Webinar on E-Waste Management and Recycling

To create awareness about E-waste management and recycling, a webinar was conducted for the teachers as well as the students of classes VI-IX on Saturday, 24 December 2022 on a virtual platform.

Dr. Payal Nandurkar explained that E-Waste or Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment like a washing machine, laptops, televisions, etc. loosely discarded, and surplus. She also explained electronic equipment contains many hazardous metallic contaminants, which resulted in headaches, vertigo, nausea, cancer, etc. Dr. Payal’s company always follows safe and scientific methods for recycling.

In this webinar, respected guest explained that integrated waste management is the best practice for safe disposal of E-waste in a scientific manner and emphasized on safe disposal of E-waste authorized recycle centers.

Thus, her valuable information on the promotion of E-waste management and recycling was helpful to upscale “Clean India, Digital India Mission.”

CBSE Capacity Building Program on Environment Education #SDG 17 Partnership for the Goals

"Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance."  - Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

As per SDG, Protecting the natural environment and developing environmental awareness in society is the sole responsibility of teachers who as catalyst can reinforce the temperament for love towards the environment and to emphasise upon this fact, Capacity Building Workshop on Environment Education for the teachers was hosted in the school premises on Saturday 17 December 2022. Eminent trainer Mr. Pankaj Munjal, Freelancer, Director Trainer at R.V. Institute of Technology was welcomed by esteemed Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak .He gave information on the importance of preserving natural resources and the environmental impacts of human activities. He also provided strategies on how engaging students in environmental learning can help to save and preserve the environment.

The interactions with teachers during the training provided them valuable insights on how to incorporate environmental education and also engaged them in lively activities and discussions, encouraging them to share their own experiences and ideas. Thus the efforts of school to fulfill the realisation of SDG goal was fruitful with the expression of gratitude by Principal Ma'am Mrs.  Rooma Pathak to the esteemed guest.

Informative Session on HIV /AIDS

One of the biggest public health problems faced by the world is HIV/AIDS and to sensitize the students about this incurable disease, its mode of transmission, symptoms, causes and prevention, an informative Awareness Programme in this regard was held by Dr. Anoop Kumar Puri, Deputy Director General NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) in Mamta Modern School on 12 December 2022. Students of class XI attended this informative and interactive session and promised to be the ambassadors to make others understand that prevention is better than cure especially when something has NO CURE.

Thus it was an enlightening and knowledgeable session which inspired the students to do efforts in its prevention.

Interactive Session under VEER GATHA PROJECT 2.0

‘A Nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.’ - Mahatma Gandhi

In order to disseminate the details of acts of bravery and the life stories of these brave-hearts among the students, an Interactive Session was organized on 1 December 2022 under VEER GATHA PROJECT 2.0 proposed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and CBSE.

Col. Puneet Salhotra, a retired Army Officer from Indian Army was welcomed by honorable Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak. The officer shared the stories of bravery of Indian Armed Forces and Gallantry Award Winners. The officer recounted instances of gallantry by members of the Indian Armed Forces and Gallantry Award winners. Along with describing the Project, he also stressed the importance of teaching children how they may contribute to their country. Knowing how courageous and difficult it is for soldiers to protect the nation's borders so that the general populace can live in safety in their homes further encouraged the pupils.

Thus, the query session further clarified the students specifically the NDA aspirants to give the best shot if they want to serve their motherland. The school management expressed gratitude to the guest for such a knowledgeable session and applauded the efforts of Ministry of Defence (MoD) and CBSE.

28th CBSE National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2022

Our esteemed Principal Ma'am  Mrs  Rooma Pathak attended the  CBSE 28th Annual  Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes -   hosted by Gyan Sarovar - the Central Gujarat  SAHODAYA Schools Complex (Vadodara) on 18 and 19 November 2022 in Vadodara Gujarat, which aimed to expand knowledge on the theme  Education 4.0  - Reinventing  Education for 2030 and beyond .It  sensitized the  school leaders with the changes required in the designing of curriculum and pedagogy so that they  equip themselves with  the new theme of  education 4.0.

It was indeed a great learning experience as Principals from over 800 CBSE-affiliated schools widened their knowledge about this valuable theme .Meeting at one platform to  dwell upon different themes of  education  was quite  helpful in giving  vent to varied  innovative ideas.

Thus this great initiative of CBSE of imparting valuable information through the National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes at Gujarat was quite enriching and invigorating.

Leadership talk by MIC

It was a pleasure to attend the Leadership Talk for schools organised by Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell with Mr. Yashraj Bharadwaj, a notable young successful entrepreneur from his school days.

All Students and Teachers of classes 6 to 10 listen to the leadership talk in their classes through smart boards and classes 11 and 12 were assembled at the auditorium on Thursday, 17 November 2022. Students were motivated deeply and were ready to start work on their ideas from the next day only. A special meeting to discuss the points of the Leadership Talk was held with the members of SIC and other stake holders of school on 19th November 2022 in order to make strategies for implementing entrepreneur.

Looking forward to have many new and young entrepreneurs in our country bringing change for better life.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme of Gender Sensitivity

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” — Robert M. Hutchins

When the students are busy studying the teachers are made to go through rigorous training and workshops. Teachers inspire as well as empower but at the same time they can discourage and impose gender based limitations. To combat gender inequality, defining the role of teachers is very important. The school hosted a CBSE workshop on Capacity Building Programme of Gender Sensitivity on 4th November 2022.

The resource persons; Ms Aishwarya Taneja, the Senior Academic Coordinator,  Microsoft Educator Expert, Microsoft Office Specialist and a CBSE Master Teacher Trainer at the national level  and Dr. Mosam Sinha, a Corporate trainer, CBSE Trainer for teachers & principals were welcomed by our honorable Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak with a token of appreciation.

The workshop's topics included raising awareness of gender inequity and workplace discrimination. It discussed the distinction between sex and gender, males, how to handle gender sensitivity in schools, and how to utilise language that is sensitive to gender at the workplace. Subject-specific groups were formed by the teachers, and a discussion followed. Through effective teaching techniques, they discovered how to instil gender awareness in pupils and how to introduce them to these gender-related concerns. A school is a place where instructors, administrators, and support personnel live together with pupils. To enable a gender-sensitive and gender-equal system, everyone has a role to play. Change will happen when people abandon their old beliefs and start to accept the many intricate aspects of gender sensitization.

All of the participating teachers from the various participating schools enthusiastically participated in the discussions and added their insightful ideas to the subject. As a result, the workshop demonstrated its ability to educate and effect change.

Career Counselling Programme

To promote the Commerce Education with special focus on Chartered Accountancy Course amongst senior secondary students, a career counseling programme was organized by ICAI on 31st October, 2022 in Indira Gandhi indoor Stadium.

Shri Himanshu Gupta, Director, DoE was the chief guest for the event. Students of Classes XI and XII Commerce were fortunate to have got the opportunity to witness the event live and gain insights on future career prospects.

CA. (Dr.) Debashis Mitra, President, ICAI motivated the students for pursuing their career in Chartered Accountancy and explained the vision behind this course.

Workshop on “Overcoming Maths Phobia” by Neelakantha Bhanu, World Fastest Human Calculator.

In order to give a farewell to Math phobia and make the children 4 times faster at Math, the students of Class I to X attended a virtual webinar on October 22, 2022 organised by Bhanzu Company founded by Neelakantha Bhanu known as World fastest human calculator.

The team members of the company introduced the easy tricks to do maths calculation faster. The session followed by quizzes wherein students attempted exceptionally well and  overcame the fear and embraced deeper thinking processes and understood quick and easy methods used to arrive at a solution. Learners curiously participated using reasoning consistently to come at a conclusion.

The workshop was extremely fruitful and beneficial as the students thoroughly enjoyed and learnt the new ways of doing fastest calculations. It helped them in widening their analytical thinking, problem solving skills, logical process and ensured their intellectual self-improvement.

Workshop on Indian Air Force Day

‘Dream high, beyond the sky; no matter wings so small, Keep vision bright; just dare to learn, for you are born to fly.’

                      -Jordan Hoechlin

To commemorate Indian Air Force Day, which is observed annually on October 8th and to acknowledge sacrifices of the armed forces, a workshop was organized for the students of Class IX to XII in the school premises.

Mr. Yadavendra Kumar who is a Category ‘A’ Flying Instructor in the Indian Air Force as well as an Indian Air Force Examiner was welcomed by our revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak with a token of appreciation. The Indian Air Force's role was presented by the Air Force Officer in a PPT, along with opportunities for individuals to make the Indian Air Force their ideal career. He also discussed the types of jets used during wars and duties discharged by the soldiers which makes every Indian proud.

The workshop was engaging, educational, and thought-provoking. The students gained knowledge on how to be persistent, consistent, and patriotic.

World Mental Health Day Workshop

"Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you are going."

Stress and Strain have become common factors among all, especially children which have started affecting their mental health, so to sensitize students on how to remain calm and positive in every situation, a workshop for class VIII students was conducted by ANON GLOBAL FOUNDATION on Tuesday, 11 October 2022 in school Auditorium.

The resource persons Ms. Arti Girdhar, Founder and President (Anon Global Foundation) and Ms. Shammi Proothi, Wellness and Education Specialist (Anon Global Foundation) were welcomed with a token of appreciation.  The eminent speakers emphasized how to achieve 100% happiness which is divided into four different parameters- Mindset, Emotional set, Health set and Soul set. They also explained the first step to maintaining mental peace that is to accept one's emotions. Five different sets of emoticons were distributed to students to express their feelings. Awareness was created among students about how chemicals also promote happiness and pleasure which helps in reducing depression and anxiety. Realization on setting priorities to passion along with self-improvement, education, family and friends was enlightened by Wellness and Education specialist Ms. Shammi.

Thus, this interactive session was helpful for students to analyse their inner selves and motivated them to believe in themselves. Through this session, they also realised the importance of mental health and happiness.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Learning Outcome and Pedagogies

‘In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing, but they should also know why and how.’  -Harry Wong

To empower all the teachers of the school with 21st-century skills and tools of innovative teaching strategies which will help to bring about constructive and effective learning outcomes, a unique one-day CBSE Capacity Building Program on Learning Outcome and Pedagogies was hosted in on Thursday, 6 October 2022 in school premises.

The resource persons Ms. Neera Chopra retired principal from Naval Public School and Ms. Jyotsna Kumar, senior PGT of DAV Public School were welcomed by revered Principal Mam, Ms. Rooma Pathak with a sapling as a token of love and appreciation.

The trainers extensively focused on the paradigm shift from a teacher-centred approach to a student-centred approach as per the major component of National Education Policy 2020. They asserted that the outcomes need to be measurable and observable. Hands-on creating well-defined outcomes by critically thinking and learning from others’ experiences were the highlights of the session followed by strategies to align the outcomes to the desired goals. They also guided the teachers on how to prepare an effective lesson plan and make their classroom teaching more interactive using special pedagogical tools that measure learning effectiveness and bridge learning gaps.

Thus, the program proved to be very enlightening and educational to all the participants and ended with the message that teachers can accomplish the desired learning outcomes only when the students are able to comprehend the lesson and relate them to their daily lives.

Counselling Session on CUET and Admission Guidance

To create awareness about accurate and authentic information about CUET and Entrance Based University Admission among the students of Class XI and XII, a well-intended counseling session was organized in association with Edu Mentor, a renowned Career Counseling institute on Friday 30, September 2022 in school premises.

The eminent professors enlightened the students about the details and submission of the Application form, Eligibility, Pattern and guidance of the Syllabus of the CUET Examination which enhanced their knowledge of the students. Students were motivated to follow proper time management to achieve success in life. They were also encouraged to recognize their achievements, potential and talent before taking admission and appearing for entrance exams.

CBP Workshop on Art Integration

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Learning is an exciting process of discovery, interest and enjoyment. In an attempt to  enrich facilitators with new ideas and skills that could help every child to participate enthusiastically in the classroom learning, a unique CBP workshop on Art Integration was hosted in the school premises on Wednesday, 28 September 2022.

The resource persons Mrs. Rajni  Ashat, Retd. Principal, RRJS DAV Public School and Dr.C.B. Mishra, Principal, Prudence School, Ashok Vihar were welcomed by revered Principal Mam, Ms. Rooma Pathak with a sapling as a token of love and appreciation.

The program began with the self- introduction by the facilitators with gestures or definition. The first activity of the handouts proved how amalgamation of all subjects can make our teaching more experiential and comprehensive. The resource persons very skilfully dissected the objective of NEP that can make students learn 21st century skills and become self-dependent. Using simple examples of storytelling and involving concepts of Mathematics and Science can make learning more interesting and collaborative.

Thus, the program ended with the message that teaching must be taken to a different dimension using the interconnectedness of art with other areas of learning. Facilitators must become torchbearers and make children independent learners and should be allowed to express themselves so that they may form their own identity in the society.

Adolescent Peer Educators’ Leadership Program Conducted by CBSE & Expression India Under the Ministry of Education

The Central Board of Secondary Education keeping in mind the National Education Policy 2020 aims to empower the learners and peer educators as stakeholders of School health, safety, and wellbeing.

The online launch of the ‘Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program in Life Skills, Holistic Health and Wellbeing’ was held on 23rd November 2021 in the presence of Shri Manoj Ahuja, Chairman CBSE, Dr. Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academics) CBSE and Dr. Jitendra Nagpal (Program Director, Expressions India). Peer Educators from various schools expressed their views and supported the programme.

This Programme includes a positive impact on holistic development and upgrading from core life skills to 21st-century skills. This will further amplify building the student’s resilience, mental wellbeing, self-esteem, social sensitivity, better communication skills, enhanced ability, set goals and help them to lead a socially productive life.

More than 2600 CBSE schools across the country are enrolled for the initial phase of online orientation programmes. The ongoing training program is divided into batches with 8-hour training sessions spread over 4 days.

Peer Educators will play the role of Life Skill Ambassadors in creating a participatory climate for behavioral change and adaptation to strengthen the inclusive environment.

