What is the role of youth in the development of the country?

Ans- The role of youth is not only to go to jail like freedom fighters but by doing simple and small acts of conserving environment and nature they can serve the nation.

He also shared his views regarding the consequences followed in the near future and his words deeply touched the heart of all present there.All in all it was a highly motivating and enriching experience.


For the Enhancement of Listening and Speaking skills a workshop was conducted  at G.D.Goenka Public School on September 12,2015. Kiran Mishra ,a senior English Broadcaster at All India Radio for the last twenty-four years, a multi language speaker was the resource person of the session. She emphasized on the importance of English Language for the students which has become the corporate language today.

According to her English is the language of power .Active listening involves hearing and understanding. She also gave tips to achieve excellent speaking skills. It was an interactive session.Many queries were solved by the resource person. Various slides were shown to clarify critical situations. The whole session ended well with a positive and inspirational note. It was a knowledgeable and informative session. The teachers were indeed motivated to bring positive charge in teaching technique for the betterment of students.


A workshop on Dental care was organized in our school to motivate the students to keep their teeth clean. Dr Dutta taught the children the process to clean their teeth twice a day. The correct technique was also taught to them. After the workshop all the students were given sample gift of a tooth paste and a brush. Students learned a lot by the session and promised to follow the advice of the revered doctor. All in all it was an inspiring and motivated session.


A very enthusiastic Workshop taken by NISM so as to acknowledge the teachers with financial literacy. It was a two days workshop at G.D Goenka School, Model Town. The training programme was headed by the director of NISM Mr Sandip Ghose and Head of NCFE Mr G.P Garg.The programme was ended with an interactive session by the Ombudsman of RBI.


A very fruitful workshop was conducted by Commerce Teacher Foundation which was headed by prof D.K Goel.The work shop was held at St Angels Public School Sec 15, Rohini on 25th July 2015. He took lectures on the latest changes in the syllabus of accountancy i.e. treatment of redemption of Debentures as per Companies Act 2013 and calculation of various accounting ratios, major topic of discussion was ESOP.


A workshop on "Kitchen Composter" was conducted on 19 August 2015 by Mr Jatin Khurana from ATP Mart Pvt. Ltd to create awareness about waste management by segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. The workshop was attended by students from class IIIrd to class XIIth. The students came to know that kitchen composter can be used in every household, school, hotel, canteen and other organisations to convert it into organic manure and also that this compost is not only rich in nutrients but also has earthy smell which creates a "Green Environment" that is free of toxic chemicals. By adopting such innovative and eco-friendly practises not only the volume of waste is reduced but also safe and nutritious organic food can be enjoyed. Thus workshop was enlightening and successful in imparting environment sensitivity among all the students. 


PRITI ANAND from M.M. Public School had attended the capacity building programme on co scholastic aspects of CCE  held on 24-07- 2015 at Moolchand Medcity, lajpat nagar and conducted by "Expression India". The national life skills ,values education and school wellness programme.

In the workshop they made best possible effort to teach us attain overall development of a child and how to get adapted to the situation and how to make them more equipped to face challenges in life .They have explained the ways  to enhance children's personality. They had done activities with us like play ,drama on real life situation so that we can connect ourselves to a child's mentality.


Students from class VI to X were informed about water borne diseases in month of April through PowerPoint presentation presented by Health and Hygiene Club. Presentation helped them to know about importance of water and causes of water borne diseases. Different types of water-borne diseases were discussed such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis etc. Some ways and precautions were suggested in order to control these water-borne diseases. Students actively suggested measures to be taken for good hygiene.


"Career is instrumental in shaping the future of the students."

Keeping this in view a workshop on career options in India was organized in MMPS on 15th July 2015 for the students of the classes IX to XII. The resource persons provided the information about the various career options in India after 10+2. Students actively participated in the discussion. They had many queries for which they get answers satisfactorily. It proved to be a wonderful & interactive session.


On 16th July 2015 an expression on "Career in Law" was organized in our school. The guest of honour was Mrs. C.K. Dateer, mother of Karanpreet Dateer studying in Class- XIIth of our school. Mrs. Dateer addressed the students of Class 11th and Class 12th (Commerce / Humanities) by sharing her life experience of becoming a successful Law expert.