MM Public School nominated Ms. Sheetal Dewan as teacher coordinator Sohini Mukerjee, Saloni Prajapati, Kajal and Chitra Paliwal as the Peer Educators. The five-day training platform held from 12th May to 19th June 2022 brought together several Life Skill Ambassadors and equipped them with 4 modules and 8 themes like building resilience, nutrition, hygiene, family bonding, dealing with emotions, the impact of the digital world and effective career choices.

#MMPS #ExpressionIndia #LifeSkills #behavioralhealth #LifeSkillAmbassodor #MinistryofEducation #CBSE #Career

Session on “Learning to Say No to Drugs” for students

Our school organized a workshop on the 6th of August 2022 for classes VI-XII on Learning to Say No to Drugs. It was an initiative by the Fortis Mental Health department. Students were taught about peer pressure as one of the main reasons behind using Drugs or any form of toxic substance. The speaker Varisha Kamal, Clinical Psychologist from the department of Fortis Mental Health, covered various aspects related to addiction among school children. The objective of the session was to equip school students to deal with the complex problem of addiction or usage of drugs.

#MMPS #SayNoToDrugs #Awareness #AtRightAge #StopAddiction

Workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch

A workshop on good touch and bad touch was conducted for students of L.K.G to I class on 29th July 2022. The sessions were conducted by the school counsellor Mrs. Sheetal Dewan. The workshop focused on educating the students to know the difference between good and bad touch. They were also guided on safe circles for children and what should be done if anyone experiences bad touch. Little MMPians also reflected on their learning on worksheets on the safe circle and private parts after the session. PPT slides and videos were used as resources to deliver the information. It was an edifying workshop

Capacity Building Program on Life Skill in Education; Teacher Training by CBSE at MMPS

‘A degree can just earn the job, but it cannot help to grow further without the skill.’

Life skills – as the word describes, are the abilities required to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of life. Both students and teachers require life skills in order to live a happy life with a good attitude that allows them to participate fully in society. However, what emerges as a gap here is a mismatch between what pupils learn in class and what they encounter outside of it. Teachers frequently find themselves in situations where it is difficult for them to comprehend the unique demands of children as they prepare them for the future.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) held an interactive workshop on April 13, 2022, in our school premises to encourage teachers to develop their own set of life skills and use them to equip youngsters to handle obstacles effectively. Revered Principal mam Ms. Rooma Pathak welcomed the resource person, Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, Principal S.D. Public School, Patel Nagar, Delhi is a distinguished and innovative school leader with 28 years of experience in education and recipient of various awards such as the Guru Drona Award, Paryavaran Dronacharya Award, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert etc.

The event began with an icebreaker activity that allowed participants to grasp the true purpose of an in-depth session on developing life skills. To introduce oneself to the other participants, each participant was requested to sketch a caricature of self. This way, everyone got an opportunity to get in the flow of the sessions planned ahead.

Advancing to the next session, the need of enhancing life skills among students was discussed in detail. Thinking skills, social skills, and emotional skills and their types were taken up in detail one after the other. Followed by the discussion, the use of various techniques (like discussion, debate, role-play, storytelling, etc.) to highlight the value/importance of life skills among students were explained and deliberated. Participants were also given handouts with a list of tasks and assignments to do during the session. The resource person discussed real-life examples to convey the notion that life skills such as interpersonal, communicative, critical thinking, and creative thinking should be practiced by all pupils. A questionnaire round was held during which participants asked their questions on student behavior and how to preserve a sense of balance in their lives. The resource person instilled in the educators a sense of responsibility to act as a guiding force in the lives of their students.

In the closing session, various tools to assess life skills were also taken up. Participants were sensitized on how to deal with innumerable (small or big) instances happening inside and outside the class. The workshop not only made the teachers more sensitive and understanding toward students but also helped in imbibing life skills in their teaching style so that children of today get the education that adds value to their personality.

Webinar on E-Waste Management and Recycling

To create awareness about E-waste management and recycling, a webinar was conducted for the teachers as well as the students of classes I-X on Saturday, April 9, 2022, on a virtual platform.

Dr. Payal Nandurkar explained that E-Waste or Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment like a washing machine, laptops, televisions, etc. loosely discarded, and surplus. She also explained electronic equipment contains many hazardous metallic contaminants, which resulted in headaches, vertigo, nausea, cancer, etc. Dr. Payal’s company always follows safe and scientific methods for recycling.

In this seminar, a respected guest explained that integrated waste management is the best practice for safe disposal of E-waste in a Scientific manner and emphasized on safe disposal of E-waste authorized recycle centers.

Thus, her valuable information on the promotion of E-waste management and recycling was helpful to upscale “Clean India, Digital India Mission.”

Workshop on Waste Management

To prevent our mother earth from getting affected by diseases, there is a great need to do proper waste management. So, to create awareness about minimizing waste at homes and workplaces, a workshop on the Three Rs of Waste Management was conducted for the students and teachers on Wednesday, 30 March 2022 at a virtual platform.

Ms. Radhika, the Founder and CEO of Plantology, a well-acclaimed Green Ambassador for the NSG, CISF and the BSF, Winner of the Black Lady Trophy 2021 as well as the “1000 Women of Asia Award” who has taken the charge of planting fruit trees in partnership with the Indian Armed Forces was wholeheartedly welcomed by our honorable Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak. The resource person showcased the artifacts made out of waste material like paper napkins, plastic bottles, tyres etc. She also showed the painting on discarded wooden pieces, bags made from the worn-out clothes, bathroom fresheners in discarded CDs, plants in the old plastic pipes and bottles etc. which can go a long way to fulfil the mission of three R’s. She added another R to the concept of three R’s that is ‘Recover’ which implies that after reusing waste materials, one can recover the environment from clutches of pollution and heaps of garbage thereby making the earth clean and green once again. Ms. Radhika who has also worked with the Ministry of Environment Delhi Govt. and various other corporate entities was thanked for her great guidance and inspiration on how to make the best out of waste.

Thus, her valuable information on promotion of Waste Management was helpful to upscale our school project ‘Wonders Out of Waste’ working on 3 R’s.

Counselling Session on CUCET and Admission Guidance

To create awareness about accurate and authentic information of CUCET and Entrance Based University Admission to Delhi University for the session 2022-23 among the students of class XI and XII, a well-intended counseling session was organized in association with New Blooming Buds Educational Society on Friday 4th March 2022 in the school premises.

The eminent professors Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Dr Kulvinder Singh, Mr. Lav Shukla, Er. Prem Kumar and Dr. Praveen enlightened the students about the details and submission of the Application, Eligibility, Pattern of paper and Guidance of Syllabus for CUCET Examination which enhanced the knowledge of the students. Students were motivated to follow proper time management to achieve success in life. They were also encouraged to recognize their achievements, potential and talent before taking admission and appearing for the entrance exam.

Thus, the knowledgeable session provided a single-window opportunity to all the aspirants to gain information on how to seek admission to different universities.

Workshop on Katha Yoga - Yoga through Story Telling

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

To revive the teachers back from mundane and stressful life as well as to give training to them to train the young pearls and tiny tots up to the age of eight, a fun-loving exciting and interesting Session on Yoga through Story Telling under the aegis of ‘SAH YOGA’, a great initiative of MMPS towards inculcating yogic and healthy lifestyle among students was conducted under the aegis of ‘SAHYOG’ on Saturday 12 February 2022.  The session commenced with the warm welcome of Ms. Akansha founder of Shoonyata Company, a yoga trainer, Reiki Master, Dance Choreographer, Womb Healer and Tarot Card Reader. The keynote speaker enlightened the teachers about the word ‘yog' which means 'union' with divine power and the direct connection to supreme power. She guided teachers that the best way to have a solution to all physical and mental ailments is practicing Yoga regularly. Then jungle scene was enacted by her exhibiting different poses of the yoga of tree, lion, mountain to make yoga interesting and joyful which if taught to students will encourage the tiny pearls to adopt yoga in regularity.

Thus, the teachers were guided that the art of practicing yoga in a playful manner helps even the young students in controlling mind, body and soul. It not only brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind but also helps to manage stress and anxiety.

This interesting session was followed by a round of questions wherein teachers asked their concerns related to stress and yoga.

All in all, the inspirational session not only effectively motivated teachers to follow it as a regular practice but also enhanced their knowledge and understanding of the importance of yoga in theirs as well as in children's life.

Webinar on ‘Life can be sweeter even after Diabetes’

To raise awareness about treatment, symptoms, diagnosis and proper dietary intake during diabetes, a webinar on ‘Life can be sweeter even after diabetes’ under the aegis of SehYoga was organized for teachers on 12 February 2022 at a virtual platform. The Senior Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist at Max Hospital, MBBS, DNB, Dr. Vandana Boobna and Dr.Jigyasa Gulati, Diabetic Educator of Clinic as expertise and torchbearers were welcomed on behalf of our revered Principal Madam, Ms. Rooma Pathak.

Dr. Vandana Boobna shared her views about causes, diagnosis, and managing the disease with an optimistic attitude and how to navigate transitional trends and care to be taken while facing challenges that come along with diabetes. Dr. Jigyasa Gulati, Nutrition Lecturer & Weight Loss Expert shared the importance of proper food security and its link to diabetes. She also emphasized limited intake of carbohydrates and included special types of fruits and vegetables in the diet to control the risks of having diabetes.

Both the expertise gave useful and practical advice to be followed during this chronic disease and also solved the queries and problems of the teachers. Thus, the webinar related to the prevention of diabetes proved to be insightful and educational.

Webinar on “Secret to Success - Yoga”

“Happy Teens turn into Healthy Adults”

The transition from childhood to adulthood is fraught with challenges that increase stress & anxiety among many students. So, in order to increase the cognitive abilities as well as mental peace among students of Class VIII, a live session on 'Secret to Success-Yoga for Teenagers’ was organised by the school on Friday, February 11, 2022.

The webinar was conducted by the eminent CST therapist Ms. Gaurangi, a member of ‘Art of Living’ who has been taking courses since 2008 and has also trained 1000+ children to date. The webinar started with an interaction wherein the students were given satisfactory answers to the queries about the problems they suffer during the examination. It was followed by various fun-filled activities and a meditation round which improved focus and helped in relieving stress and anxiety issues of the students 

The session culminated with a warm-up exercise and a brief introduction about the ‘Medha Yoga Program’, especially for teenagers by Art of Living to improve their social and emotional well-being. Thus, the session was indeed helpful for all the students in enhancing their 3 Cs- Confidence, Concentration and Clarity of Mind.

Webinar on ‘Common Eye Problems in School Children and Teachers’

“Imagination gives you the picture, vision gives you impulse to take pictures of your own.”

Screens have replaced blackboards and students all across are grappling with increased screen exposure due to online classes, gaming, and social media resulting in eyestrain. In order to give timely, accurate and authentic information about various eye diseases, their causes and symptoms, a workshop on ‘Common Eye problems in Students and Teachers’ was organised for teachers and students of class VIII under the aegis of ‘SAHYOGA’, a great initiative of MMPS towards inculcating yogic and healthy lifestyle among students.

The session commenced with the warm welcome of one of the most renowned eye surgeon, the Medical Director at R.V. S Eye centre and Head of the Dept. of Ophthalmology at Saroj Hospital, Dr. R.V. Singh. He is proficient in Cataract, Glaucoma and spectacle removal surgery and is actively involved in organising various School Eye Camps.

The keynote speaker then enlightened the students of VI and VII class about various eye problems which can be responsible for different vision impairments. Giving priority to cleanliness, health and regular check-ups, he emphasised on development of a healthy eye. He also educated children on preventive measures such as not to watch screens for long periods of time. He guided the students about healthy food items that can improve vision. He also discussed the effects of computer vision syndrome, its causes and treatment. Later the session was followed by a round of questions wherein the students and their parents asked their concerns related to eye health. He highlighted the importance of early warning signs and symptoms of eye problems among students. He also threw light on the fact that teachers as catalysts can create awareness of the health of the eyes.

All in all, this workshop not only effectively motivated students and teachers for following regular eye check-ups but also enhanced their knowledge and understanding of eye health and related issues.

Webinar on Examination Special “Yoga”

Examination usually causes a lot of stress and anxiety among students and especially during pandemic times it has increased a lot. So, to amplify the concentration during examinations and stabilise mental peace, a webinar on “Examination Special Yoga” was organised for the students of Class VII on Thursday, February 10, 2022.

The webinar was conducted by the eminent resource person Ms. Geetashri Tandon who is currently a State Coordinator for Delhi NCR besides being a member of ‘Art of Living’. She started the session by making the students do some drills to enhance their attention during classes. Many significant activities were also performed to increase students' cognitive function and learning skills, especially during examinations.

The session culminated with an interaction where the students were guided on how to tackle different issues they face during examinations. Thus, the session was highly advantageous as the students understood how to give their undivided attention to one task and gained inner peace.

Webinar on Importance of Yoga

"𝒀𝒐𝒈𝒂'𝒔  𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒅𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒄𝒐𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒐𝒅𝒚."

To instill knowledge on how Yoga as a medium of a holistic method of fitness

 also aims at balancing the body, mind, and soul through various poses and meditative techniques, a webinar on the Importance of Yoga was conducted for teachers and students of class VI on Wednesday, 9th February 2022 under the aegis of ‘SAHYOGA’, a great initiative of MMPS towards inculcating yogic and healthy lifestyle among its students.

The session in collaboration with 'Art of Living' commenced with the warm welcome of one of their facilitator Ms. Sukumari, MPhil in Mathematics with a special interest in Vedic Mathematics.

The keynote speaker enlightened students and teachers on how practicing yoga help to relieve stress and anxiety which has risen due to the present resurgence in COVID-19 cases.  Further Students were also educated on the benefits of yoga and meditation and were also told how yoga not only helps to be flexible and agile but also proves to be beneficial in improving their concentration level.  It is helpful in curing diseases like back pain, fatigue and indigestion, insomnia, osteoporosis, headache, anxiety and stress alongwith absolute peace to the mind and soul.

Thus, this great initiative by MMPS encouraged the students to realise the importance of practicing yoga on regular basis.

Cyber Security session

“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.”

Considering the pandemic where all and especially students have to be online most of the time, awareness about cybercrimes and security from it becomes the necessity of life. To help and guide students for the same, online interactive sessions were organised on 1st and 2nd February 2022 for classes 7, 8 and 9 in association with Whitehat.

Both the sessions on Cyber Security with Whitehat were very interesting and informative. Students also enjoyed and learned new things to protect themselves from hackers and other cyber-attacks. The workshop enlightened the students about various ways to secure their data and personal information.

Overall, it was an educative and informative session for both students and teachers.

Webinar at the national and international platform on ‘Right to Gender Equality’

Let us change the mindset of society, by promoting Gender Equality

To not only create awareness about gender sensitivity but also to promote dignity and equality to transgenders, M.M. Public school was proud to host a webinar for Principals of India and overseas along with students and teaching fraternity under the aegis of ‘Indradhanush’, a great initiative towards Gender Sensitization’ on Tuesday, 25th January 2022 at the social platform- Zoom and Facebook. India's First Trans-gender College Principal of India, Vice Chairperson of West Bengal Transgender Development Board, Editor of famous transgender magazine 'Abamanab' and known for her exemplary role in her debut film 'Purba Paschim Dakshin'  and Nagar Kirtan which won four National Awards was welcomed by our honorable Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak amidst the presence of Principal Vis Padayachee, Rokeby School London, Chien hui Yu, English teacher and International Education coordinator Chongqing Junior High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and educators of Claire Wu, Er Chong Junior High School in New Taipei City.

The online session commenced with a welcome song by the choir group to welcome the motivational speaker. The noted writer of two books- one that documents the hijra community and the other about third gender society and literature Dr. Manabi Bandyopadhya was delighted to share her experience with the august gathering of Principals of India and across the nation."You are, what you believe you are”, depicted philosophy of Dr. Manabi Bandyopadhyay. She emphasized the pivotal role of teachers and educational institutions in promoting equality to transgenders.  

She sensitized all the educators the need to create awareness about gender equality right from childhood.  She not only shed light on her saga of success but also enlightened on how to overcome hurdles to become a successful person. A poem in Bengali was recited by her which focused on ‘Acceptance of Transgender in Mainstream’ acted as a source of inspiration for everyone.

Dr. Manabi enthusiastically interacted with teachers. She gave satisfactory answers to the questions asked by them. Her views on how education can be a pathway towards the inclusion of transgenders were worthy of appreciation. The educative and informative webinar concluded with a vote of thanks on behalf of M.M. Public School to Dr.  Manabi for being a model of courage and inspiration. It was followed by National Anthem as a token of respect for our nation.

Thus, the online session on the Right to Gender Equality was successful in imparting the message of love and respect for all genders among everyone.

Live Session on ‘Breaking the Barriers of Gender’

‘Change in society is brought by common people.’

Trans women in India are often subjected to hatred and transphobia. This sect of transgender is generally looked down with disrespect and disgrace. In order to bring a change in the mindset of society towards transgenders, India’s 1st International Trans Beauty Queen  Naaz Joshi, who is not only the winner of  Miss U.N. Ambassador, Miss. Empress Earth, Miss  World Diversity, Miss Republic International Beauty Ambassador  but also associated with leading  fashion  designers and NGOs for upliftment of transgenders was invited as a Motivational Speaker at a live session on ‘Breaking the Barriers of Gender’ under ‘Indradhanush’, a great initiative of MMPS working towards Gender Sensitivity on Saturday, 8 January, 2022 on social platform- Zoom and Facebook.

The live session commenced with warm welcome of first Transgender showstopper, first Trans gender model Naaz Joshi by our revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak.  The motivational speaker shared how she had overcome all hurdles and challenges to become successful in life. The multi tasker also motivated the students, parents and teachers to work towards bridging the gender gap in society. She also shared her future plans of doing a movie and a music video as well.

The webinar ended with a question answer round where she educated through her experience that proper time management and avoiding social media can help to be a multitasker besides answering to other queries of the students of class twelve. She was thanked for enhancing knowledge about the transgenders and also for giving away her precious time. Thus, the live session proved to be quite informative and educative for students, parents and teaching fraternity.

Building Ethics and Leadership in Technology Innovation in a Progressive India Webinar

On the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav teacher workshop and webinar series was organised by AIM and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) for Atal Tinkering Lab teachers called ‘’Building Ethics and Leadership in Technology & Innovation in a progressive India’’ from 6th December 2021 to 24th December 2021.

Ms. Tarvinder Kaur, ATL Co-ordinator, found the webinar and the sessions engaging and fruitful. She felt motivated to be able to deploy the elements of empathy and compassion in innovation for social good as well as the design thinking process when working with ATL students and in classrooms. Her active participation in the webinar conducted helped her build teacher leadership skills as well and earned her an appreciation certificate.



To promote leadership through dancing skills among young enthusiasts of Primary Wing an online workshop on Dance to Leadership was organized on Saturday 18 December 2021 in association with The Danceworx Performing Arts Academy which has been imparting international standards of dance education in an environment of fun, love and values. Ashley Lobo a successful choreographer, and also the founder and artistic director of The Danceworx Performing Arts Academy discussed the importance of dance in holistic development of students and his team members shared an enthusiastic dance routine with the tiny tots followed by importance of dance in one's life. The session was followed by round of questions asked by students and teachers. The session ended with heartfelt thanks to esteemed Ashley Lobo for such an engaging session.

 It was really great to have a great and informative session that not only helped students in confidence building but also calming the mind and encouraging the students to pursue their dreams.

Great Master Series with Spic Macay

To promote rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry of India and to enhance knowledge about renowned classical musician and instrumentalist Ustad Abdul Latif Khan Sahab Great Master Series in association with Spic Macay was hosted at online platform by school for all students and teachers on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

The informative and interactive session commenced with tribute to the legendary sarangi exponent Ustad Abdul Latif Khan Sahab by the most accomplished musician of young generation Sri Sarwar Hussain Ji who gave   students and teachers an unusual experience of Indian Classical Music and Culture. His highly commendable musical presentation filled the whole atmosphere with serenity and purity Display of his super taleem   which he had acquired from his great master Ustad Abdul Latif Khan   was   indeed praiseworthy.  An interactive session of question answer round with Sri Sarwar Hussain Ji quenched the thirst of knowledge of students not only about music but also great musician which was followed by heartfelt gratitude and gratification to the renowned artist Shri Sarwar Hussain Ji, Spic Macay and Dr Kiran Seth by our esteemed Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak for   captivating performance.

Altogether, it was great virtual concert cum talk session that not only helped in calming the mind but also encouraging the students to be rooted to their Cultural Heritage.

Interactive Session on Developing an Innovative Mindset

“Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions”.

To encourage students to cultivate their innovative ideas, get recognized by the successful Marketing Industry and to pursue their career as creative Entrepreneurs, an interactive session on “Developing an Innovative Mindset” was conducted by the team of innovators for students, parents and teachers on Wednesday, 8 December 2021.

Mr. Pramod Sagar, a Physics Wizard, a true Scientist and Professor by profession, holding various posts in Delhi University along with Mr. R.S. Shukla and Mr. Kulvinder Singh were welcomed and presented with a sapling as a sign of love and respect by Revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak.

Everyone present in the session was guided about the steps and different themes of the Project that will help students to get their innovative ideas recognised by the Market Industry who will later provide funds to pursue their career as successful entrepreneurs. The students would also be guided by the team on how to capture the evolving modern market and how the rich Indian culture can help students to produce their own innovative ideas that are scientifically proven. The team also promised to launch students’ projects in the market and assist them to improvise them.

The session ended with a questionnaire round wherein students' queries were answered by Mr. Pramod Sagar with reasonable and optimistic views. Thus, the effort of the team of Shukla Institute along with teachers can bridge the gap between industry and creative minds.

Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas 1st Wednesday report

1st of December, first Wednesday of the month, M.M. Public School observed Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas for classes VI and above in order to raise cyber awareness among students. Mr. Jitender, Head Constable, police Authority attended the webinar as a guest speaker and talked about sample cases regarding the cyber crime. The school Counsellor augmented the session briefing students about the internet ethics, internet addictions, mobile phone security, and preventive measures to be taken in cyber space and also reporting of cyber crimes. Students were also made aware about addiction to internet and its psychological consequences.

Webinar on ‘Inclusion & Gender Identity’

“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist, where everyone can be themselves.”

In order to create an inclusive culture in school environment and make the students understand how to treat each and every gender with dignity and respect regardless of their differences, a webinar on Inclusion and Gender Identity was organised for Classes VI-XII on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Eshan Hilal, who is country’s first male belly dancer, a gender fluid Model, TEDx, Motivational Speaker, announced as the ‘Modern Icon of India’ in 2017, felicitated with the ‘Achiever’s Award’ by Shashi Tharoor in 2019 not only known for remarkable performances on TV in reality shows like Star Plus Season3, Main Hoon Michael etc. but also for winning second prize in ODSS in China was warmly welcomed by our revered Principal Ma’am Mrs Rooma Pathak at virtual platform. He not only inspired the students to be proud of their gender identity but also made them understand the difference between Sexuality, Gender and Expression. In the middle of the webinar, he conducted a poll on myths and facts about gender sensitivity to judge the perspective of the students. He also shared his personal experiences which motivated the students to follow their passion no matter what others think of them.

All in all, it was an interactive and thought-provoking webinar which was followed by well-crafted and knowledge-based answers to the questions asked by the students that made them to be kind, compassionate and not to judge people on the basis of their gender. It concluded with a vote of thanks to young rising star Eshan Hilal for his august presence and being an inspiration to all.

Webinar on 'Plastics – A New Generation'

To create awareness about the harmful effects of plastics, an informative webinar was conducted by Indian Center for Plastics in The Environment (ICPE) on virtual platform for students of class I-V on 23 November 2021 and class VI-IX on 24 November 2021 which created a sense of belief in the students that they will not use plastic. The webinar commenced with history of plastic, explaining how plastic emerged in our lives. Followed by a brief explanation on how we all are living in plastic age. The host, Mr. Sudheer Khurana emphasised on the best alternatives to plastic that are cloth, paper, glass and also taught students about different types of plastic. Further emphasis was laid by him on creating awareness about how to segregate dry and wet waste which was followed by instructions on how to dispose waste properly. He focused on “Do it- For the sake of our Environment, do it- because it is now the Law!" He guided the students on various solutions to plastic waste disposal problems. He directed the attention of students towards the pollution caused by plastic. After a short question answer round with our dear students and teachers, the session ended with heartfelt thanks to respected Mr. Sudheer Khurana for such an inspirational and informative webinar. Indeed, this session was worthy to attend and valuable as it motivated everyone and created awareness about the harmful effects of plastic.

Webinar on Psychological First Aid for Teachers

After the Covid 19 crisis, it is imperative to build resilience among students, help them stabilize their emotions and behavior of students and also to improve their mental health, M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura in collaboration with Fortis Health Care organized a webinar on Psychological First Aid on 16th September 2021 for teachers.

Ms. Anusha Tyagi, a CID UNESCO certified expressive Art Based Therapist and a counseling psychologist from the Department of Fortis gave teachers an opportunity to enhance their understanding about student’s psychological needs and also helped the teachers in making teaching – learning process effective.

The webinar aimed to discuss the required knowledge, attitude and behavior of the people regarding this pandemic and how it influences student’s mental health and wellbeing. The webinar also addressed the mechanism to successfully deal with the psychological struggles due the covid 19, enhancing resilience in students and empowering them in mitigating further risk.

Celebrating "Nutritional Awareness- POSHAN MAAH 2021"

To impart significant nutritional knowledge and development of healthy dietary behaviour among students as inevitable response to COVID-19, an informative webinar on "Healthy Nutritional Awareness" was organized by school to commemorate POSHAN MAAH for all teachers and students at virtual platform on Tuesday, 07 September 2021.

The webinar commenced with the welcome of distinguished guest speaker Dr. Jugal Kishore, MBBS (MAMC), MD (Community Medicine- AIIMS), Director Professor and Head of Department, Community Medicine Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi by our revered Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak.

Healthy sources of nutrition along with the importance of exercise and balanced diet in daily life was shared by the eminent Dr. Jugal Kishore. Further emphasis was laid by him on creating awareness about diet to be followed to improve immunity during pandemic. He focused on “To eat but eat wisely.” The common adolescent problems such as malnutrition, obesity and anaemia were addressed by him during the session. An assimilated approach which included food plate method and pyramid method were recommended by him to overcome these issues. Students were guided doable ways to combat sedentary lifestyle. The informative session was followed by round of question asked by students and teachers. The session ended with heartfelt thanks to respected Dr. Jugal Kishore for such an inspirational and informative webinar.

On the whole, the session was worthy and valuable to attend as it motivated everyone to remain fit as fiddle.

A Rendezvous Series with Spic Macay

To conserve and promote rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry of India, a Rendezvous Series in association with SPICMACAY was hosted by the school for all students and teachers on September 04, 2021.

This valuable session included the performance of distinguished Pandit Raja Kale, famous Hindustani Vocalist who gave the students an intense experience of Indian Classical Music and Culture. The performance was power packed with his eclectic voice and devotional music. It was followed by the round of questions asked by the students of the school.

Our revered Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak conveyed her heartfelt thanks to the famous artist Raja Kale for his captivating performance as well as Spic Macay for giving platform to such artists who inspired the budding artists of our school.

All and all, it was really great to have a virtual concert cum talk session that not only helped in calming the mind but also encouraging the students to be rooted to our Cultural Heritage.

WCF-ATL CyberSmart Workshop and Activity

Atal Innovation Mission partnered with WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), the CSR arm of WNS (a leading BPM Company) to empower children with knowledge on relevant topics around cyber safety through its platform, CyberSmart. This collaborative program aims to introduce students to pertinent themes related to cybersecurity, and other relevant content and create CyberSmart schools, teachers and students.

To equip MMPians to be CyberSmart, all students of classes II to X were given basic training on how to be cyber smart by IT teachers in the week 3rd May to 7th May 2021. Thereafter they did online activity, appeared for assessment and earned themselves a Cyber Smart Certificate.