She emphasized on the need of an hour is FOCUS ON TARGET and DETERMINATION. She asked students to have concentrated approach towards their goal. She gave guidance to manage time and how to overcome various hurdles of life. She gave an optimistic approach towards handling the failure in life and to accept them as a challenge.

A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries and views on various spheres. The students found the session very useful and learnt to be visionary in approach. The session ended with the lesson of life to be target oriented and become successful.


To give direction to the career of students, an expression by academic incharge Mr. Radhekrishanan (father of mahitha of class IX and yashmitha of class XI science) was held in M.M.P.S. for the students of class XI science on 14th may 2015. He gave tips on how to use the brain to memorize the matters. He also gave tips on how to crack JEE and other exams.  He resolved all queries of engineering and medical students related to engineering and medical exam. Overall it was an encouraging session.




 To give guidance for the bright career a Workshop by Mr. Gupta and Mr.  Cheranjeev of Takshila Institute was held in MMPS for the students of class XI on 15th May 2015. Mr. Cheranjeev gave an impressive introduction  about the different courses to be adopted after class  XI and then  for further guidance the class was taken over by Mr. Gupta. He gave tips that by cracking the entrance exams of PMT and JEE the dreams of the students can come true. He also explained the criterion for selection and also  the important topics were discussed. Mr.Gupta very lucidly explained that one?s potential, power and skills are essential to gain success. They resolved the queries of students and motivated them to face the challenges of life. Overall it was an enriching session.  

Workshop on Primary Curriculum Mapping by British Council

M.M.P.S., Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura proved its mark of excellence at international level Mrs. Archna Dhawan, Primary teacher got selected for the primary curriculum mapping workshop organized by British Council at Kempenski Hotel in Delhi. Across India, eighty teachers including Principals, Co-coordinators and teachers of different schools were selected for this workshop. The workshop was mainly planned to bring out a handbook for primary classes having activities enhancing every skill and connecting every subject to it. Out teachers worked collaboratively as a team for three days to map down the activities which enhance the 6 C's of Deep learning. Teachers worked in different phases to plan the effective curriculum which helps them to be a responsible and Global citizen of the World.

Staying Healthy in winters and importance of ayurveda

Workshop was conducted for students of class 6th to 10th in the month of December on 

"How to stay healthy in winters and importance of ayurveda". A power point presentation was presented through smart board by Ms.Charu, health and hygiene club incharge. Students got aware of precautions to be taken to stay healthy in winters by regularly washing hands, covering mouth while coughing and sneezing, exercising daily and getting a flu vaccine. Importance of some ayurvedic products such as ginger,garlic, tulsi, turmeric,citrus fruits and nuts was told to students in order to stay healthy and battle with winters. Students actively participated in the discussion and were further guided to make posters on the topic:-



A Workshop for teachers was held on 16th August, 2014 on Communication Skills in M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura. The resource person was Ms. Anita Mishra. The workshop was held with the purpose of examining the duration an individual communicate on a daily basis. All the teachers were guided with various ways to make communication effective and impressive. In lieu of the purpose, various activities were there to know different levels and elements of communication.


Workshop on time management and proper guidence was organized by Akash institute on July 26 & 30, 2014.the resource person Ms. Shweta Arora guided the students in proper direction. She emphasized on the proper time table and guidance for the course. She told the students how with the help of a good mentor we can easily get success. It was an interactive session.


Workshop on Communication Skills was organized on JULY 26, 2014 for teachers. The resource person Mr. Ajeet Banerjee guided the teachers about effective language and listening skills which are essential to access the curriculum. He also emphasized on proficiency in speech, language and communication. Mr. Ajeet discussed about the components of communication. He also stressed on listening skill which is essential part of good communication. It was an interactive session with Mr. Ajeet Banerjee.


Career is instrumental in shaping the future of the students. keeping this in view a workshop on career counseling was organized in MMPS on July 24, 2014 for the students of the class XI. The resource person Mr. N.K. Gupta Managing director of Takshila  Institute provided the information to Non medical students about their career options.  Mr. Chiranjeev Sharma (Asst. Managing director) guided medical students about their career. All the students participated in the discussion. They asked their queries.  It proved to be a wonderful & interactive session.