Alongwith students, teachers were also trained to be Cyber Smart on 8th May 2021, teachers also enthusiastically participate in the online activity, appeared for assessment and earned themselves a Cyber Smart Certificate.

With everything online now the programs like these will ensure the children become aware of the potential dangers over the network and protect themselves and their families and whole heartedly be CyberSmart!


Staying true to the philosophy and ideologies of Shri B. R. Ambedkar and to extend the frontiers of learning and knowledge beyond our school, ATL Community Day was celebrated virtually as a 3-days event from 26th April to 28th April, 2021, where not only MMPians participated but the students of other schools were also invited to participate in this journey of innovation and every child could experience the skills and techniques intrinsic to innovation.

III to V class students got an opportunity to experience innovation through Scratch, students of classes VI to XII understood 3D Printing and Designing and senior students of classes IX to XII learnt about AI and Robotics by our mentor Mr. Shivam from Stemrobo, our technical partner.

Students were very excited and they expressed their interest for making their projects. Students completed their projects within 30 minutes. It made them believe that they can be innovator too. Their facial expression displayed more smiles when they completed their projects.

The school has been actively participating in all Atal innovation mission activities under the worthy guidance of our Principal, Mrs. Rooma Pathak who has been a support system and a guiding light to accomplish this wonderful task of Tinkering and learning at home.

A day that was truly symbolic of the ATL’s vision – “Innovation for All”.

ATL - IPR Workshop

April 26 is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

This year, Atal Innovation Mission organized an exclusive interactive workshop for teachers on 27th April 2021. The two-hour session included a live demonstration on prior art search and an overview of the patent filing process, which was followed by a Q&A discussion regarding IP protection or commercialization.

Ms. Tarvinder Kaur, ATL coordinator find the workshop quite fruitful and informative. Her queries about filing a patent for her students was quenched, she was motivated to implement it

ATL Community Day by Atal Innovation Mission

ATL Community Day

Of the students, by the students & for the community!

ATLs across India celebrate Community Day on 14th April to commemorate Dr. BR Ambedkar on his birth anniversary and to stay true to his philosophy of providing an equal opportunity to all and thereby creating an inclusive society of young innovators. The ATL Community Day aims to introduce children who don't have access to formal education to the philosophy of Atal Tinkering Labs and thereby to innovation.

In the previous years we have been opening our gates to children from nearby non-ATL schools, NGOs, social welfare organizations and local community to celebrate a fun filled day in open sessions on tinkering and innovation. 

This year we joined 3-day event from 14th April - 16th April organized by Atal Innovation Mission. In this 3 daylong celebration of collaborative learning, AIM conducted various live sessions on tinkering and innovation by trained mentors, motivational talks by teachers along with ATL students, and involved fun filled hands on learning opportunities to the students by engaging in a plethora of activities and modules, in an online manner.

MMPians also explored ideation and basic prototyping and were thus, exposed to the world of design thinking, tinkering and innovation.

During the three days of #ATLCommunityDay, the tinkering juggernaut skyrocketed as students, teachers & #MentorsOfChange participated in building a #NewIndia, driven by their #AIMtoInnovate.

#AIforIndia 1.0 – A One-Day Online workshop on Python Programming Skills

With the aim to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by upskilling 10 Lakh participants with Python Programming skills in a One-Day Online workshop conducted on 24th April 2021, AICTE and GUVI, an IIT-Madras Incubated Company have collaborated to launch India’s Biggest Coding Revolution - #AIforIndia 1.0

This program aligned with the broader vision to ‘make India lead among the top 3 countries in Artificial Intelligence’ was attended and completed successfully by Ms. Tarvinder Kaur and her XI and XII class Computer Science students.

WCF-ATL CyberSmart Training Program for Educators.

Atal Innovation Mission partnered with WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), the CSR arm of WNS (a leading BPM Company) to empower children with knowledge on relevant topics around cyber safety through its platform, CyberSmart. This collaborative program aims to introduce students to pertinent themes related to cybersecurity, and other relevant content and create CyberSmart schools, teachers and students.

To equip MMPS to be CyberSmart School, a capacity building workshop was attended by Ms. Tarvinder Kaur, ATL Coordinator organized by WCF on 23rd April 2021. The training not only delved in the details of Cyber Safety but also enabled the teacher to understand the portal in a better manner and help create a cyber safe School. Information about the various Certificates and Badges that Teachers, Students and Schools can achieve through CyberSmart was also given. It briefed about how parents and teachers can impart cybersecurity education using a unique online methodology that will ensure the children become aware of the potential dangers and protect themselves and their families.

Teacher was motivated to work for it whole hearted to drive this initiative and make our children CyberSmart!

Third Session of Motivational Speaker Series

To guide and motivate the aspiring students to join civil services, our Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia, GNCT of Delhi addressed the students on occasion of the third session of Motivational Speaker Series that was broadcasted in all Government Schools, Govt. Aided Schools 86 Public Schools through the website of Directorate of Education i.e., on 4th March, 2021. Ms. Neha Bansal, IAS (2010 Batch), District Magistrate (Delhi West) joined the conversation with students of Delhi Government schools and was interviewed by Sh. Udit Prakash (IAS - 2007), Director (Education), Delhi Government.

Ms. Neha Bansal laid stress on the importance of Humanities Stream for the students and NCERT books that are par excellence though not colourful were considered to be a treasure. The queries asked by the students were answered by the speaker who advised the students to share all the problems with parents as they are the real friends. She also advised students to practice the previous years sample papers before appearing for Board Exam. Sh. Udit Prakash informed the students about the benefits of different coaching provided at Bhim Yojana that can be availed by all the students.

All the students and teachers of our school found the session quite informative, educative and helpful.

Webinar on ‘How Safe is School Post COVID’

“Safety and Security School’s topmost Priority”

To motivate the parents on how school is safe and secure for the students post COVID-19, a webinar on the topic “How Safe is School Post COVID” was organized by Heart Care Foundation of India in the collaboration with the school on Thursday evening, February 25, 2021.The well-known practitioner, Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee, the President of HCFI was welcomed by revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak.

The speaker recommended the consumption of less of sugar and more of bitter food to prevent the attack of virus. The advice of proper sanitation and precaution to keep students and teachers safe were of tremendous benefit.

The session ended with a question answer round that proved quite educative and insightful.

Webinar on Cancer Prevention and Palliative Care

To raise awareness about safeguarding oneself from the deadliest disease, an educational and informative webinar on Cancer Prevention and Palliative Care was organized by Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre for the students and educators on 13 of February, 2021. The Speakers Dr. S.Khanna, Founder cum President, DCFRC and Dr. Pragya Singh, Sr. Manager-Projects, DCFRC brought into light the primary detection and preventive factors that can help cure cancer at the initial stage. They also focused on how our lifestyle, genetic factors, exposure to certain viruses and environment can cause cancer, how to identify symptoms and find cure through recent medical advancement. The viewers were also made aware of the Palliative Care which is not prominent among the society and how this unit takes care of the patients, suffering from incurable progressive life-threatening conditions, and their families with the help of a multi professional team fulfilling the patients’ psychosocial, spiritual and economic issues. The students were enlightened with the new medical advancement that is being used to cure this deadly disease and asked the queries. The session proved helpful to all.

Be Exam Smart

Children work tirelessly for hours and still fail to achieve results that match up to their hard work. To enhance the learning outcome of the student, a workshop was organized by the school counsellor Ms. Sheetal for the classes IV to IX on February 6, 2021 and February 8, 2021 at a virtual platform.

She discussed effective learning styles and how students can create better learning environment for themselves. She also shared different tips and strategies with the students on time management, taking care of mental health during exams including diet, nutrition and sleep through PPTs and interesting videos to strengthen their learning.

The workshop ended with a question answer round where the students asked about their concerns. Hence,

The session was interactive and proved to be effective for all.

A Webinar on Pedestrian Safety

To promote Road Safety Culture, a webinar on sensitisation of importance of pedestrian safety was organized for students of classes VI to VIII by SHARP NGO(School Health Annual Report Programme), one of India’s largest health network for school children, on Saturday,January 30, 2021 at 4 pm. 

The esteemed panelists, Dr. Dinesh Mohan, Honorary Professor of IIT Delhi; Dr. Eilia Jafar - Chief Programs Officer at SaveLIFE Foundation; Mr. Bikash Mohapatra, the Secretary at Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents and Mrs. Usha Sharma, the Principal of SRN International School, Jaipur were welcomed by the SHARP NGO to throw light on road safety laws along with duties & responsibilities need to be followed to be a good pedestrian. At the end, they also made an appeal to the students to obey road safety rules and walk on safer routes made for pedestrians to reduce fatal road accidents. 

The webinar ended at 5:45 pm with a vote of thanks by the students and team members of SHARP NGO for enlightening them on such an awakening topic. Thus, the session was indeed very fruitful and worth attending for all.

Digital Eye-Strain during Covid-19 Pandemic

“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

To sensitize the students about the increasing digital eye strain problems , the school in association with SHARP NGO conducted an online session for the students of Grade L.K.G. to V on January 29, 2021.

Dr Gaurav Nagpal and Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Radium Eye Hospital addressed the students and parents informing  about the Digital Eye Strain (DES), also known as computer vision syndrome.They also highlighted the problems like dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches during the ongoing pandemic wherein the students are taking online classes. They highlighted the methods on how to minimize the eye-strain by following some simple and regular exercises with  intake of healthy food.

The session was very  informative for the parents as well as the students.

Motivational Talk on Indian Navy Day, 2020

“We are safe because we have our navy keeping us protected each and every moment…. Salute to our Navy and best wishes on Indian Navy Day”

To generate awareness and instill the value of patriotism among students, a Motivational Talk on Significance of Indian Navy and different career options that this great section of army offers was organized on December 8, 2020 at a virtual platform during celebration of Indian Navy Week.

The esteemed resource person Lt. Commander Balu B was welcomed at a digital platform by our Revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak.

Lt. Commander Balu B. highlighted various career opportunities that Indian Navy offers. He also shared information regarding various functions and life- style of Indian Navy through an inspiring video. The session was followed by a question, answer round where Lt. Commander Balu B. answered queries raised by students which proved to be highly informative and educative to students.

The distinguished guest Lt. Commander was thanked for spending his precious time and sharing valuable information with the students.

Thus, online interactive session was an appreciable venture of the school as it instilled patriotic fervor and Respect for Indian Navy.

Interactive Session on “Polymers on the Move”

It is rightly said, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

To create awareness about usage of novel methods of recycling of plastic and its widespread application, an interactive session on ‘Polymers on the Move’ was conducted for Grades VI to VIII on December 2,2020 at the digital platform.

Our revered Principal Madam Ms. Rooma Pathak wholeheartedly welcomed the esteemed resource persons: Ms. Michaela Schaller, Ms. Sanchita Roy, and Mr. Umang Tyagi from Borouge Company, manufacturer of poly olefins with its headquarters at Abu Dhabi.

The resource persons made everyone aware about Borouge’s plastics solutions, their novel packaging plastic material and how the students can recycle the plastic waste at homes. They showed the printed nomenclature over plastic products and told which all are the most dangerous. The session was followed by a quiz and all students actively participated in it.

The resource persons were thanked for imparting their valuable information about plastic waste and the winners of the related quiz were congratulated. The students promised to become responsible and implement their ideas to make the least possible use of plastic and follow the tips shared by them.

National Conference of Adolescent Peer Educators for Positive Mental Health Wellbeing- Enriching 21st Century Skills in the context of NEP 2020

A webinar on 10th October 2020 was organized and hosted by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Programme Director of Expressions India. The Webinar was also joined by Mr. Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, as the Chief Guest and also, Dr. Zoya, Ministry of Health as the Guest of Honour.The students of Grade 11 and 12 joined the webinar. It was attended by 680 students from all over India. The topic was “National Conference of Adolescent Peer Educators for Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing- Enriching 21st Century Skills in the context ofNEP2020”.

The discussion began with the fact that physical health isn’t the only health that is important, mental health is equally important. Professor Priyank apprised the students, that in these times of pandemic, the NCPC (National Capital Planning Commission) has launched a counseling platform for mental health of the students. The mode to contact the platform was also described in the webinar. He also enlightened everyone with a few features of the NEP 2020. 

He motivated the students to become aware of their uniqueness. A brief discussion about Substance Abuse was also done as India stands 1st in cases of Depression and 2nd in Anxiety related issues. Dr. Zoya too gave a beautiful message. It was suggested to all that one should spend some real personal time with their families during the global health pandemic and try to know each other better. The students were given tips about how to stay positive in life during important situations.

Online Workshop on Road Safety Rules

Normal speed meets every need.

To spread awareness among the younger generation not only about the importance of obeying road rules but also to highlight and promote the need for save roads to save lives, a Virtual Session on ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS was organised for the students of Class- 6 to 8. The resource person was Mr. Mandeep Singh Kundu from Delhi Traffic Police who enlightened the students  about safety rules , control the speed limit , the need of discipline movement of traffic on the roads, different types of road signs , importance of road safety education for students and showed different PPT to students to sensitise them about the trauma of the family who lose their family member in road accidents. Thus, the session was indeed very fruitful and worth attending for all.

A Webinar on Learn , Express and Share with India T.V. Icon Mrs Surbhi R. Sharma

An Online Interactive Session on Learn, Express and Share was conducted with one of the finest television journalist and anchor in India Mrs Surbhi R. Sharma who is currently associated with India's most popular news channel India TV .Besides this the media enthusiast has anchored Entertainment shows like Showtime and Sub Golmaal Hai as well as acted recently in Bollywood film Andhadhund. This budding journalist having an objective to speak truth and expose the corrupt, covered the reality of hideous crime of Nirbhaya on Television. Her amazing interactive qualities can be seen in her interaction with Bollywood celebrities Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif etc. Our honourable Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak welcomed such a charismatic personality wholeheartedly with extreme delight and pleasure on Saturday 1st August 2020. The distinguished guest introduced the students about her life history, which was focused mainly on honesty and fulfilment of her passion of interacting and conversing. She then advised the students that not only grades and marks are significant to achieve success but by remaining focused and executing passion throughout life is also of utmost importance. The media enthusiast Mrs Surbhi also questioned the students about their plans, goals as well as passion and made them aware that theoretical as well as practical knowledge is essential to attain success. She showcased her journey and different experiences with Bollywood celebrities on slides which made the online session more fruitful for students. It was later followed by question answer round with the students, handled in a well-crafted and dignified manner. An invitation by Mrs Surbhi to all the students to be a part of the Best Speaker Contest along with allotment of participation certificates to all the participants motivated the students to be good speakers. The Webinar culminated with an expression of gratefulness by the esteemed guest to honourable Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak for giving her an online platform to connect with school students. Reverred Principal Ma’am also expressed her immense gratification to the esteemed guest of the afternoon Mrs Surbhi R. Sharma for sparing her precious time with the entire school fraternity. Thus, the interactive webinar, a great endeavour by our Principal Ma'am was highly enriching, inspiring and invigorating.

A Webinar on Connections Inner Realm with outer Realm

“Talent gives wings to dreams, desires and endless opportunities”

Talent of  acting is the most effective  and wonderful way to enact emotions as it  not only helps to brings about changes and transformations in the mindset of people  but also helps them  to be  aware of  themselves, therefore to polish and nurture the hidden talent of students a webinar  on Connections  Inner Realm with outer Realm for pupils from  class IX to XII was organized by our respected Principal Ma’am  Mrs. Rooma Pathak   on Saturday July 4th 2020 .

 The online  session started  in evening with the welcome of not only  the noted  Bollywood  actor and producer Mr. Rahul Bagga,  well known for his role as a supporting actor in the films Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, Kissebaaz and many more.,but also Theatre consultant   actress as well as writer Mrs. Balaji Gauri by our reverred Principal Ma’am .The eminent  actor Mr Rahul Bagga started this online session by creating awareness among  our dear students  on how to identify their hidden talent and also by advising them how to utilize this lockdown time fruitfully by focussing more  on the morning exercises of Pranayama  etc. so that they may keep themselves recharged and rejuvenated throughout the day. Ms. Balaji Gauri the well-known   Theatre Consultant also laid emphasis on creativity and importance of imagination. She also helped the students to have belief in themselves that their better personalities definitely can create various path of opportunities. The students also asked their queries about how acting can be taken as a career and they even shared their thoughts about acting.

Thus, the session ended with motivation and inspiration for the students. It was indeed gratification to our distinguished Principal Ma’am for organizing this enriching and wonderful session.

A Fruitful Webinar on How to Combat Stress and Anxiety in this Lockdown and how are Students Affected

Current times are stressful as well as fearful due to insecurity caused by pandemic, therefore on Doctor's Day Wednesday 1st July an initiative of great stress reliever webinar on how to combat stress during this lockdown period for parents, teachers and students of class IX to XII was organised by our honourable Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak.

The online session commenced with the welcome of noted and competent Dr. Anjuman Nayar, a leading psychologist dealing in child psychology by our revered Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak followed by her qualitative informative talk with students on how to deal   with Internal and External factors that leads to stress. Dr. Anjuman Nayar also laid emphasis on various techniques and technologies to deal with Anxiety Disorders, Depression and Frustration which generally the students come across because of being confined to home due to pandemic.

Her enriching words and tips to students that firstly they should enjoy and relish every tit bits of life like every morsel of food, feel the tinkling of water while bathing etc., secondly to take out ME TIME means to keep at least thirty minutes in a day for themselves. Thirdly to be focused to do meditation by concentrating on the exercises of pranayama., Fourthly on to handle fear by being responsible, creative and by learning new skills like a small child, fifth to HALT THOUGHTS OF ANGER, HUNGER, LONELINESS.

The leading psychologist  also motivated the students on how to be stress free by maintaining a journal and writing down atleast ten positive points about themselves,   to have a positive self-talk , to have a spiritual  armour  and finally not to be categorised as victims but to create  something  new  rather than  doing only known things.

Thus, the whole session was full of optimism and pragmatism.

Respected Dr. Anjuman Nayar expressed her gratefulness and thankfulness to our honourable Principal Ma'am for her strenuous efforts in showing her concern for students, teachers and parents during these difficult times by organising this informative and educative webinar on stress management.

The whole MMPS fraternity as well as the team of students were highly grateful to the noblest Doctor Anjuman Nayar a leading psychologist who with her inspirational information on how to tackle stress and depression solved many inhibitions and apprehensions of our dear students.

Thanks to our respected Principal Ma'am for such a great endeavour.

Educative Webinar on Role of Parents in Nurturing Today’s Generation.

“There are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots and the other is wings.”

The roots of rich culture and tradition by the parents to their children gives wings to their dreams and to strengthen upon this fact, one and only reverred and highly esteemed as well as distinguished guest, Dr. Kiran Bedi was invited and welcomed as a mentor to guide our dear parents and teachers on Role of Parents in Nurturing Today's Generation by our honourable   Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rooma Pathak on a pleasant evening of 5 June 2020.

Highly treasured guest of the evening connected with parents by mentoring them with golden parenting skills that Parents as first and foremost teacher should teach social skills as well as maintain healthy relationship with them in congenial and conflict free environment at home. Honorable Dr. Kiran Bedi even stressed that inculcation of mathematical techniques can make their offsprings brain stronger.  Her appreciable tips about ingraining values of empathy, choosing a good company based on integrity and honesty will definitely help their child to become a better human being. Ma’am also imparted valuable knowledge on how to change the thought process of their child that instead of believing in the saying, “I Will Work Hard and Be Happy, To Achieve Success”; they should believe in “I am Happy and Will Work Hard To Achieve Success” as this will encourage their child to learn the value of happiness because “Happiness is key to success”.

The Webinar extended with warm exchange of words of reverred Dr. Kiran Bedi with Director Sir and Principal Ma'am and later on concluded with her message to dear parents during these challenging times to face the situation fearlessly with patience.

Immense gratification was expressed to the current  Lieutenant Governor  of Puducherry and winner of many prestigious awards Dr. Kiran Bedi by our reverred Director Sir Mr. Somesh Rishi Pathak  for some for her beneficial parenting and  schooling tips on  holistic development of a child which was given at this enriching session that was  relevant direction to all the parents and teachers as well.

Webinar on "Breast Cancer Lets Catch It Early"

Awareness creates positive preparedness, makes a person handle sensitive issues with watchfulness. 

Busy and hectic lifestyle has made woman ignorant about her own health especially about the prevalent disease Breast Cancer and to create awareness regarding this dreadful disease a webinar on Breast Cancer Awareness was conducted on 2 June 2020 for dear Mothers of our lovely students and teachers at 11 am. Our honourable Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak wholeheartedly welcomed the esteemed resource person Dr. Anita Khokhar, Director Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital and winner of many prestigious awards.

 The online session commenced with PowerPoint presentation on different types of breast cancer which gave useful information on how every 20 years and above woman should examine herself despite of her busy schedule as timely detection can save her life. The video on practical treatment of Breast cancer through Mammography was an eye opener to all the mothers and teachers. This informative and educative session also highlighted various aspects that size of breast doesn’t make a difference of its impact and also, she told that in case of any discharge, it should be reported and not neglected. Her discussion was not only on warning signs of breast cancer but also on preventive measures like balanced diet with more of fruits and vegetables and regular exercises which was followed by the queries of teachers about the factors of eruption of this deadly and terrifying disease and how to take care.

The session concluded with solving of some of the personal problems as well as clearing of general myths and inhibitions of Mrs Anu Jain mother of Paridhi Jain of class UKG, Mrs Pooja Nagpal mother of Pihoo Nagpal of class II, Mrs. Sumana Mukherjee mother of Sohini Mukherjee of class VIII, Mrs. Priti Aggarwal mother of Tarushi Aggarwal  of class IX and Mrs  Sonia Bansal  mother of Jai Bansal of class XII.

Our revered Principal Mrs Rooma Pathak thanked the distinguished Doctor Anita Khokhar and expressed gratefulness for this enriching and enlightening session which served as guidance to all the mothers and teachers as well.

This endeavour of creating Awareness on Breast Cancer by our Principal Ma’am was well appreciated by all the Mothers and Teachers.

Progate Web Development Bootcamp

Web changes every day; web development industry is constantly evolving.

To enhance the students’ understanding on the basic yet essential skill of Web Designing in an effective way The Progate conducted a two-day virtual boot camp on web development on 23rd and 24th May 2020.

In this virtual workshop the students were introduced to topics in web technology. Students got an idea how to create web pages all the students really appreciated the contents that were discussed, they realized that interactions like these can help them to improve their learning. By the end of the workshop students were asked to design and develop their own webpages.

Students showed keen interest in attending more workshops like this in future.

Online Session on “Inclusive innovation through Atal Tinkering Labs”

Just as innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of the idea behind Atal Tinkering Labs, making sure they are inclusive is crucial for the success of the programme, and for the same an online session on “Inclusive innovation through Atal Tinkering Labs” was organised on May 23, 2020 by NITI Aayog.

The session was be led by Mr. R Ramanan (Mission Director, AIM) and Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan (RMoC Tamil Nadu), and Mrs Baghyalakshmi (ATL In-charge, Jaigopal Garodia Govt Girls Hss Choolaimedu, Chennai) were the guest speakers.

 In this Youtube live, Mr Ramanan shed light on the objective to include all the students in the community in this innovation movement and speakers shared their experiences & discussed ways to make the programme more engaging and welcoming for all students.

On the whole session was fruitful and there were many learnings for Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur, ATL Coordinator, MMPS who attended the session and was enlightened.

An Online Interactive Session

Knowledge and Competency Mission….Enhanced through Instructive Interactive Session.

Everybody is standing on crossroads at the juncture of difficult times with  loads  of pessimism and to  wipe out  the negative thoughts especially which is  surrounding students nowadays, an initiative of  Online Interactive Session was organised by our Director Sir, Mr. Somesh  Rishi Pathak and Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Rooma Pathak  for students of classes XI and XII  on 20th May 2020 at 11.30 am on the most significant and relevant topic “Optimism the  Need of Hour” which was presided by Mr. Inderpal Singh, the noted Bollywood actor  who has acted not only in National Awarded Hindi Films like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Vicky Donor but also in Punjabi films like Ardab Mudiar, Mukhtiar Chadha and many more.

The session began with a warm welcome of Mr. Inderpal Singh by our revered Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak. The great writer, poet in this educative and informative session gave motivational answers to the questions asked by the students. He guided them to find happiness within themselves and keep on praying as well as be connected to God during these crucial times. He motivated the students to be focused towards their goals during these difficult times as it is a passing phase which will also pass if one keeps optimistic attitude.

Thus, this enriching and fruitful webinar concluded with vote of thanks given by our Director Sir Mr. Somesh Rishi Pathak to the esteemed and distinguished guest Mr. Inderpal Singh.

Webinar on 'Digital Literacy and Creativity Skills'

Atal Innovation Mission in collaboration with Adobe, conducted a Professional development workshop on 'Digital Literacy and Creativity Skills'. The workshop was conducted online by Adobe Experts for all ATLs across the Nation on 29th April 2020 and was attended by Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur, ATL Coordinator.

Through this online workshop, teachers learnt innovative pedagogies on how to boost Digital literacy and creativity skills of students using Adobe Spark. Teachers had an hands on session on how to create stunning Visuals – Graphics, Web Pages and Videos and also got access to Adobe Education Exchange.

It was an enjoyable Learning Experience and was motivated to use these resources to enhance innovation, digital literacy and creativity skills of our students.

Project done for certification :

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Workshop on C & C++ by IIT Bombay

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”                                  Bill Gates

C, C++ is a general programming language and widely used now a days for competitive programming as it has imperative, object oriented and generic programming features. To get this a workshop was organized by the Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) at IIT Bombay, funded by the Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission, MHRD, Govt. of India on Saturday, 29 February 2020, through the selected remote centers of IIT Bombay. This was a blended training Programme that used A-VIEW, a video conferencing software for live interactions between C and C++ team at IIT, Bombay and all participants at different remote centers, spoken tutorials to use C and C and queries session through timed discussion forum.

Overall, the training workshop enabled the participants to learn the necessary skills for programming with ‘C’. All content of workshop was designed topic wise based on every important feature of ‘C and ‘C++’ language.

Creating Awareness about preventive interventions for reducing transmission of Novel Coronavirus disease

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In order to create awareness amongst school children about preventive interventions for reducing transmission of Novel Coronavirus disease, a special workshop was organized on 5 March 2020 for the Pre – Primary students where in children were sensitized to all the preventive measures such as keeping oneself-germ free, use of N95  mask, frequent hand wash, respiratory etiquettes using handkerchief  over mouth while coughing/sneezing, avoiding public gathering etc. were well – taught to the students.

It was indeed a very fruitful interactive session for the children.

Sony SAB Student Engagement Programme- Balveer Ke Prithvi Rakshak

To instill the feeling of responsibility as a citizen of India, a workshop was organized on ‘Save Water’ for the students of grades from 3 to 5 on Feb 5th 2020. It was a one-day student engagement programme wherein the students were shown a video of Balveer- Prithvi Rakshak by Sony SAB team and a worksheet based on ‘Save Water’ was given.

Thus, it was an enriching and knowledgeable workshop.

Workshop on Study Skills

A workshop on Study Skills was conducted for the students of classes VII, VIII & IX from 3rd  - 6th February 2020. School Counselor,Ms.Sheetal Dewan discussed about notes taking skills, time management, different learning styles, memorizing strategies using mnemonics, flow charts, and diagrams.

The speaker laid emphasis on effective time management and planning. The session was interactive and ended debunking many myths related to study skills.


It is a well-known fact that healthy students are better learners. On 27th December a capacity building program for the school counselors and wellness teachers was conducted by CBSE at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh which was attended by the school counselor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan.