Expression by Banker Mrs. Rekha Budhiraja( Deputy Manager of ICICI Bank  and mother of Vinayak Budhiraja of class IX)was organized on 21st July 2014 for class XI to expose our young aspirants to C.A.s, C.S. and M.B.A.s and to face practical problems of struggle and hard work for successful future. The underlying idea to conduct workshop was to encourage the students to be punctual and hard working. It was an interactive session in which Mrs. Rekha shared her professional experiences with the students. Thus it was an eye-opener and guiding torch for the students to manage their future successfully. All in all it was a great endeavor by the school to inculcate basic principles for better future prospects in the students.


On 15th May, 2014, a workshop on First Aid was organized by Health and Hygiene Club under the guidance of club incharge Ms. Mamta and Ms. Ritu Kumar. The students of class VI and VII participated in this workshop. The incharge Ms. Ritu Kumar explained the students about the different steps to be taken in case of any injury. She also explained steps to put bandages on different parts of body in case of fracture in arms, legs and bleeding. Thus it was an educational workshop that helped the students to inculcate the knowledge of dressing up wounds.


On 13th May, 2014, a workshop on "HEALTHY HANDWASH" was organized by "Health and Hygiene Club" under the guidance of club incharge Ms. Mamta and Ms. Ritu Kumar. The students of class IV and V participated in this workshop. The incharge Ms. Ritu Kumar explained how and when to wash the hands. A demonstration on healthy hand wash was also done by following a simple eight steps i.e.

a.     Palm to palm

b.    Between fingers

c.      Back of hands

d.    Base of thumbs

e.      Back of fingers

f.      Fingernails

g.     Wrists

h.    Rinse and wipe dry

All in all it was an educating workshop.


The workshop on PSA held on 5th May 2014. The empowering and enthusiastic lecture had been delivered by the sanctioned resource person Dr. Varun from Teachwell Professional studies Pvt. Ltd. The lecture played a vital role for IXth class regarding their upcoming future and day today life. Dr. Varun told them the tips on how to solve PSA paper, how they can manage 120 minutes for sixty questions, etc. He guided the students in very positive manner. Overall it was a nice session.


An Expression by Dr. Amit Muchon was held in M.M.P.S. for the students of Class XI & XII on 29th April, 2014. He gave tips on how to crack the exam, criterion for selection, important topics were the part of pipeline. Dr. Amit discussed the importance of NCERT textbooks in exams and XII boards result. They resolved all queries of students and mainly discussed the role of professional guidance to students. Overall, it was an enriching session. Dr. Amit discussed about the medical exams and gave guidance about the exams.


The workshop on what after XII by Fitzee held on 28th April 2014. The empowering and enthusiastic lecture had been delivered by the sanctioned resource person Mr. Rahul Vohra senior faculty member of FITZEE. The lecture played a vital role for 11th and 12th class regarding their upcoming future and day today life. The resource person told about the six important points which is important to make career:

  1. Desire
  2. Discipline
  3. Determination
  4. Dedication
  5. Direction
  6. Dronacharya (guru)

Overall it was a successful workshop.


Workshop on road safety awareness conducted on April 24th for classes XI and XII. Dr. Kishley Dutta (Chief of Emergency Medicine)enlightened the students about first aid which is essential. Dr. Dutta told first five steps that we should take if we are giving first aid to anybody. He showed the demonstration to the students. Students took so much interest. Students asked different, different questions from Dr. Dutta. Then the team of Dr. Dutta distributed pamphlets and first aid kit  of road safety awareness to the students. They also provide certificates to the students. It was a successful workshop.

Workshop on Craft on 17-04-2014

Workshop on CRAFT was organized on 17th April 2014 for classes VIII A and VIII B .The resource person Ms. NEETA GOYAL conducted it and enlightened the students about effective craft works which is essential. Craft allows kids to explore ideas or concepts and then express it by making something to keep, entertain others with or simply look at for visual pleasure. She gave different, different ideas to the students. Students took so much interest and learned a lot of things. This workshop was a great success.