Experts from ALL INDIA MEDICAL SCIENCES, Dr. Tanu Jain, Director General of Health Services, Dr. Maneeh Singhal, Professor, Head of Department of Plastic, Burn and Reconstructive Surgery, AIIMS and Dr. Piyush Ranjan, Associate Professor Dept. of Surgical Disciplines, AIIMS delivered interactive session focusing on enhancing basic knowledge of the teachers about primary health care facilities and emergency medical response.

This one-day training guided the wellness teachers on initial assistance to be provided until the doctor arrives and empower the staff to apply right procedures to prevent more damage.

Workshop on Pithora Painting

A workshop was organized by Indraprastha Schools Sahodaya & Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex on “Pithora Paintings” on 7th December 2019 from 9:00 12:30 p.m. at Vidya Bharati School, Sector -15, Rohini. The workshop was conducted by artists from Rathwa tribe of Gujrat. Manvu Bal of class IX and Megha Mandal of class VIII attended the workshop with their Art teacher Mrs. Priti Anand. People from Tathwa the Tribe was specially invited to share their artistic skills with the students. Overall it was an enriching workshop for students.

Workshop for Handling Distruptive Behavior in Classroom and Positive Reinforcement

Aworkshop for teachers of M.M.Public School was organized in the school premises by the school Counsellor on 7th December 2019.It was was an interactive session explaining clinical and non clinical factors behind disruptive behaviors  and strategies how to handle such behaviours in classroom and establishing positive environment in which the teacher focuses on students appropriately and create a positive learning environment.

Workshop on Bird Nest Making

“There are two gifts we give to our children- one is roots and the other is wings.”

A bird nest is the spot in which a bird lays and incubates its eggs and raises its young. It is important because the embryos in the eggs must develop outside the bird's body exposed to the changing conditions of the environment. 

It was indeed a golden opportunity and a learning experience by M. M Public School to be a part of enriching workshop which sensitize all stakeholders towards the importance and need of  Nests for Birds. On November 30th , 2019 ,  Ms. Komal Gupta attended the workshop with Kartik (VIII-C) and Bharti (VIII-A) which was organised by Indrapastha School Sarvodaya. The resource person Mr. Rakesh Khatri, commonly known as “Sparrow Man of  India” film maker , environmentalist and director of Eco Roots Foundation inculcated environmental sensitivity among all listeners. The material was provided to all for making nests and all were further encouraged to make homes for birds rather than destroying them.

It was a very productive workshop as it enriched our knowledge to preserve our environment by taking tiny steps.


Capacity Building Workshop on English-XII

To enhance the knowledge of the Educators regarding imparting of pedagogical skills in class XII, Capacity Building Workshop by CBSE was organized on 22nd and 23rd November 2019. The Resource Person Ms. Indu Khetarpal, Principal of Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar was presented a token of love from our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rooma Pathak. The Resource Person Ms. Indu guided teachers from the schools of Delhi NCR, about the CBSE guidelines which need to be followed in class XII. Mrs. Jyotsna Grover, Vice Principal and Mrs. Sumedha Nagpal, HOD English also from Salwan Public School gave valuable strategies to be followed in class XII through Powerpoint Presentation and different activities.

They also told that students should be explained proper format and marking scheme of class XII which will make the students focus better on maximum attainment of marks. Their instructions that teaching should be based on fun oriented activities and not be mundane and monotonous proved to be fruitful to the teachers

Thus, the workshop was quite enriching and useful for all the teachers.

Awareness Program on environmental hazards of electronic waste

A workshop on electronic waste management was organized in school premises on 20th November 2019 by Clean to Green Awareness Campaign under the aegis of Meity-Ministery of Electronics & Information Technology in association with MAIT-MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

The students were made aware of the different types of wastes, recycling and deduction of e-waste and harmful effects of e-waste.

Interaction with Under Secretary Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, New Delhi

The students of class IX and XI had an informative interaction with Mr. Anil Kumar, Under Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, New Delhi on 18 November 2019 in school premises.

Tushar: Good Afternoon Sir, today we are highly privileged to have such a great personality like you among us. Sir, may we ask a few questions to strengthen our knowledge. My question is who was your guiding force?

Mr. Anil : My guiding force is my mother whose guidance and inspiration made me serious about education and the result is not only me but my siblings are also in reputed government job so education according to my mother should not be ignored.

Tejas : How are  parliamentary affairs managed?

Mr. Anil : The Department of  Parliamentary affairs play an important role in the as it handles all the affair related to the Parliament of India and acts as a link between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Harshit : What does Education mean?

Mr. Anil : Education means to have proper discipline. It is not just to focus on marks only.

Khawaish : What is the advice for the youth of today?

Mr. Anil : The youth should respect their parents and above all their teachers because they are more experienced. They do not get jealous of the success of their children but become proud of them so they deserve appreciation and full respect.

Thus, it was an enriching and motivational interaction which enriched the knowledge of students.

Interaction with ex member of Rajya Sabha - BRATIN SENGUPTA

Bratin Sengupta is an Indian politician and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He was a Member of Parliament, representing West Bengal in Rajya Sabha as a member of the Communist Party of India.

The Students of class IX and XI had a great interaction with Bratin Sengupta on 18 November 2019 in school premises.

Pranjal: Good afternoon Sir today we are highly privileged to have such a great personality like you among us. I am Pranjal from class XI and my question is who inspired you to be the member of Rajya Sabha?

Sengupta: I already had interest in politics from childhood. My parents were my motivation. I had gone to different nations for giving speech. Atal Bihari Vajpayee the late Ex-Prime Minister gave me a chance to present my views. I participated in many debate competitions and also had great leadership qualities.

Khwaish : Sir, Was it your childhood dream to become a politician or you became by chance , or enforcement or due to will of your parents ?

Sengupta : My parents didn’t force me to become a politician , I had interest in politics since childhood and was attracted to it due to my leadership quality which led me to become a politician.

Manya : Sir , Every member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha  have a memorable experience ,may I know your experience during the session of Rajya Sabha?

Sengupta: It is a good question, when the late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi was shot dead then I realized there was no trauma Centre. So, a bill, to open one trauma Centre, was suggested by me.

Harshit: Sir, why Rajya Sabha is called upper house and Lok Sabha is called lower house?

Sengupta:  Neither Lok Sabha is called lower house nor Rajya Sabha is called upper house. They are Council of states.

The students thanked the ex-MP of Rajya Sabha for his precious information and knowledge.

Thus, it was a motivational and inspirational session.

Special Talk on Awareness about Thalassaemia

A special talk on Thalassaemia was organized in the school auditorium on 11th November 2019. The speaker of the talk, Dr. Tejinder Kaur, consultant Orthoptist sensitized students about the blood disorder.

A documentary was shown to the students of class VIII - XII highlighting thalassemia major, its symptoms and causes. The informative session ended with a quiz round.

Organising Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s Birthday at ATL

“India towards Innovation”

M.M. Public School leaves no stone unturned while spreading scientific awareness among the students. In pursuance to this an ATL workshop on the occasion of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Birthday was hosted by the school on October 26,2019. Mr. Siddhartah Jaitly, CTO (AI, Coding and Robotics Division) of BeSingular, representative from NITI Aayog graced the occasion with the benign presence. MMPians participated in the event with great zeal. The eminent spokesperson, Mr. Jaitly apprised the spectators with the innovations in science and shared his immense knowledge on robotics research. The event proved to be a massive success as it aided the materialization of making our nation a model of innovation for the world.

Parent’s Orientation on Robotics and STEM Education

M.M. Public School, under the ageis of the Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog hosted Orinetation for Parents on 12 October 2019. The school has been promoting scientific temperament amongst the young learners, encouraging them to think differently and cultivate the spirit of curiosity. Under the supervision of Mr.  (mentor STEMROBO) the day provided an opportunity to our parents and their neoteric scientists to ponder on innovative prototypes and exhibits with the goal to identify solutions to the present community problems. The engineer interacted with the students providing them with the tips towards fostering scientific acumen and inculcating skills of design mindset, computational thinking and adaptive learning which is need of the hour. He also counselled the students as well as their parents on the need to balance ATL and academics for smart learning.

The event was a success involving mass participation of our students and. Besides interaction the day also witnessed a session on robotics followed by activities for parents on 3D printer and breadboard components and other prototypes designed by the budding scientists. It was an enriching experience for one and all.

Medical Emergency Management of School Children

During an initiative of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Delhi to inculcate safe healthy habits among school children, Mrs. Bobby Narula participated as a Delegate in the IAP MEMS-Child Safety Project for the school teachers on 28th September 2019 held at Le Meridien. The workshop focused on the preparedness of School in case of emergency. A team of expert pediatrics of Delhi shared their views on the first aid and any emergency situations arising for   the students. The objective of the workshop was to guide teachers in rendering different ways of first aid to the students and to contact the nearest hospital for further treatment in the nearest hospital. IAP also has forwarded a helping hand to the schools to spread this awareness among all the teachers , older students and other staff members in the school by visiting them at short intervals and refresh their first aid skills.

Happy Classroom Workshop Capacity Building Programme by CBSE

Students, the backbone of the nation, empower them with relaxation,

 Provide happiness and optimistic learning surroundings for future generation.

Over the recent decades, Education System is becoming too competitive and exam oriented which is causing lot of stress and strain among the students and to create  happiness and cheerfulness Happy Classrooms in the schools is a great initiative taken by CBSE and the school ,was thus proud to conduct Happy Classroom Workshop Capacity Building Programme  for all the staff members in this regard on 24 September, 2019 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm Honorable Principal Madam Ms Rooma Pathak welcomed the highly experienced Senior Educator Ms. Neera Kohli as a resource person with  a sapling as a token of appreciation.

 An innovative and a great administrator Ms Neera Kohli guided the teachers on how to create conducive atmosphere among the young learners of today, who are full of anxiety and depressive disorders. Many joyful activities like making of bookmarks with an enthusiastic quote and word building through balloons were conducted by the Resource Person. Handouts were also given to the teachers to do the problem-solving activities and were also asked to write positive affirmation about themselves. They were guided to conduct these kinds of activities among the students to bring a great change towards learning.

 Thus, all in all, this workshop was highly beneficial and successful in empowering the faculty towards their positive approach and outlook to life.

Workshop on Water Conservation

Workshop on Water Conservation

“Save Every Drop of Water as It Counts”

To promote the “JAL JEEWAN MISSION” by PM Narendra Modi and also to sensitize the students about the need of Water Conservation in today’s scenario. Mount Abu School conducted a workshop on Water Conservation on 22nd Aug 2019. The programme was started by the enlightening speech of chief guest Mr. Hans Raj Hans (Member of Parliament). He encouraged the students to use water wisely and spread awareness in the society. Students of MMPS showed their innovative ideas to converse water. All in all, this was an informative workshop.  

Capacity Building Programme On Happy Classrooms


It is very essential to have classrooms that are safe, happy and have welcoming spaces. To enhance the understanding of happy class room and equip teachers in creating child friendly, stress free learning environment, a Capacity Building Workshop was organized by CBSE at Cambridge School, Rajori Garden New Delhi on 28th of August 2019 on Happy Classrooms.

It was attended by the school counselor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan. The recourse person Mrs. Archna Narayan discussed on various classroom issues which highlighted emotional concerns of students. She spoke with an aim to develop self awareness, critical thinking and mindfulness in the class rooms.


Capacity building program on Social Science by CBSE


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organized a two-day Capacity Building Program on Social Science at SD PUBLIC SCHOOL, Patel Nagar on 27th and 28th August 2019. It was conducted by two praiseworthy Resource persons, Mr. Jogender Kumar and Mr. Madan Sawhney. Geetika Vaswani, TGT S.St. attended this workshop and found it fruitful and enriching.


Capacity building program on Revised English by CBSE


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organized a two-day Capacity Building Program on Revised English at Hansraj Model Public School, Punjabi Bagh on 20th and 21st August 2019 by two praiseworthy Resource persons, Ms Ruchi Sengar and Ms Ritu Sharma. Silky Bhatia, TGT English attended this workshop and found it fruitful and enriching.

The two-day workshop has been planned for teachers to equip them with skills and bring their focus on developing effective LSRW skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in students. Various interesting activities were also done for the development of all skills among the students. The importance of creativity and doing things to motivate students for learning was emphasized.

The workshop concluded with these thoughts that teachers should comprehend the child’s mind and try various ways to realize their level to enlighten and assess their knowledge and the topics discussed were not only required for the evaluation of child’s ability but it is important to foster quality learning to make the school child friendly. Overall, it was a great learning experience.


Capacity Building Programme On Life skills


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school


With the life situations becoming more complex and challenging, there is a great need for the next generations to learn how to cope with change. Life skills enable them to take on challenges of life with confidence and courage. Acquisition of life skills by students enables them to deal effectively with life’s adversities and stressful moments with a sense of calm.

A capacity building programme organized by CBSE at Jhabban Lal DAV Sr. Sec.School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 17th of August 2019. It was attended by our school counselor, Mrs. Sheetal Dewan.The workshop highlighted the psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help people to inform decisions, solve problems think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others and manage their lives in healthy and productive manner.

The recourse person Mr. Pankaj Munjal was a great facilitator who made the workshop a great learning experience for all.

Skill Camp of Teachers on Robotics

With an objective to Encourage creative and critical thinking a 1 Day workshop "Skill Camp of Teachers on Robotics" was organized at Manav Rachna International School, Noida on 17th August,19 (Saturday) and was attended by Ms. Tarvinder Kaur and Ms. Jyoti Kaur.

The event held at their specially designed maker space facility i.e. Makershala where teachers worked on latest technologies with a series of hands-on project-based modules. Under these modules, Teachers worked with the technologies like 3D printing, Drones, Internet of Things, and Robotics.

As for Teachers, they become much more collaborative, flexible & comfortable with technology and enthusiastic about teaching it.

Workshop on Great Handwriting & Stress-Free Exams

Cello to …. write to win

BIC CELLO INDIA LIMITED conducted workshop on “Secret to Great Handwriting” on 8 August 2019 for the students of classes V and VI. It was a mind opening session guiding the students how to choose right kind of pens for great handwriting according to the shape of their nails, the resource person guided how the students can do Hand Yoga to relax while writing.

For classes VIII and IX a workshop on “Making exams stress free” focused on the techniques to improve memory retention and mind mapping skills to stay stress free during exams. Both the workshops were very encouraging for the students to improve their writing and memory skills.

Expression on Career in Law

“Law is Reason, Free from Passion”

To sensitize the students about benefits of persuing “Law” as a profession, a workshop was conducted on 7th August, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in conference room. The school alumni Mr Chirag Chanana who is practicing law, shared his experiences throughout his struggle. Mr. Chirag stated that a lawyer has to study throughout his career. The workshop was very inspirational. The guidance given by him will help the children a lot to make their mind and to reach greater heights.

Workshop on Physics Subject

A knowledgeable and subject enriching workshop of Physics for Class XI and XII students was conducted on 02.08.2019. The resource person Mr. Shailesh Pritam, Electronics Graduate from IIT BHU explained the concepts in a systematic and simpler way for easy learning and performing well in further exams. The students had an interactive session. Overall it was a very informative and subject fortifying session.

Expression on Careers in Cyber Security

“AS the World is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.”  -- Newton Lee

Today everyone specially the youth should be well aware of the need for cyber security and things they should do and should not do while online. To make students well aware of this sensitive cause a workshop was organized for students of classes XI and XII on “Cyber Security”, they were also guided about the career options in the same field. The resource person Mr. Ouvias Saifi, MMPS Alumni and currently doing B.Tech (Computer Science) from NIIT University.

Students enjoy the contents and even seen the cyber-attacks themselves.


A motivational workshop was conducted by Rameena Chhusneja, alumini of Thapar University and a gold medalist in master in city and regional planning. The speaker of the workshop Ms. Rameena             Share tips of success and motivated the students of class viii and ix on 24th and 25th of July 2019 respectively.

She emphasized on the importance of sincerity, punctuality and persistence in both academics and extracurricular activities.


An interactive workshop on good touch and bad touch for students of classes L.K.G, U.K.G, I and II of M.M.Public School, was conducted by the school counselor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan on 23rd,24th,25th  and 26th July 2019 respectively.

Students were taught about their safe zones of their bodies with the help of videos and pictures. They were also taught about ways to keep them safe and how to respond in case of an uncomfortable situation. Further at the end of the workshop a worksheet was also done by the students to review their understanding.


Stress being a major concern among adolescents in contemporary times. A workshop was held in our school on stress management and relaxation techniques for students of class iii to xii from 9th July to 22nd July 2019. The speaker talked about different emotions, how to regulate emotion such as anxiety. Young mmpians were taught about various techniques of relaxation – mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, belly breathing and volcano technique. Students had a delightful time practicing imaginary guided meditation.

Workshop on Domestic Violence and Sanitization for Support Staff

A workshop on domestic violence and sanitization was held for the support staff in the school premises on 20th July 2019.

In this workshop the support staff learnt about affects of domestic violence on one’s mental health and wellbeing. They were also made aware of importance of good hygiene and sanitization through videos and ppt.

Workshop on Value of Moral Values, Ethics and Spirituality in Education

A workshop on moral values, ethics and spirituality in education was conducted in the school for the teachers by the school counsellor on 20th of July. The workshop begins with an activity on creating and understanding the significance of positive environment.

She spoke on the benefits of positive attitude, personality development, time management, interpersonal skills and empowering mind power. Teachers were motivated to incorporate the four A’S – AVOID, ALTER, ADAPT AND ACCEPT in order to beat stress.

Parent’s Workshop on Safety and Security Measures

‘Prevention is more valuable than correction’

MMPS firmly believes not only in strengthening the academic part of the students but also to enhance their social behavior. Keeping this in mind, a workshop on SAFETY AND SECURITY MEASURES was organized for the parents of classes VI to IX and XI on 27th July 2019 on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. in the new auditorium. During the workshop, parents were shown different slides which enlightened them about the measures to safeguard their children from all the threats present in and out of the school. List of prohibited items in the school and some of the important Do’s and Don’ts were also discussed with them. The workshop encouraged the parents to develop a friendly and healthy bond with their children, for their safe and successful future. Thus, the workshop proved to be quite effective and informative for the parents.

Capacity Building Programme of Information Technology

For competence building in Information Technology for class IX and X, Capacity Building Programme was organized for Information Technology teachers by CBSE at St. Thomas School and Presidium School on 12th and 18th of July 2019 respectively. The resource persons from CBSE not only stressed on the application of Information Technology in daily life but also detailed information was given on SWAY Application, Mind Mapping and Some Microsoft edge browser features and websites of Microsoft. The workshop was attended by PGT Computer Science Ms. Tarvinder Kaur and Ms. Sarita Yadav on the respective dates. It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.

Parent’s Workshop Safety and Security Measures

“Safety is not a product; it is a process”

Being parent is not less than bliss, it requires endless love and trust for holistic development of a child. So, keeping the same objective in mind a workshop was organized for the parents of class- I to V on Saturday on 20th July 2019 at 9:00 a.m.  in the school premises. Ms. Sunita Dhingra who is the team leader of ‘Safety and Security Measures’ in the school, was the spokesperson of the workshop. She enlightened the parents on how to protect their children from various risks and dangerous which are threatening their childhood. The main agenda of this workshop was to guide the parents about monitoring their child’s disciplinary behavior and satisfying their emotional needs to prevent from being distracted. The parents not only shared their worries on how to keep their children safe in and out of the school but also appreciated this initiative taken. Thus, the workshop turned out to be an eye-opener for all the parents.

Up-Skilling Programme - Python Workshop for CS/IP Teachers

Keeping in view, the increasing significance of the discipline as a career choice and hence as a subject, the workshop was being organised as an attempt to strengthen the teaching of Computer Science in Schools on 25th June 2019 at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram and was actively participated by Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur (PGT Computer Science).

The workshop proved to be fruitful and many doubts were clear about new syllabus introduced by CBSE this year.

Workshop for CS First Googles flagship educational program

On the launch of Google’s flagship program for CS Education, CS First in India which is designed to introduce programming and computer science to students from class 4 - 8 in a fun and collaborative environment Google invited school teachers to integrate this program with the computing education that can be provided to students of the school on 20th June at Google Office, Gurugram which was attended by Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur (PGT Computer) successfully and was motivated to implement the same in the school for the benefit of students and provide a collaborative and exciting environment to learn, build confidence in problem solving and inculcate courage to try new things via a fun modern day computing language (scratch) and core computing concepts. On implementing this, students will also get an opportunity to learn from Google educators. Additionally, students will also get certificates from Google.

Workshop on Joyful Teaching & Learning of Mathematics

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

In the spirit of these words by Benjamin Franklin, a Prospective Resource Programme was organized by CBSE on 23 May 2019 and 24 MAY 2019 for mathematics teachers. The programme was divided into multiple sessions like Ice Breaking and Introduction, Innovations in Teaching Mathematics: From Idea to Practice, Recreational Mathematics, Handling Common Errors & Difficult concepts using IT in Teaching Mathematics etc. Each session was enriching in its own way by Resource Person:  Ms. Anita Sharma, Ms. Ishita Mukherjee and Mr. Amit Bajaj . The 15 hours workshop was concluded by a motivational speech by Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director (Skill Education & Training), CBSE. The teachers were envisaged with the dream where child’s active engagement in mathematics learning will involve “enquiry, exploration, questioning, debates, application and reflection leading to theory building and creation ideas/positions in mathematics”. The workshop was attended by Ms. RICHA, TGT (MATHS) . It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.  

Cancer awareness workshop for teachers

A workshop for teacher on cancer awareness was organized on 9th May 2019, by Dr. Pratik Patil, from department of oncology, Max Hospital Pitampura, Delhi.

The resource person talked about symptoms, myths related to the disease and the ways to combat it.

Capacity Building Programme of Political Science

For competence building in Political Science for class XI and XII a two day Capacity Building Programme was organized for Political Science teachers by CBSE at CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE, CBSE, PATPARGANJ on 29th and 30th of April, 2019.  Ms. Vijaylakshmi & Mr. Madan Swahney the resource person from CBSE not only stressed on the application of Political Science in daily life but also detailed information was given on project work, adoption of different teaching methods and strategies in teaching, types of questions, drafting of good quality questions. Training to be a reflective teacher was given to teachers. The workshop was attended by PGT Political Science Ms. Megha. It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.   

Parent Orientation Programme

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela.

An informative and interactive Parent Orientation Programme was organized for LKG parents on 27th April. The Junior Wing Incharge briefed the parents about the school vision, the curriculum, school system, teaching methodologies and co- scholastic activities. She also gave tips on how to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for the glorious future. A PPT was shown to the parents for effective transaction of the core guiding values of the school.

Parenting Tips were also given to the Parents by the counsellor of the school.

The session proved insightful in setting the tone at the onset of the new academic session.

Workshop on Peer Pressure

Child safety and wellbeing was once again the theme for the month of April at M.M. Public School. Teenage tents to be the age where in children are no more children and not yet adults. This is the age when they are highly influenced by their peer and lack of awareness and information on how to handle peer pressure, they become victims of risky behaviors, substance abuse and so on.

Therefore, a workshop on peer pressure was held during 2nd of April till 22nd of April for the students of classes III to XII.

The school Counselor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan was the speaker of the workshop. Students had an interactive session and discussed their experiences. Children learnt about what is peer pressure, how does one get affected, consequences and steps to resist peer pressure followed by situational role plays.

Interaction with MD of MDH spices

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, the king of spices has been successful in handling the company of MDH spices which had been set up in 1919. His determination at a young age has helped him to embark on the ladder of success. He gradually but steadily raised a small shop to a big empire of spices and to widen the knowledge of the students regarding the successful journey of this renowned persona of the kingdom of the spices, an interaction of class XII students with this magnetic personality was held on 1st April 2019.


 Chirag: Good Morning sir .Can we ask a few questions?

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati : Yes, sure.

Bharti: Sir, kindly tell us what is your daily routine as you have reached the golden years of your life?

 Mahashay Dharampal Gulati :I get up by 4:15 am, do puja, go for a walk, do yoga and also pick up dumbles and then have my breakfast later on.

 Prabhjot: Can you please tell what is the secret of your success?

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati :The successful mantra is to do good time management and always be punctual because punctuality is the key to success.

Charvi: Sir, How can we benefit humanity ?

 Mahashay Dharampal Gulati: We can benefit humanity by focusing less on profit in business and concentrating more on service and helpfulness to poor and needy people.

Rhythm: What is the message for present generation ?

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati: They should be honest and do their duties for the humanity and the environment.

Saloni: Thank you sir for giving your precious moments and sharing your experiences with us.

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati: My pleasure.

At the end, he gave the blessings to all the students for their bright future.

Orientation programme for parents of classes II to V

When families are involved in the education of their children in positive ways, the children maximize on their potentials and are more regular to school and demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour. The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is, frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child. Keeping this in mind school had organized Parents Orientation Programme for the new session on 20th April, 2019. The Class Teachers of their respective classes introduced the entire Academic, Administrative and Support Staff to the students and parents. The aim was to give parents an opportunity to experience and understand the world their child explores in the school. Followed by this, Ms.  Sheetal, conducted a workshop to give the parenting tips. By the end of the program, the parents understood and experienced what happens in the classes and how the child experiences learning. 

Orientation Programme for parents of class XII

We at M.M.Public school firmly believe that parents are the main influence in a child’s life. Parents play an important role in shaping their child’s behavior. Keep this in mind a parenting session for parents of class XII was taken up by the school counselor and subject teachers during the orientation event held on 6th of April 2019. It was an interactive session parents took a lot of initiative in asking their queries and concerns with regards to subjects and day to day issues.

They were made aware about the latest changes in CBSE Board pattern and curriculum; they were guided about how they can help their ward to balance school studies and self-study. Concerns of adolescents such as changes in the body during adolescents, behavioral; problems, bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and cyber addiction.

Workshop on Maths Tricks

To create interest in Maths and enhance the analytical skills of the students, a workshop for the students of class XI and XII on Maths tricks and shortcuts was organized on 4th April 2019. The resource person, Mr. Robert Garbary, Professor at University of Waterloo, Canada gave an inspirational and informative lecture involving few tricky questions and had an interaction with students. He was honoured with a sapling given by our revered Principal Mam Mrs. Rooma Pathak.

The whole session was highly beneficial for the students as it imparted important and enthusiastic things related to Maths. The students actively participated in it and motivated after the session.

Rendezvous Interaction with Ambassador of Italy

“Learning is a never ending process…”

An enhancing interactive session between Principal Mam Mrs. Rooma Pathak and the Ambassador of Italy H.E. Lorenzo Angeloni took place on 18th March 2019 at the residence of the Ambassador of Italy at Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The interaction focused on an overview of the Indian and Italian higher education system. The interaction was followed by reception hosted by the Ambassador of Italy.


“Nothing is of greater importance than the conservation of human life.”

As a part of our ongoing endeavour to train and guide the teaching staff, drivers and conductors to successfully handle disaster, a fire safety workshop was organized on 28-Feb-2019, to create a safety mind-set among the staff members. The resources person from “Cease Fire Trained” emphasized on simple, yet effective fire safety practices. Not only the staff members but Principal madam Mrs. Rooma Pathak showed eagerness to learn about different types of fire extinguishers and way of using fire hose pipes. The workshop was enough effective for creating a responsive role during a fire emergency.

Health Talk on Cervix Cancer

“Prevention is better than cure “

To commemorate the International Women’s Day, an awareness Health Talk was held for the staff members on Prevention from Cervix Cancer on 8th March 2019. Dr. Tripti Raheja, Consultant Gynecologist from Max Multi speciality Centre was the resource person. She discussed at large the causes of Cervix Cancer and various lab tests that could be undertaken to diagnose and early prevention from this life threating disease. The Health talk was an eye opener for the staff members. At the end, a token of appreciation in the form of potted plant was presented to her by our respected Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak.

Workshop on Healthy Lifestyle for Diet Parents and Students

MM Public School organized a workshop on Healthy Lifestyle & for Diet Parents and Students on the day of Health Mela on 2nd Feb 2019. Dr. S.N. Yadav, Director, Archna Yogayaran, (Yoga & Naturopathy Institute), sensitized the parents and students on the increasing cases of obesity, lack of awareness about the benefits of Yoga in our present day life.

The workshop focused on the need of Healthy Lifestyles and Diet. Parents and Students were deeply concerned for the importance inheriting healthy lifestyles and diet.

Workshop for Parent

M.M. Public School organized a workshop for parents on the day of PTM and during the event of HEALTH MELA on the 2nd of February 2019 with an aim to sensitize parents on certain issues such as child safety, bullying and ragging, awareness about mental health of school children, gender and sexuality.

To give a deeper insight and cater to their curiosities in parenting process, the speaker of the workshop listened to their problems patiently.

The workshop also focused on imparting value education and life skills .Parents were also given some essential tips on need, importance and development of emotional intelligence among children.

Workshop conducted by FSSAI

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) initiated the Eat Right India Movement in July 2018 to nudge the citizens of India to eat healthy, eat safe and eat fortified. The focus of Eat Right Movement is on young people, especially children as they are the agents of change and are able to influence entire family. In this context FSSAI conducted a WORKSHOP ON SAFTY AND ADULTRATION OF FOOD. On 29th January 2019 at central Park, new Delhi which was attended by the school counselor Ms. Sheetal Dewan and two peer moderators students.

Officials from FSSAI were also present at the occasion who gave valuable tips regarding the importance of safety and nutritious food. How to check adulterated food was also demonstrated using Eat Right Magic Box (a kit used to check food adulteration).

The programmers was followed by prize distribution ceremony. All in all an enriching and enlightening programme.

Workshop on Accountancy

In order to burst the stress level and to enhance the confidence level of the students a workshop on “How to score 100% marks in Accountancy Board Exam” was conducted by Dr. Vikas Vijay who is popularly known as Accounts Guru on 4th February, 2019 for Class XII students. Dr. Vikas explained all the chapters of Accountancy in an easy and brief manner which not only gathered students’ attention but also enabled them to memorize important topics in an efficient manner. The students asked their queries and Sir solved them up to the mark leaving no clue for any further doubts. All in all this workshop was very informative and beneficial for the students during this crucial time of board exams.

National Summit of school principals on childhood depression

A national summit of school principals on childhood depression was organized by ICTRC on December 20, 2018 at Indian International Centre.

The speakers of the summit, Mr. R.k. Saraswat (pro. NC.E.R.T), MR. Keshav Singh (cin. Psychologist), Dr. V.S.Ravindran (pro. ICTRC) spoke on the undiagnosed depression, its identification, prevention and intervention.

The objective of the summit was to equip the schools principals with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are simple to adopt on everyday practice and that are easily transferable to teachers, students and parents.

Interaction with Dr. Haleema Sadia

It was a proud moment for primary students to interact with Dr. Haleema Sadia, an educationist, motivational speaker and social worker on Friday, 28th December 2018 in school premises.

She guided and motivated the students by narrating a short story on ‘Happiness’. Students asked different questions and queries regarding education, time management and social issues.

The answers given by her were very convincing and motivational and a matter of great knowledge.

The interaction was quite effective and had a deep impact on the mind of students.

At the end, a token of love in the form of potted plant and a memento presented to her by our respected Principal ma’am.

24th Annual National Sahodaya Conference 2018

An endeavor to excel in imparting quality education in various activities inside and outside the school leading to Transform Education through Technology and skill Development with special focus on Gandhian Philosophy , the 24th Annual National Sahodaya Conference was held from 22nd, 23rd & 24th November 2018 at The Lucknow Public Collegiate  Ruchi Khand 1, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow.

Our revered Director Sir Sh. S.R. Pathak and respectable Principal Mrs. Rooma Pathak attended the three days conference and brought in much of the new concepts and dimensions for enhanced technology that would align Skill Education with School Curriculum. The Conference had many brainstorming sessions on E-learning –Vision and Challenges, Sustainable Technology Based Quality Education, Paradigm Shift in Education and carrying forward Gandhian Legacy, Health and wellness – Vital for holistic growth.

The conference was inaugurated by Lighting of Lamp by Chairperson CBSE Mrs. Anita Karwal, Jt. Secretary CBSE Mr. Pushkar Vohra followed by Welcome Address by Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan. The conference was conglomerate of Correspondents, Principals, CEOs and Directors from across the country and abroad.

Many renowned personalities from academic field and technology professionals from various universities presented their views on Transforming Education through Technology and Skill Development with special focus on Gandhian Philosophy.

The conference was a great success by CBSE which initiated all academicians, management and many other related professionals to enhance the school education by aligning technology to cater quality education. It was a wonderful experience and the school looks forward to be a part of such motivating events.

Workshop on Study and Exam Skills

Students of M.M. Public school participated in Fortis Pro – Social Peer Moderator Programme at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh on 30th November 2018. It was an initiative on Study and Exam Skill as a part of Fortis School Mental Health Programme. Students were trained for effective study and encountering their exams fearlessly. It aimed at optimizing students potential prior to and during the exam season. 

Expressions by Lieutenant Dr. Prabhat Kumar (Alumni)

An expression on "Career in Medicine" was organized for the students of class XI on Thursday 15 November 2018 in school premises. The spokesperson Lieutenant Dr. Prabhat Kumar shared his experience of his journey in becoming a successful doctor in Armed Forces. He also emphasized that the need of the hour is to focus on hard work and determination. He gave tips on how to prepare and crack the competitive examination. A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries regarding campus life in AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College) and criterion for selection in medical entrance. Dr. Prabhat Kumar was presented with the memento by the students at the end of session.

All in all it was an enriching and interactive session.

Workshop for class U.K.G and L.K.G

An interactive workshop for students of class U.K.G and L.K.G was conducted on 19.11.2018, Monday by the school counsellor, Ms. Sheetal Dewan to sensitize tiny tots on Bullying. Kids zestfully participated and enjoyed the story narration. Young MMPians learnt to be kind and use their hands for helping and not hurting.


Workshop on Bullying in Class-I

An interactive workshop on bullying for student of Class I was organized in the school on 25th Oct 2018. Young MMPians got an opportunity to learn and understood meaning prevention and how to assertively respond to bullying. It was an enriching experience, Kids enjoyed Learning through multimedia and story narration.

Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)

A seminar was organized on 13th Oct 2018 at Radisson "Blu, Paschim Vihar on ?Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)" and it was attended by Ms. Jyoti Kaur (TGT Science), Ms. Sukhman (PRT Comp.). The primary purpose of this seminar is to demonstrate how it empowers teachers and engages students at home for completing assignments using any gadgets including mobile cells.

Primary speaker in this seminar were the undersigned Professor Manmohan Sharma and their team and few Principals, Teachers from school shared their experience.

Overall seminar proved to be fruitful.

Teacher's Workshop on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom

A workshop for teachers was organized by the school counselor Ms. Sheetal Dewan on 24th September 2018 on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom.

She highlighted on various factors affecting student's behavior and focused on the classroom management strategies. Importance of giving instructions efficiently and positively was also explained to the educators.

National Convention of School Counselors on Addiction in School Children

Ms. Sheetal Dewan, the Counsellor of our school got an opportunity to attend "National Convention of School Counsellors on Addiction in School Children - New Age Challenge". Organized by Institute of Counselors Training Research and Consultancy on 26th of September 2018 held at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The programme covered various aspects related to addiction among school children.

The resource persons, Dr. V.S.Ravindran and Prof. Keshav Singh made the session interactive.

The objective of this convention was to equip schools to deal with the complex problem of addiction. It was an enthralling experience and made her felt empowered.


To inculcate sense of road safety among the students of Class IX and to groom them into responsible road using citizens, Road Safety Club, invited Mr. Abdul Khan, ASI and Mr. Rambir Sangwan, ASI from Delhi Traffic Police on 10 September 2018. The Delhi Traffic Police Personnel?s enlightened the students with proper knowledge regarding the correct and safe use of roads and road discipline by telling them about real life incidents and necessity to be aware on roads. They also explained various road signs and traffic rules effectively. The session was very inspiring and informative for the students.

Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

During the month of August a workshop on bullying was organized by the school counselor in the school for classes II, VI and XI.

The workshop aimed to educate young people on bullying prevention and how to be assertive against bullying behavior. Through role plays, story narration and case study pupil learnt to identify and stop bullying in their school and community.

Capacity Building Programme of Political Science

For competence building in Political Science for class XI and XII a two day Capacity Building Programme was organized for Political Science teachers by CBSE inVenkateshwar International School, Dwarka on 13th and 14th of August, 2018. Ms. Santosh Vyas&Ms. Neera Kohli the resource person from CBSE not only stressed on the application of Political Science in daily life but also on theadoption of different teaching methods and strategies in teaching, discussion on types of questions, drafting of good quality questions. The workshop was attended by PGT Political Science Ms. Megha Training to be a reflective teacher was given to teachers. It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.   

Workshop on Museum Learning

On August 7, 2018, Flow conducted its fourth edition of the Museum Learning Master Class at National Museum, Delhi with 32 social sciences teachers. Over two hours, teachers were taken through a unique learning experience developed around select artefacts in the museum. 

It was really experienced when Ms. Bobby Narula attended a worthy workshop and  instilled the skills how remains of past displayed in museum should be inferred. How every object should trigger the child's curiosity to learn more n more about the age, texture material used, utility of various items. The resource  person Ms. Arundhatti from FLOW INDIA was a great source of knowledge for the  teachers  present.

Career Counseling for Medical Students

To upgrade the career quotient of the students a career counseling session was held in the school for medical students of classes XI and XII by Dr. Chander Shekher Aggarwal on 10th August, 2018

The session focused on new and upcoming career options for medical students. The students were also highlighted about the importance of attaining knowledge in attaining success.

The session was very informative and enlightening.

Mosquito Training Programme

To create awareness regarding prevention from mosquito diseases, Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi had organized a Mosquito Training Programme for Eco Club teachers on August 8, 2018 at DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura. This session was attended by Ms. Tanpreet Kaur and was a knowledgeable and informative session.

Teacher's workshop on mindfulness

Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind

A workshop on Mindfulness was held on 31st August 2018 for teachers during the school hours. The specific aim of the workshop was to teach the techniques of mindfulness so that teachers could impart students to use in their everyday life to cultivate their ability to be calm, handle strong emotions such as anxiety and stress. It is not only beneficial to students but also teachers.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign 2018-19

Road Safety Awareness Campaign was organized by Delhi Traffic police on, a one- day orientation programme for teachers on 26th July 2018 at the auditorium, traffic training park, Punjabi Bagh was attended by Ms. Megha Khandelwal.

DINESH KUMAR GUPTA DY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE. TRAFFIC- NDR & ROAD SAFETY CELL, DELHI graced the occasion. ASI Rakesh Kumar addressed the present teachers from various schools and imparted the need to spread Road Safety among their students. In this programme the teachers were guided to sensitize the students about road safety through Road discipline, various signs and safety measures. Great emphasis on the role of schools and teachers to inculcate sense of road safety among students and groom them into responsible road using citizens. 

Professional Enrichment Programme on Recent Changes In Accountancy

In order to update the knowledge of commerce teachers a professional enrichment programme was organized by Commerce Teachers Foundation on July 7, 2018. Resource person Dr. G. S. Grewal and Mr. R. K. Khosla discussed the changes in syllabus for 2018-19 like treatment of GST in accounting and treatment of proposed dividend and loans & advances in cash flow statement. Teachers asked their queries. No doubt, it was a knowledge enrichment programme for the teachers.

Workshop on Understanding Classroom Management

To sensitize the hindrance to effective teaching learning process in the class, a CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME on Classroom Management was organized by CBSE- Centre of Excellence, Delhi on 20th & 21st July 2018, facilitated by Resource person Ms. Sudha Acharya. It aimed at enhancing students social and moral growth. The workshop attended by TGT Science Ms. Jyoti Kaur found it quite educative as it was able to impart the skills needed to create an effective teaching and learning environment in the classroom.

Career counseling session for students

To widen the mental horizon of Class XI science students, a career counseling workshop was organized on 20th July 2018. Resource person Mr. Aashish Goyal alumni of IIT Delhi enlightened students about time management for self study and also gave tips for preparation of IIT entrance examinations.


Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse was conducted for the students of classes III, VII and X in the month of July by Ms. Sheetal Dewan, School Counsellor 

The students were made aware of various types of Bullying, Long Term and Short Term effects of Bullying, Ways to combat Bullying through Power Point Presentation, Videos and Role plays.


"Discover your career fit"

A Career Counseling session was conducted for the students of Classes XI and XII by Smart prep to dispel the doubts and qualms, students had regarding career options after XII on 11th July 2018.  Ms. Nidhi and Ms .Ruchi  briefed  on various career options according to their interest and streams like BBA, BCA, BBA-LLB, JOURNALISM, BBE, BMS, B.COM, B.EL.ED, HOTEL MANAGEMENT etc.

They also made students aware about the new courses especially the vocational courses, their admission criteria and various universities other than D.U, I.P. Students actively participated and asked queries. All the students were satisfied after attending the workshop. It proved to be a very resourceful and an interactive session.

A rendezvous with the attorney General of India, Mr. K.K. Venugopal

To widen the mental horizon of the students regarding the judiciary system of India, the students Rahul Bhutani (XII), Simran (XII), Anmol (XII) and Harshita (XI) along with Mrs. Anju Khurana H.O.D. of English had a golden opportunity to have an interaction with the oldest ever ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL on 20th May 2018 at his residence cum office in Neeti Bagh.

The great icon - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL was presented with a memento and a potted plant as a token of love. The students asked a series of questions about his childhood memories, the challenges he faced during his entire journey of being a lawyer and about his message on how to achieve success in future. His intellectual answers not only enlightened the students but also expanded the knowledge of the students.  He also motivated them to have an optimistic outlook towards their goals. Thus, it was a stimulating and memorable interview which will remain fresh in minds forever.